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the life of a vampich( twilight inspired)

November 29, 2008
By Anonymous

The moonlight peeked through my window in a way that made the shadows on my wall dance. I couldn’t ignore it, it was calling me. I felt the midnight chill as I got up and walked to the window and felt my eyes search for something. I had no idea what for, but surely something …or someone important. Strange things have been happening to me, I was feeling things I never felt, seeing things I have never seen. Everything around me began to shift and the last thing I heard was a tiny scream.

Chapter 1: Strange Days
“Amelia. Get up! It’s time for school.” I looked up tired and shifty, as I saw my sister Vera. I always wished I could look like her; she was always the amazingly beautiful sibling. She has long blonde hair, petite figure, and the fairy looking face, you know the rare one that looks so breakable. I’m the one with the short bob cut red hair, regular figure and big brown eyes. I am just so bland looking, nothing special about me. Vera and I always walk together two and from school, usually taking our regular detours. After school she would drag me to the vintage old navy store, but I always ended up dragging her to the magic shop, or to the book store to get some vampire books. “COME ON AMELIA HURRY UP!!!!” I pushed my head into the pillow. The stress of school and all this weird stuff going on, is defiantly NOT helping me want to get up and start my nonexistent ways. I felt myself struggle to sit up; I tapered into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.Oh no, I look like an albino zombie. My hair was facing every direction possible, my freckles popped out like crazy, and I was so tired my eyes were black and blue. I can’t even remember what happened last night!!Omg what did happen last night? Ummm all I remember is being drawn to look out the window, I sensed someone and then…then…the rest is blank. “I must be going crazy.” I whispered under my breath. I turned around and my sister was staring at me. “Lia, are you talking to yourself again? Anyways were gonna be late! I’m giving you 8 minutes to get your butt downstairs.” I felt my cheeks turn red. “Freddy is only allowed to call me that! After all, he made it up. Get lost! I’ll be there in a minute.” I grabbed some jeans and a green knit top, and Finnish getting ready in the bathroom. As I walk downstairs I start thinking about Freddy. He was my best friend. We were always being mistaken for brother and sister, mostly because we share the unmistakable red hair and freckles. He died of cancer 6 months ago. I always hate when anyone calls me Lia, just because it reminds me of how I will never be able to hear it from his lips again.


GGLILY: hey, long time no see…=) I was just wondering, what was up with you today? You were totally spaced out! Like a zombie u know?
AMELIASANGELS: well…Hey u shouldn’t be talking lily! You’re the one who dresses like a corpse! =)
GGLILY: Amelia, please it takes a lot to pull off this look! So anyway that creepy guy, u seen him? Not my type of creepy, like he is so perfect looking…like…like…a very pale manikin!!! u should meet him… totally your type, tall pale and fanged!!!
AMELIASANGELS: hmm very funny. No I haven’t, never heard of him.
GGLILY: OH??? Well he sure has heard of u!!! He asked for u today!!!!
AMELIASANGELS: that’s weird. What exactly did he ask you?
GGLILY: quote on quote “hey Amelia friend, right? Do u mind telling me where she is?” and I was like “why do u want to know?” and he says “well, were sort of …family” and he says the last part real slow like he is not sure of his answer or something!
AMELIASANGELS: REALLY!!!??!! Omg that’s sooo …odd. Well ill talk to you tomorrow, I have to go.
I shut off the computer and lay on my bed. What am I going to do? Why are these things happening to me? I asked these questions as I fell asleep.


Vera and I were walking to school when Gina and Lily caught up with us. Gina is Vera’s best friend, but I call her the clone. She tries to do everything Vera does, tries to think what Vera thinks, and even worse…date who Vera is dating! She has curly ash brown hair and beady evil eyes. I really always had an uneasy feel about Gina; she gives me the feeling that she has another, more purposeful meaning for hanging around us. Like a spy. Me and lily started talking when Gina and Vera walked ahead of us. “Hey any chance your eager to meet the new guy?” I gave her a friendly glare. She was never the type that gave up easily. “I guess so, but he is not the only thing that has been weird in my life lately. I mean, I’m attracted to the moon and someone on my balcony, I feel thirsty all the time it’s not just for water, and I’ve been getting visions and major migraines. Look what showed up on my wrist two nights ago.” I pulled up my sleeve and showed lily the branded tattoo of a moon and a star crossed together, and underneath them, there was something that looked like an ancient symbol. “Oooo” lily gasped. “Why does this stuff always happen to you and not me? You’re so lucky! Maybe you’re a magical being or something!” I turn my eyes to the gravel, I have never thought of it that way. As we made our way into Macabre High School, lily started to ramble on about something. “Lily what are you talking about?”She gave me a pout and mumbled “I have to get to class.” I watched as she briskly walked into room 34.

My head kept on nodding off as I tried to pay attention in history class. It’s okay, I thought. I have lunch next period. Thank god. My eyes slyly wandered around searching for something in the classroom, but once again I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Suddenly I felt a surge run through my body as I felt my eyes set on a boy that looked one or two years older than me. His sharp and striking features caught me and sooner than later he followed my stare, I felt like I was in a trance. My brain felt totally numb and that’s when I heard his voice. Sit with me at lunch. The sound of his voice echoed in my head. I felt my jaw drop and I must have looked like a fool because he gave me an amused grin. He slowly returned his attention to the teacher. I slumped in my chair hoping to be unnoticed, because there and then I felt completely exposed. My head rang impulsively as the end of period bell rang. I got up and went towards the door, I got that recognizable surge run through me again. “Hey.” I heard a low and manly voice next to me. I blushed. “Hello. Uh…um, my friend…lily, she told me you were looking for me. Um I have never met you but… the way she described you -- she um. Well I would never mistake you for, you know… someone else.” He looked at me with exited eyes and smiled.
“Do I make you uncomfortable?” I looked at him, mortified and embarrassed.
“No…not much.” He just laughed.
“Who are you? I mean you were looking for me and I don’t even know your name.” He paused for a second, making the tension between us stir.
“Oh, my name is Michael.”
“Do you have a last name?”
“Does it matter?” he said in a sarcastic way. We walked into the cafeteria and it seemed like everyone turned to look at us. Wow they think I’m dating him. Well, that’s really cool. I went to the nearest table and sat down with Michael. He looked so amused it looked like he was going to keel over from laughter. “You know…that I…can read your mind…right ?” The whole time he was laughing and trying to catch his breath.
I felt the muscles in my face tighten. “Yeah, I know.” My cheeks turned radish red.
“Amelia, I can’t talk about it now, in public but I’ll stop by your house so we can talk.” His face now showed a clear view of seriousness as he took his hand in hers and turned it over. He traced his fingers over the branded tattoo and closed his eyes. I felt a burning sensation and tried to pull away but he kept a firm grip. He suddenly let go and sank back into his chair.
“Why is that there? It just popped up 2 or 3 days ago!” I searched his eyes wanting to find answers. I felt like a toddler waiting impatiently for a toy or candy.
“It was always there, it just didn’t reveal itself till your 15th year. That’s all I can say for now.” The bell rang and it felt like an annoying buzz in my ear. We both said our goodbyes and headed for our classes.

I sat on my bed after school and thought about what Michael said, and how he ended the conversation with a, “yeah ill meet you at your house”, as if he has been there lots of times. The word stalker rang a bell inside my head, but then again he’s the one with all the answers right? Somehow I felt like I should trust him, like he has been there beside me all my life. My thoughts were soon interrupted by my sisters yelling, “Jackson, get out of here, why won’t you leave me alone!” uh oh, Jackson was Veras old boyfriend, the jockster; he never did seem to get over her. Out of curiousity, I sprang out of my bed and jogged down the stairs. “Wha…” all I had to do is look and I got what Jackson was doing, he was pinning my sister onto the wall and she struggled as held her down with his iron grip. I considered trying to take him but he was five times bigger than me. I felt this fury and anger burst out of me as I screamed, “LET GO OF MY SISTER!” I closed my eyes and felt a tingle from my finger tips as I lifted my hands and set them on him, whisking one of them briskly to the side. Jackson flew off of Vera and hit the wall; he was left moaning and deranged trying to catch the breath he lost from the blow. Vera s eyes grew big and she screamed out of shock. Aw man, I thought, what is wrong with me? What have I done? I looked around trying to figure things out, trying to make sense out of what just happened. I ran to Vera trying to calm her down. “Vera please doesn’t be scared, it was nothing, I didn’t even know I could do that! Oh no, don’t cry!” I watched my sister as her tears flew from her rosy cheeks like waterfalls. After awhile she just blinked, told Jackson to leave and cursed him out a bit, and then she went to the kitchen and started to make some tea, she was acting like a zombie! She suddenly turned around and looked at me with calm eyes. “For now, let’s just pretend I didn’t see that, this never happened …just for now…okay?” she looked at me with pleading eyes and I just nodded, I went upstairs and tried to piece together the complicated and changing puzzle I call my life. I closed my eyes, trying not to let the stress overcome me. When I closed my eyes I saw dancing colors inside my eyelids. I opened my eyes with a jolt. There was a loud knocking sound coming from my window. It was Michael; he pointed towards the balcony using signal to tell me he was coming in through there. I watched as he climbed up, looking Michael in the eyes. “You have some explaining to do.” He climbed into my room, and looked at me with his icy blue eyes, “ I saw everything Amelia, the incident with your sister and her ex, this means good news and bad.” He ran his fingers through his jet black hair, and finally made the effort to look around my small comfy room. “Nice.” He said. “Do you mind if I sit down before we start?” I tilted my head to the side ever so slightly trying to make an attempt to look cute. “Yeah, make yourself comfortable.” I slump down on my bed watching him gracefully put his jacket on my sofa, and sit down next to me. “Ok Amelia let me start by giving you basic and simple information, when I am done you can ask questions and I will do my best to answer them. You and I, we are a special breed. There is no name for what we are. As long as magical creatures have been alive, vampires and witches have never crossed, mostly because of the extreme differences, and ways of living. But one day, a vampire named Vinson Bevre, Captured a witch named Nona Amell Casanare, the King advisor. He longed to be mortal, to be able to live without ending the life of others. Nona had the answer. Sooner or later they became the regular Romeo and Juliet, they had a child. Rose Amell Casanare Bevre. The first child to become 75 percent witch, 25 percent Vampire. She is your grandmother. Your great great great great great grandmother.” He takes a deep and meaningful breath; I kept my mouth shut, having a feeling he was going to continue. “Your powers as a witch: you can read minds, do spells, manipulate earth and energy elements, and do pretty much whatever you can think of. As a vampire: you only age every 3 years. For example: if your 18 you’ll still be in your 15 year old body. As a vampire, if your injured or need healing then you will need human blood, luckily you don’t have to survive on it.” I gave Michael a blank look as he said, “Any questions?” I shook my head, “Nope. I think you said all of it, just about. But isn’t it kind of funny how things happen? I always dreamed of being someone special, I’ve always fantasized about being a magical being! But truthfully I am scared, I’m scared of what fate has to offer.” He placed his hand over mine. “I can tell, your strong Amelia, your taking this better than I did.” I studied his face. His expression showed remorse and happiness at the same time. “But you didn’t have any help. And I have you.” He got up, turned the other way and placed his hand on the wall as if he couldn’t manage to catch his breath. “But I did, I had my grandmother, you had no one, until I came, I didn’t want you to face the demon alone. My grandmother had a vision about you being the chosen one. I want revenge; I need that monster dead and suffering…he needs to pay for killing the only person that I loved, my grandma.” He turned towards me and I saw how much pain and fear he had in his eyes, I could feel my palms sweating, and heating up as I felt the fire that came from inside him, the anger and pure hatred. He fell to his knees bared his fangs and cried in pain as the fire and flames appeared on his palms. I backed up and watched as the fire retreated and Michael fell crying. I thought to myself. Who is this demon? Michael automatically answered as if I talked to him directly. He looked up and spoke with a ragged and broken voice. “That demon is your worst nightmare, he kills breeds like us, just because were different. His type likes to kill what they don’t understand. He doesn’t know where we are and he won’t for a long time, I put a regulator spell on us, I charmed us he won’t even be able to know it’s us even if we were right in front of him.” suddenly I heard footsteps coming upstairs. I looked around, “Michael!” I screamed in a husky whisper. “Hide in the closet!” he swiftly got up from the floor, opening the closet where his body slyly stowed away. “Amelia?” my sister’s voice was muffled behind my wooden white door. “I heard some strange noises…can I come in?” I looked at the door nervously and swung it open. “What? Oh, that! I was just acting, you know school play? I scored the part with the crazy witch with multiple personas.” I gave her a careless look, the one that is supposed to reassure her that everything is fine. “Oh really?” She looked around and her eyes widened as she grabbed Michaels jacket. I gave her a innocent look, but I already knew my innocence was up for grabs… I was busted. “Stage prop?” I gave her a knowing look, hoping she would buy it. She gave me a grin. “Look I know we can take advantage of mom and dad’s vacation, I’m totally not uptight, you can have guys over! Just tell me okay? You know very well you can’t…we can’t be unsupervised with guys unless we are in a public place…when I have guys over I tell you! Look I just don’t want to find out a month later about…” and that’s when I cut her off. “Vera I’m not having a baby I’m only 15, your 17! Get over yourself, no doubt- you lost ‘it’ already! Don’t go around telling me!” she gave me a hurt expression, obviously fake, it instantly turned into a smile. “Ok, mercy! Anyways where is he? Huh? Huh?” she gave me playful laugh. “Under the bed? In the bathroom? Closet?” she checked all those places leaving the closet last. Somehow I knew she knew he was there all along. “Bet he is one of your geek friends.” She tossed her hair to the side, obviously glad of the idea of her little sis with a boy. She opened it faster than you can say surprise. Her jaw dropped. Michael stepped out of the closet and shrugged. “Boo?” she was practically drooling on the sight of him. I took my sister by the hand leading her out the door. Michael gave a sigh of relief. “Wow” is all he said. I gave him an exasperated look. “Yeah, yeah I know she is beautiful…” he cut me off short. “I meant wow, your sister seems to care about you a lot.” I sat down acting like I didn’t just embarrass myself. “Yes, I suppose she does.”

The moon shone bright, I step out sensing that Michael was outside. I sighed deeply. “Michael I know you’re here… you can come out.” He showed up from underneath the balcony. “You’re getting good” he said as he started to climb up the vine latter. He smiled warmly. “Do you mind if I move in with you?” my jaw dropped. I bunch of thoughts scrabbled through my head. We have only been hanging out for less than a month. I’ve never seen him say something so quick and blunt. He just got to the point, “If you don’t mind, I mean. I just thought I could be easier that way and I need a place to stay…” I was shocked, but not mad not at all. He smiled with exited eyes. “So… you don’t mind?” I gave him a look, pretending to be annoyed. “No I don’t but you’re sleeping on the floor.” I turned towards my bed and found luggage beside it. “I brought my stuff just in case you said yes…and I’m glad you did. Thanks.” I put his luggage in my closet and took out some extra sheets and pillow. “Here. This is yours for now. Get changed in the bathroom. And do it all quietly… I don’t need a pissed off sister…she can’t find out. Got it?” As he grabbed his clothes for sleep and headed to the bathroom he turned around. “Yes maim, I will be sure to do that.” He gave a silent laugh and closed the door. I lay down on my bed, letting the sheets caress my body. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I waited until I heard the even breathing coming from Michael, I got up very slowly and headed downstairs -- in to the kitchen only to find my sister up and lazily sipping her tea. She looked up with drunken eyes (not necessarily meaning she is drunk), and spoke. “Good morning, what are you doing up so early? It’s nearly… I don’t know…4am?” I sat down at the kitchen table and thought for a second. “I should say the same to you.” I said. I tilted my head forward and playfully looked her in the eyes until she laughed. “Well…” she said as she put her tea mug down. “I really can’t sleep. I have been thinking… about that boy? You know the guy that was in your closet? I’m not saying he is the reason why I can’t sleep but since I was already awake…what I’m trying to say is…” omg she thinks it’s impossible that a guy like him likes me! I sighed deeply and got up. “I know exactly what you mean.” I walked away, heading for my door. I opened it slowly carefully hoping that I didn’t wake Michael. But guess what. I did wake him. He was propped up against my bed reading something from a really big black book. It looked sort of like the spell book they have in the TV show charmed. I sat down beside him. “What is that you’re reading?” he looked up at me, our faces so close we would touch noses if we move 3 or 4 inches more. “I am reading the one book that would help us defeat the demon.” I told him about how I thought it looked like the spell book from charmed. He agreed with me. “Yes. Pretty much laid out the same way too.” Our eyes caught at the same time, feeling a weird sense of intimacy, I looked away. “Michael? Shouldn’t you be teaching me spells?” he shook his head slightly as if he was in a trance. “Well only if you feel you’re ready.” I pat his shoulder lightly as I got up. “I am beyond ready.” He gave me a sleepy look. “Just one. I’m dead tired and we have school tomorrow.” I reached over to the book and looked over the spells. The one in the deep blue caught my eye. The transfer spell. I turned quickly towards Michael. “This one might be fun!” He went behind me and looked over my shoulder. “Umm we would switch bodies.” I gave him a lopsided smile. “Yeah we can pretend to be each other tomorrow.” He turned his palm over nervously. “There is a tiny problem with that.” I gave him a disappointed frown as I laid my hands across his shoulders and shook them lightly. “Why??” to be honest, I was upset. I wanted to figure out Michael, how he’s treated at school. It must be really cool to be praised for your looks every day. “The demon. He will be able to find us. If we switch bodies it will confuse the process of the spell and screw everything up. The whole point of the spell is to spare major time for me to train you, and find a way to kill him.” I sighed and plopped on my bed. He gave me a look that made me guess he was going to say something stupid. “I could see why you would be disappointed, not being able to get a glimpse of this, you know.” He made his hands glide up from his head and then drop down to his waist, acting as if he was a showcase. I threw a pillow at him. He is just too much! You would think a person that is going to have to train a gal in magic in less than a year would be less of a goof. He pouted. “Can’t take a joke?” I pretended to be mad. “I can but, that one was dumb.” He lay down on his pillow and covered himself with a sheet “good night Amelia.” I could see that he was already half asleep. I closed my eyes hoping for sleep to come. Or at least the Sandman. (Sandman is a ghostly person who is sort of like the tooth fairy except he puts magic sand on you to help you bear dreams.)

I felt a jolt as I opened my eyes. It was Vera. “Wake up! Time for the wonderful heaven we call school.” As I waited for my eyes to adjust I looked at Vera. She looked happy this morning. I’m not saying she never is…but lately she hasn’t been the first to smile. She winked at me before she closed the door. I was thinking. There are only two things that make her that happy. One is a martini and the other…shopping spree. I groaned as I squinted my eyes. “Let me guess Vera, you went shopping.” She shimmied her way over to my door. “Hey! Just get ready for school; after all… we only have less than a week left.” I smiled at the thought, Michael and I will have more time to spend together. I don’t like him or anything… but Michael and I…we have some stuff to do. I turned over and saw my clock show in an electric green color. Aww, dang! Its 7:45! I’m sooo going to be late! I jumped out of bed and put my grey slip on dress. I jogged downstairs, in search for my sister Vera. I stopped when I hit the living room. Vera was on the couch, with her backpack on her lap- texting. Typical Vera, I thought she is always the first one to slack off. “Vera! Why did you wake me up so late! Miss Joss is really going to be mad!” she turned towards me and rolled her eyes. “Why should you care? School is almost done and you got good grades anyways.” She got up and grabbed her backpack. “Lets go.” so I followed her out. As we were walking down the driveway and on our way to school, I couldn’t stop thinking about how unprepared I felt. I don’t think I’m ready to fight this thing.

The author's comments:
hi im sydney and im 13 yrs old. i love writing and after i read the twighlight series i disided to write something twighlight inspired.

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