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Familiar Rival

December 6, 2008
By Anonymous


He watched them patiently, waiting for the right moment. He had a clear view of them from the sky, though they could not see him because he had become invisible. He couldn't go to them no, not yet it was too risky. They weren’t alone. They were surrounded by a group of kids. For now, he had to keep an eye on them, making sure they remained safe.
       As he had his eyes fixed on them he felt a familiar presence. He couldn't quite tell who it was but felt he should put his guard up just in case. As he turned around he smelled the strong scent he knew too well.
       “Come out, I know you’re out there Dante! I could smell you a mile away!” Evan yelled. He stood waiting for him to appear but nothing happened. He knew not to take his guard down for the dark angel could be tricking him.
        He heard a malevolent laugh and turned around. In front of him stood a tall slightly built teenager, his hair short and black with blood red tips. He was dressed in a unique black suit with a silver chain dangling off his right side. On his back, elegant charcoal colored wings flapped up and down in a slow steady pace.  They were thick, long and sharp, like the wings of a black hawk, except much larger. He could probably wrap them around himself like a cloak. The way the sun’s rays hit the wings disguised their true power. It made them look a lot less intimidating than they actually were. They were mesmerizing. His eyes where hypnotizing, the color of the moon in a beautiful night sky. They were sharp and small, yet captivating and beautiful. You couldn't help but make eye contact. Which served him very well in some of his missions.
        Evan stood at average height and had long layered silver hair that came up to his back. He was slightly less muscular than Dante. He wore white from head to toe. Evan wore a unique white suit with a barely noticeable zipper in the front, which looked similar to a turtleneck.  Unlike Dante, his wings were smaller, reaching his waist. They looked like the wings of a dove. His eyes where big and beautiful, blue like the ocean. No one would ever believe that eyes such as his could ever get even more mesmerizing but they did, when the sun would hit his eyes the seemed to sparkle causing there to be even more difficulty in looking away.
        They stood with intensity in their eyes until Dante broke the silence.
    “How are you, cousin? I see you haven’t changed since the last time I saw you! How’s the training going?” There was such sweetness and sincerity in his voice that it was possible to fool almost anyone of his true intentions.
        But not Evan, he knew him too well to be deceived.  “Oh, stop with the small talk. Why are you here? I know it’s not to see how my training is going.”
     “Ouch! That’s not nice! Can’t I just come to see how you’re doing?“ He paused. “okay okay if you must know, I’ve been sent here to take care of some business. I can sense them coming near. Ah, and there they go right there.” Dante motioned with his head, not really focused in their direction. To Evan’s surprise, Dante was signaling to the same teenagers he had been sent to protect.
         “Sorry Dante, but I can’t let you do that!” exclaimed Evan, a strong light coming from his fisted right hand.
         “Put that away! You know the rules; you can’t interfere and protect someone that you weren‘t assigned to. You can’t change fate or you’ll destroy the balance.” Dante said calmly. Unless they too are your assignments?”
          A ball of light came straight at Dante. It caught him by surprise, but he managed to dodge it. Evan kept throwing blasts his way, but Dante dodged them and smiled, exposing his fangs. Dante’s smile angered Evan. Dante loved challenges, especially when they came from his cousin.
    All of a sudden a bow and arrow appeared in front of Evan’s hands. Evan sent the arrows toward Dante. They flew with great speed, illuminated by blue energy around it.
Dante started to fly with great speed. The arrows missed him. But then he noticed Evan chasing him. He flew with greater speed.
    “Why are you flying away? Fight me coward!”
    “No one is flying away from nothing, you idiot! I was bored with your attacks.”
 Evan, annoyed threw one of his best attacks, an Indigo energy ball. Dante tried dodging it but it hit him in the lower part of his leg. The force of the hit caused him to lose his balance for a moment, while his wings fought to keep him up.
        “Ah, I see you finally mastered the attack, but I’ll show you one even better.” Dante said preparing his own attack, his red ball of energy. He threw it, but Evan dodged it.
    Suddenly, Dante appeared in front of him and sent his leg flying right toward Evan‘s head. Evan blocked it with his hand and used his other hand to jab Dante in the stomach. They keep hitting each other with powerful blows.  
    Evan gathered his energy and threw a luminous blue energy ball towards his cousin. Dante blocked it with one of his own attacks.
    Dante started to shoot little balls of fire with his hands. About ten were headed straight for Evan, who tried to block them, but was hit in his left shoulder and wing. He was sent into a spiral towards the building nearby.
        Dante then flew toward the place where Evan fell, prepared to finish him off. But when he saw him lying in pain, his memories took a hold of him. He saw himself as a little boy playing hide and seek with Evan. That day, Evan hid in the tallest tree, expecting never to be found, until he fell. Dante remembered how he rushed to the tree once he heard his cries.
        He walked toward Evan. Evan could hear his footsteps coming closer and closer. He tried to escape but his left wing was still too damaged to move at that moment. He prepared himself for the worst. 
    Dante bent down next to Evan’s head and said in a whisper, “You may be a part of the other side but you’re still family. So consider yourself lucky that I won’t destroy you. “
As Dante stood up and began to fly away, something caught his eye. He saw this beautiful girl walking. She was surrounded by a group of people. He was so dumbfounded by her beauty that he didn’t sense what Evan was about to do.
        As Dante was mesmerized by the girl, Evan gathered his energy once again and with his right hand threw an energy ball right towards Dante’s back. Dante began to fall but before he could hit the ground he shimmered into a gray cloud of smoke and disappeared.  Evan lay in anger and disappointment knowing this was just the beginning and that soon enough they would meet again.

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This article has 2 comments.

emelyn said...
on Dec. 17 2008 at 4:22 am
ok. sooo wen i read this story of course i had a picture in my head but i wasnt sure were it took place. maybe more details in were the scence took place. ino it was night time though sooo. i understand wats going on and it makes me wanna noe more about the story

on Dec. 15 2008 at 10:27 pm
this story is pretty awesome. who ever wrote this has some prtty awesome talent. I think dante sounds cool =]]