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Anticipating A White Rabbit

December 5, 2008
By DianaExperiment BRONZE, Diamond Bar, California
DianaExperiment BRONZE, Diamond Bar, California
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Little Avery paced back and forth in front of her window with orange flowery curtains. Oh, she thought to herself, I do so hope that Mr. Bunny will come see me again today!’
At that moment, a charming white rabbit hopped towards the window. He started munching some sweet, chewy grass.
“Why hello, Mr. Bunny!” Little Avery said as she opened the window with orange flowery curtains. “How are you this morning?”
The little rabbit looked up with his big brown eyes at the sound of her voice, but of course, he said nothing.
“Oh Mr. Bunny, you are so charming.” He stared at her for one more moment with his kind eyes, and then started on the grass again. Little Avery, however, was not disappointed at all. She just smiled and went into the kitchen to grab a white cupcake with pink icing. She also took a carrot.
When Little Avery returned to the window, the charming white rabbit with big brown eyes was gone.
Oh no, she thought to herself, I guess I will just take these treats outside and wait for Mr. Bunny there.
And so she did.

Little Avery had been sitting on the grass, eating her white cupcake with pink icing for about 6 minutes. The carrot still sat beside her.

rustle rustle rustle

She heard a sound coming from the blueberry bushes, and when she turned around, the charming white rabbit appeared.
“Oh, Mr. Bunny! Back so soon?”
The charming rabbit only looked up at her with big, kind, brown eyes.
“Please come here, Mr. Bunny.” Little Avery said. “I have something for you.”
The white rabbit took two hops over. He stared at the carrot, and then he stared at the girl. He looked at her, and his little rabbit mouth opened and he said “Is that carrot for me?”
“Oh yes!” Said Little Avery, not at all surprised. And the charming white rabbit took a big, smiling bite.

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