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The Window

July 5, 2014
By KTG23 SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
KTG23 SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
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“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”
- Dr. Seuss

“They say if you fall into the window, you will enter an alternate reality.” Johnny said smiling slyly at the group.

“Well whoever 'They' are.....they are messing with you Johnny!” Mike replied in an angered tone.

Stacy looked at both of the boys smiling and laughed at their bickering. “You guys are ridiculous!” She chuckled. “'Alternate reality' what are we five?” Stacy was always the more mature teenager in the group. Johnny and Mike bicker every two seconds. It could be over the simplest things. Such as where they go for lunch.

Johnny walked next to the fairly large ‘window’. “So what does that random light switch do?” He faced the group, and pointed to the light switch that was directly across from him. “Why would Professor B hide this room from us?”

Kyle spoke in a frightened tone, “Y-y-yea, I remember I went close to the door the other day and I was put out of the classroom.” He hates when the group pulls stunts like this. Johnny, Mike, Stacy, and Kyle was at their school for a new student orientation. The orientation was held at the end of August, about a week before school started. They had to stay overnight in the school’s cafeteria. They were chosen to make the new students comfortable. It was around one o’clock at night and they wanted to explore the newly renovated science lab.

Mike slid over to the switch in his socks. He looked like he could be one of the backup dancers in a Michael Jackson Thriller video. “Well then, why don't we see what this switch actually does? It probably turns on the ventilation. I do recall this being a SCIENCE LAB!” Mike screamed those last two words louder than a blow horn.

Stacy put her small hand over his mouth. “A science lab we are not supposed to be in!” she emphasized.

Mike mumbled “Wow do you moisturize? Your hand is strangely soft!”

She pulled her hand away.

The science lab was a decently sized high school lab. It could hold about thirty students in it at once. Even though the biggest class to go into the lab at the same time had twelve students in it. In an aerial view, the room was a big rectangle. A blackboard covering both of the bigger walls in the room and six black top desk, with two benches. There was a side of the room that had all of the chemicals, test tubes, protective eye wear, flasks, and other miscellaneous science tools. The other side of the room had sections where groups could experiment together. Then there was a corner of the room where Professor B's neat medium sized desk sat. It was facing the rest of the classroom and behind it was a door. A door that lead to a small contained room. The room was completely empty except for three things. The window that hung onto the opposing wall, a plain, brown, wooden chair and an out of place light switch, however, there weren't any lights in the room. There was no wall paint or decorations in the room. The four walls were glossy white and so was the floor and ceiling. The window looked like an ordinary window that you would find in a casual home. However, this window did not look out to anything. You could see perfectly through the window. It seemed as if there wasn't any glass in the frame which was also white. Behind the window was the glossy white wall.

The group didn’t know what to do next, or who was going to see what the window actually did. They didn’t know how it was related to the chair or the light switch.

After five minutes of awkward silence and blank looks, Johnny finally decided to do something. He timidly sat in the chair. “Go ahead” he said in a shaky tone. “Flip-” A long pause followed his single word. A frightening silence fell amongst the group.

Johnny finally finished his sentence staring straight into the window.

“The switch”

Mike gave Johnny a look that showed he wasn’t amused. “Did you really have to be that dramatic? This isn’t a drama movie.”

Johnny yelled back to Mike. “Let a man have his moment!”

“If that means you have to act like Scarlett Johansson be my guest man.”

As Mike was going to flip the switch he got a little frightened. He didn’t know what the switch was going to do. He watched a lot of horror movies as a kid and he still does now. He imagined all the outcomes of this situation.

“What if the switch was actually a bomb? Or what if the switch opened a secret passage way to a torture chamber? What if the switch unleashed a giant polar bear that would come out and eat everyone!?” What Mike didn’t know was that he likes to think out-loud.

“You know we can hear you right?” Stacy said to Mike laughing. “A torture room? Really? Or how about that polar bear…scary right?”

Johnny jumped in, “I don’t even think this school has the budget for a torture room!”

“Polar bears are carnivores!” Mike yelled.

Mike felt embarrassed. He put his head down and flipped the light switch. Johnny was sitting in the wooden chair across from the windowless frame and Stacy stood behind him. They were always the ones to be adventuress. Whenever the group came across an abandoned house they would be the first ones to head straight in. Kyle would stay back and wait because he was afraid of everything. Whether it was from a can of soda hitting the ground, or someone yelling “BOO!” at him, he was always afraid of something.

When the switch was flipped at first nothing happened. Another wave of awkward silence fell into the room. The kids looked at the frame and Mike looked for a passageway to open. But, nothing happened. Then Kyle heard a faint sound.

“H-hey guys? Do you hear that?” Kyle said in his usual scared tone.

“If you mean your heart going from zero to sixty, then yes I think we all hear it.” Johnny chuckled.

“Stacy hit Johnny in the back of his head with the palm of her hand. “Shutup doofus! I hear it too. It sounds like a washing machine on final spin.”

Johnny rubbed the back of his head. “Wait, seriously do you moisturize? Because your hand is extremely soft.

Mike stepped towards the frame. “I told you guys something was going on in here. It sounds like there is a room beyond this frame.”


Everyone started to get mad at each other. Words were shouted across the small room. While Kyle hid in the corner and watched. He was the only one who noticed what the light switch did. He was the more observant one in the group. The group didn’t really acknowledge it as a whole, but they knew that without Kyle some of the littlest most important things would be forgotten or never noticed in the first place.

Kyle noticed that the light switch had turned on something. Something behind the windowless frame. Mike was right about that part. But, it defiantly wasn’t a torture room. It was something more magical. It looked like something out of a video game.

“GUYS!” Kyle got everyone’s attention because they never heard Kyle yell before. Everyone stopped talking and they could hear the swooshing sound coming from the frame. Everyone in the room turned to the window and saw the portal. A light purple swirl took over the frame. You couldn’t see the wall behind the frame.

“Awesome!” Johnny yelled. Before anyone else could respond, the portal sucked everyone into it like a vacuum. The room stood empty and the portal was still on in the frame.

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