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Jimmy the Misunderstood Monkey

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

There was a monkey, the youngest out of 43 children, who was misunderstood. He was constantly picked on by his brothers and sisters. His parents were never around to take care of him and his siblings because they spend all of their time at the bar. No one hangs out with him during school, during the summer, or right now during the cold, dark winter. His name is Jimmy. He lived in a castle in Chewphoria in the mid 70's.
One day, Jimmy decided to get a mohawk and he dyed it orange. When he did that, he got picked on even more than he was before. More people started to pick on him. When he got home, he saw his parents there, with blood all over them and the walls. Not only that, there were also cops and EMT's. He asked what was going on. The cops said his parents killed his siblings. He was put in the witness protection program. His new parents had three children. They were all younger than him. His new name is Chris. His life got even better when he was living as Chris. He died five years later in the early 80's.

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