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A twist of fate

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous


She was accusutomed to never feeling the warmth of a mother's embrace or the firm guidance of a father's teachings. She never minded it before. Why would she? The world was at her grasp and she didn't need to heed to anyone's word. An orphan's life actually fit to her liking.

She clenched her fists tightly till they were soaked with warm dark liquid. She never minded being alone before, but now was different. She was different. Those heartless, incompetent Elders had taken him away from her. They had taken away the only person who felt like a brother to her, who felt like family. They were but mere children but that mattered little to them. "Always assuming too much" she muttered to herself

Now she was stuck with this duty for a thousand years, along with three others. Him being one of them, but his abilities were much limited all considering that he was locked away.They too loathed this duty but none held it with more contempt then she did. She ddin't comprehend why this was so necessary. None had to perform this duty before them and everything was just fine. Well maybe not exactly too well for regular humans, but they still managed to get by with their petty little lives didn't they? Humans were always trying to make things so much better for themselves. Why couldn't they just be satisfied with how life had set things up for them and try to endure it rather than avoid it. Didn't they see that obstacles were put in their way for a purpose? Of course they didn't. They were to concerned with having it all easy and having everything. Slowly they engulfed themslelves with their greed and sloth. The more they created advancements to make things easy and quick the further they got away from their true purpose. The further they were from understanding who they are and what they were meant for. The more they surrounded themselves with luxury, advancements, rediculuos schedules and rules, the more blinded and lost they became. They'd never come back would they?

The waves crashed down roughly against the rocks now, and the clouds began to darken. She had to learn how to cool it. She was still getting used to this new position and her moods seeed to affect it quite a bit. She regretted evr coming to that dreadful village. She regretted staying with him there for so long. By the way they were being treated , anyone would have left if they were in their positions. But they didn't. She wanted to prove that she was strong and that no one was eevr going to force her to do something she didn't want to. She was so naive and stupid back then. She believed eevrything could be solved through endurance and effort. so stupid. thunder cracked loudly this time. She didn't care now. She just grew angrier and angrier by the second.
It was the Elders fault that he was away from her now. Her jaws locked in place and a heavy storm seemed to brew from it. No not, their fault. His fault. All the Elders did was take advantage of a perfect oppurtunity. It was his fault that he was sealed away. If he hadn't been so cocky .If he didn't love the thought of being the center of attention, maybe they wouldn't have been able to play on his ego. If he had been stronger and didn't fall for such superficial things. If he had kept her in mind and not fallen for the pretty words of false men, they wouldn't be in this perdicament There was more thunder this time and the rain came pouring down. The water was completelt untamed and wild.

She could feel them behind her now. SHE looked up to the sky and closed her eyes. Irritated she slowly turned towards them. "Yes. What do you want?"

The boy and girl looked to each other for a moment and the girl spoke before her."You know already know what Anukis. We know it hurts but we must keep it all in balance. You must stop all this unnecessary destruction.
She stared at them both as if trying to burn a hole into them with her eyes. Then she just smirked, which made th etoo even more uneasy.
"You're right Ninlil," Ninlil squirmed at this, She didn't like the name the elders had given her. Even more so after hearing the story of thename." I should stop this. We must make everything just perfect for your precious little humans for we all know they have never done anything to not deserve the best."
Ninlil looked away trying to hold back tears as Khumban clenched his fists and walked away from Anukis.

She let out a maniacal laugh. The rain had stpooed abruptly but the waves had yet to stop it's unsteadiness. She closed her eyes and jumped into the dark abyss of the water. Ninlil and Khumba ran tothe edge of the ledge they were on. They both looked frantically for Anukis. Even though they both knew that Anukis wouldnt drown (The water would never allow any harm be done to her by it's own hand) they still feared for the worst.

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sillyGoose71 said...
on Jan. 29 2010 at 9:46 pm
I remember this! the imagination and feeling was so beautiful keep it up young one XD hahaha