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December 15, 2008
By Jieonnie20 SILVER, Desoto, Texas
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Chapter One

“ Please let him go.” I said with my voice trembling with trepidation and sadness.
“Why should I, huh?” said the leader of the Shadows.
“Because…cause I love him.” I said with despondency.
“Hi, my name is Azareal Athena Van Allen Heaven and my life is more complicated than other teens my age, and if you’re wondering how old I am let’s just say I’m older than the earth, but my earth age is sixteen. My kind of people was born in heaven, but since the war in heaven started, my family decided to go with the once before Prince of heaven, who was Lucifer, so we left. I didn’t have a choice but to follow my parents, but if I did have a choice I’ve would have stayed in heaven.”
“Years after I went to school where kids get their education. I was thirteen when I first started. I was the type of person who you would call gothic because I wore all black and I never went to church anymore and because I was interested in bats and skulls. Until one day I went to a cave and one of the bats that didn’t look like the rest bit me on my neck, and I fell to the ground.”
“ The next day I woke up and saw this man looking at me smiling.”
“We have found you, my princess!” he said with a powered voice.
“What do you mean, princess?” I said befuddled.
You are the chosen one to bring victory to the vampire clan.”
“Why me?”
“Because I have heard about you when you was in heaven and I have read the prophecies about Azareal Heaven and you’re suppose to defeat the negaforce and the shadows, but you have someone who’s suppose to help you.” He said with intelligence.
“Who is it, have you found her?”
“ No, and to my understanding it’s a boy.”
“What are you crazy?”
“No, I am not, but you must come with me.”
An hour later they arrived at the mansion that all the vampires lived. The hallways were painted black and covered with pictures of all the princesses and princes. Everyone was dull and was wearing all black; even the drink was dark.
“This way to the examiner.”
“ Well hello there, shall we take a look.” The examiner said.
“ Oh, impressive” he said.
“What’s impressive?”
“It has seems like you haven’t had any kind of side effects since the bite, and most of the time that’s one out of a million. This hasn’t been done like this since the last hundredth century and that person became the most powerful of the clan, unless you are the descendent of Gabrielle Heaven, but that’s not possible because she was immortal and…”
“ And I was immortal because…”
“ You use to live in heaven, I get now.” He said with a just now getting it voice.
“ Okay well how do we find my partner?”
“He’s from Japan, but lives in New York.”
“Okay, well tomorrow we will find him and start our mission.”
The next day Azareal woke up and went to school. She met her friend Adam at the front of the school.
“Hey, Azareal how was your weekend?”
“Why weird?”
“Because I got bit by a bat and now I’m a princess.”
“What’s wrong being a princess?”
“It’s just not what I do, remember I’m gothic”
“Oh, yeah I forgot.” He said with a sarcastic voice.
“Oh, really.”
“Ok, whatever.” While I raised my eyebrow.
“Hey, Goth-brat. Allegra said with her sarcastic mean voice.
“ Go back where the hell you came from”
“I have you know I will rule this world and you’re not going to stop me.”
“ She was really from hell, because she use to be in heaven like me, but instead of staying on the earth her parents decided to go to hell. Most of the people that came down from heaven stayed on the earth, but two or three families went to hell. The people on earth are visible now; so they can live among the people in peace, well try.”
“ Hey, Azareal sit by me,” Adam said putting his tray down.
“ Alright, I’ll be right over there.”
“ Hey watch where you’re going.” Said Tyler with a cute smile on his face.
“ Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there,” I said while I was blushing as a ripped red apple.
“ Hey, it’s okay.”
“ Okay.”
“ I know what ya’ll are thinking and it’s that I have a crush on him, yes I do because he’s so cute, smart, and funny, and I never thought that I will never see a boy with green eyes, but they’re rare now that the Shadows are killing people with those colored eyes, and lucky me, I have dark-set blue eyes. Now back to Tyler Force, he seems like a nice guy, but I will never know because he’s always busy like a bee trying to get a lot of pollen before the winter, but one day I will talk to him, but that’s if he still don’t have his girlfriend Bliss Vanderwoodson, but let’s not get on that subject, shall we.”
“ Hey, Azareal, Azareal.” Said my friend Miriam.
“ Come on Adam is waiting.”
“ Okay.”
“ Azareal, I’ve been doing some research and I’ve tested your body and it’s amazing. You are changing quickly as in physically, and mentally.” Adam said
“ How so?”
“ Well, let’s go outside and test how fast and long you can run without being in shape or without stopping.”
“ Okay, let’s go.”
“ You’re doing great just keep it up.”
“ How many laps has she done?” Said Miriam
“ She has done eight laps so far and now she’s on her ninth one. Do you feel tired?”
“ No, feels like I’ve just started.”
“ Impressive, okay stop.”
“ I can feel you all around me.” Azarel phone ranged.
“ Hello.”
“ Come quickly, I have important news to tell you, said that man from yesterday.”
“ Alright, I’m on my way.”
Azareal got in her challenger and started the engine and blew kisses to her friends and then drove off. She cut the radio on and her song got money was on, she turned it up, when she came to a red light she stop, but when it turned green she went but this car on the other side ran the red light and slammed into her car. Her car spun around and turned upside down.”
“ Ma’am are you okay?” said the man who saw the accident.
“ Mmmmm… what happened to my car.”
“ The man over there ran into it because he ran the red light.”
“ Excuse, me ma’am, please come with me, said the man from yesterday.”
She left with him, but minutes after she blacked out.
“ Azareal, are you okay?”
There was just silence, so they left her in the room and hope that she would come back to life. Three hours later she woke up, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, she had white eyes and a lot of bruises and cuts on her body.
“ You’re alive and not yourself.” The man said while he was putting some blood in the compartment.
“ You shouldn’t…”
“ This is rare, your eyes have changed to white instead of an extremely light blue, this means you’re in a stage you shouldn’t be in, but since you’re the descendent of Gabrielle Heaven you should survive it and master it, but you might not because you have lost to much blood.
“ Okay, well why did you call me?”
“ Because you partner has now been bitten by a bat, so we can get him now if you like.”
“ Yes, we should now.”
“ Okay let’s go.”
While they was getting in their private jet she called her mom and told her she was going to New York, so she wouldn’t have to worry.
“ Hey I never asked you, what’s your name?” I said.
“My name is Alexander the third the scientist and the commander of the vampire clan, and this is my second commander, Jordan Bass.”
“ Did you say Bass?”
“Yes, do you know somebody with that last name?”
“Yes, his name is Jordan, too.”
“Well, I do have a son that is name after me.” Said Mr. Bass
“We’re here.”
They got off the jet and went to the place he lived. He knew we were coming so he ran into this abandoned factory where it was dark and you couldn’t see. He was clueless because bats were nocturnal animals so they could see in the dark. Azareal saw him first so she ran after him.
“ Hey, stop right there now.”
She ran up the stairs and she cut him off then he fell.
“What’s your problem?” He said screaming at me.
“You need to come with us before you get in trouble, now.”
“ I don’t think I want to go with ya’ll.”
“Well, you’re going to and that’s it cause I’m not in a good mood right, now.”
Azareal dragged him out and they got on the jet and in five hours they was there. It was 1o’clock in the morning. When they first got there she went straight to her new room in the mansion. She looked in her closet and saw all black pajamas. She liked this because of course she was gothic.
“Hey, sorry for what happened, but when ya’ll was coming to get me one of my close friends got killed by this car cause he was riding his bike” the new boy said.
“ Well, sorry that I acted like that, but I just got into a car wreck and I lost a lot of blood and I could have died if I was normal, so yeah we both have our problems.”
“Well, goodnight.”

Chapter Two
“ Hey, wake up it’s time to workout.” The new boy said.
“ I’m up I’m just thinking about something.”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Oh, nothing important yet, but just thinking about it ahead of time.” I said worn-out of my mind.
“ Well can I ask you a question?”
“What kind of question.” I said rising up.
“ What is your name?”
“ Oh, my whole name?”
“ Okay, my name is Azareal Athena Van Allen Heaven.”
“ Okay, that’s the longest name I ever heard.” He said looking surprised.
“ Well, you asked for my whole name so, now I’m going to ask you what’s your name?”
“My name is now called Taylor Arch, but name in Japan it was Tinjin Yokohama.
“ Well you know what I feel like doing?”
“No, but tell me.” He said still trying to think about it.
“I feel like getting to know you better after what happened today early in the day.”
“Well, I’ll start.” He said.
“ Well I like a girl that is independent most of the time, who is really responsible, and don’t care what people say about her, keeps her promise, and likes to get everything done on time.”
“Well, I like a boy who is smart, funny, athletic, and gets everything done like he’s suppose to.” I said raising my eyebrow.
“What are you looking at?”
“Oh, nothing.” I said while Taylor was getting closer to me.
“ Well, I have another question for, have you ever had boyfriend?”
“No and why?”
“ Nothing just…”
All of sudden Taylor leaned against Azareal and touched her face and started to kiss her subtle lips. She was caught in the mood and started to kiss him back, but she thought of Tyler but then she erased him in her memory fast. Then he started to put his arm around her and did also. She was thinking what should I do, should I stop or keep going, but instead she erased that out her mind and kept going.
“What are we doing, we’re partners not people who would go out.” I said.
“I know, but you’re so cute and I think you’re the right girl for me cause all the things I just said that I want in a girl is what you are.” He said desperately.
“ Okay, let’s go…. Did I interrupt something.” Said Alexander.
“Oh, no we was just talking.” I said startled.
“ Well, let’s go outside and practice you two skills.
“Okay.” said both of them.
They started with going through the thorns and try not to get cut more than fifteen times. They ran through the rose bush as their first level. After they did that Taylor grabbed a rose by the thorns, but he forgot so he started to bleed in his hand.
“Are you okay?” I said panicking
“Yes, I’m alright.” He said sucking his blood.
“ Okay.”
“ And this is for you.” He said.
“Thank you, and will you go to dinner with me?”

“ Five hours has past and now I am getting ready for my date with Taylor.” I said looking in the mirror.

“ What should I wear?” I thought to myself.

“ Knock, knock, can I come?” Taylor said.

“ Sure, if you don’t mind me in my robe.”

“ I don’t mind, I was just coming to ask you what time are we going.”

“ I was thinking about 9 o’clock.”

“ Perfect, that’s what I was thinking.”

“ Okay, wait what are you wearing or should I say what color are you wearing?”

“ Well, blue goes good with me, people say.”

“ Well good, because I was surprisingly wearing blue today instead of black.” I said with a smirk.

“ Okay, well I’ll be leaving so you can choose what you’re going to do.” Taylor said

Azareal got dressed to go shopping for a blue dress and some shoes to match with it. She saw this cute blue necklace, but she taught that was too girly for her, but she got it anyways to impress Taylor.

“ Ewww…. Look at that gothic-brat and she’s at the mall.” Allegra said with her little clique behind.

“ Whatever Allegra you’re just hating like everyone else around me.” I said with the same attitude I always have around her.

“ Why are you here anyways?”

“ Well, unlike you I have a date instead of throwing myself at some boy and trying to get some which you’re not cause you’re not even cute.”

“ Who told you that?”

“ Nobody, but you just told on yourself so how dumb do you feel now?”

“ Girls, let’s go.” She yelled.

“ Yeah, run like you always do.”

“ I can feel you all around me.” Azareal phone ranged.

“ Hello.”

“ Look to your left.” Someone said.

“ For what.”

After that there was no answer, but she looked to the left and saw someone with a gun pointing right at her. She ran and they person started shooting at her. Azareal called Taylor and told him to tell Alexander to come quickly.
Then she called her friend Miriam that was in the shoe department to get out of the mall now before they take her. As she was running she ran into Allegra, she hated doing this but she told her to leave the mall because someone was shooting in the mall. When she left she saw Taylor and the commander.

“ Hey, Azareal are you okay?” Taylor said.

“ Yes, but….

The person who had the gun had shot her right leg and blood started pouring out.

“ Azareal, Azareal are you okay?”

“ Yes, but hurry and take me to the mansion, I’m loosing to much blood, right now.

“ Come on let’s go.” Alexander said.

After that they was in the examining room. She will be all right she just need some rest and she’ll be up and running like brand new.

“ Good.” Taylor said.

“ Where am and what happened while I was sleep?” I said looking confused.

“ You got shot through the arm and it wasn’t with regular bullets it was with some kind of light we’re not suppose to be exposed to.” Taylor said while rising up.

“ Well, I’m ready for anything now.”

“ Okay, let’s start with our date shall we.”

“ We shall.”

Chapter 3
The night of the date, Azareal got ready for the date. She took her shower first and then put her new blue dress on and she put the necklace on. Taylor was waiting in the living room.
“ I’m ready.” I said with a huge smile on my face.
“ Wow, You look a-amazing.” Taylor said while he was standing up.
“ Well, ya’ll have fun and Azareal make sure somebody don’t start following you okay.” Mr. Bass said.
“ Okay.”
They were off to the movies first when she saw Bliss Vanderwoodson with someone else besides Tyler. She thought it was her brother, but when she saw her kiss him she thought she was cheating on Tyler.
“ Well, hello Azareal so surprised to see you here.” Bliss said.
“ Well, it’s not so nice seeing you here with someone else perhaps another boyfriend or just being a real back-stabbing girlfriend.” I said.
“ That’s none of your business.” She said.
“ Well, it’s going to be Tyler’s business when I tell him.”
“ I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
“ Why?”
“ Because…”
Bliss started to push Azareal into the bathroom and started to punch her in the stomach and then Azareal pushed her in the stall and she put her head in the toilet and tied her shoelaces together and she left. When she came out Taylor was still in the line for popcorn.
“ Hey, what’s keeping this line up.” I said.
“ I don’t know, but I have a strange feeling something is about to happen.” Tyler said.
“ Yeah, you’re right.”
“ Let’s just go in the room and then we can get popcorn later, alright.”
“ Alright.”
“ Second on the right.” Said the ticket- taker.
“ Thank you.” I said.
While they were walking to the room, somebody bumped into Azareal and said watch your back in her ear. Azareal was shocked and she stood still for a minute and then she continued walking.
“ What’s wrong Azareal?” Taylor said.
“ That person that just bumped into me told me to watch my back.” I said terrified.
“ Whatever happens I’ll be by your side, okay.”
After they talked they sat down to silence their cell phones. Azareal look around to see if any one was watching them. Taylor was worried about Azareal because she might’ve been thinking about so she thought it was real.
“ Azareal are you paranoid?” Taylor said.
“ No!” I said
“ Oh, just asking.”
The movie started and the room just kept getting crowded and Azareal started to panic.
“ Can we leave Taylor?” I asked.
“ Why, the movie just started?
“ Because I feel that something bad is about to happen.”
“Zzzz-zzz, zzz-zzz, zzz-zzz” Azareal’s phone vibrate.
“ I’m about to go outside, okay.” I said.
“ Hello.”
“ Azareal, I think you and Taylor need to leave because…
“ Hello, hello.”
Azareal ran back into the room and Taylor was gone. She started to panic again and then she left.
“ Taylor, Taylor.” I yelled.
“ Zzzz-zzz, zzz-zzz, zzz-zzz.” Her phone vibrated.
“ Hello, who is this?”
“ Azareal, you need to get out there something is happening at the movies and I think it’s about what happened at the mall.” Alexander said.
“ I think they already took Taylor.”
“ Well just leave and we’ll look for him tomorrow, okay.”
“ Okay.”
Azareal left the movies and got into a cab. She didn’t know there was a accident on the way to the mansion, so when the cab driver started to drive they really couldn’t move for the next turn, so she stayed in there about thirty minutes. After that she started to hear people scream, she got out the cab and saw nothing, so she got back into the cab. Five minutes after that she heard more screaming and she got again, this time she used her vampire seeing since it was dark. She looked around and saw nothing until she saw this shadow with no face. She gasped and fell down.
“ Ha, ha, ha, look what we have here.” Said the shadow.
“ Who are you.” I said frightening.

“ I am the commander of the shadows and you are the next commander in line.”
“ How could this be?”
“ Because of your ancestor Gabrielle, she was an ally to our kind and you are the one to help us defeat our enemies.”

Chapter 4
“ No, stop it I don’t want to be in your group, so please just leave me alone.” I said terrified.
“ Wake up Azareal, Wake up Azareal.” Said Alexander.”
“ What’s happening to me?”
“ Nothing you was just in dream”
“ How did I get here?”
“ Well I saw you on the sidewalk close to the movie theater”
“ So, where’s Taylor?”
“ Oh, he said he be right back and he said don’t ever talk to him because you messed up what he want to do with you, so yeah that’s the news on him.”
“ I didn’t mess it up, those people who was after me did.”
“ Well, according to him he said it was you…
“ I see that you’re up and questioning why I don’t want to talk to you any more.” Said Taylor with his angry voice.
“ Yeah, because I didn’t do anything to you.”
“ Oh, you didn’t huh.”
“ No, I didn’t and what is up with your attitude now?”
“ Let’s just say that I don’t love you like I use to.”
I screamed in my head and then I threw everything he gave me at him because I was finally in love with somebody and now he doesn’t love me anymore. What was this, was this a trick, or was it something that those people did to him or told him?
“ I’m sorry it have to end this way, but we still can be close friends, okay.”
“ Whatever, and what makes you sure that I want to be friends with someone who just dumped me for no kind of reason, huh”
“ Well could….
“ No, just get out.”
After that Azareal went back home for two months and went back to school. She thought that since she left she could forget about Taylor, but she was wrong.
“ What’s pumpkin?” Her dad asked.
“ Can I ask you a question?”
“ Sure, pumpkin.”
“ When boys break up with you for no reason does that means they still like you, but they don’t want to tell you?
“ Well it depends on the because some guys just do it because they are not really ready for a relationship yet, so you have to give the some time.”
“ Well, some are just, ugh.”
“ Well, try to be patient with them cause they might be unready as you are.”
“ Thanks daddy that helped a little.”
“ Well that’s my job.”

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