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Harold and the Honey Tree

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“Help, Help!” cried Harold. Only silence yelled back. Harold shifted his body to try to relinquish himself from this sticky situation; however, there was no possible escape. Weariness began to creep to creep over him until he could bare it no more. Finally, he decided to catch 40 winks. As this happened, he reminisced how he got in this horrible situation.
* * *

The sun glowed vibrantly high in the sky. This star devoured Harold, submerging him with heat that retained in his fur. An eager expression showed on his face since he will soon receive his next assignment. Zoom! With speed, he dashed into the forest, hoping the breeze would diminish the horrid heat cast by the blazing star. Each step made no noise, for he was also running to a confidential destination. This tall, black furred, courageous beast had no time to waste, for the Bear Council had finished deciding on his next task to accomplish. Once he reached the tree that bore the council insignia, a bear print, his speed depleted quickly, for he had reached his destination in the solace of the forest where the council inhabited.
Every bear found Harold to be a unique, bountiful, black bear. The price of acceptance and admission of the council was all that he ever worked for. Since he was a little cub, he had wanted to be in the council and now, the opportunity arose. Acceptance in the council was an extremely high honor. Only the wisest, strongest, and bravest of bears were accepted. All of these traits have been shown by Harold and if he completes the final task, he will be acknowledged. The objective is to steel the sacred honey from the tree on top of Mt. Bee. With blurring speed, he bowed to the council and disappeared into the forest.
Mt. Bee laid 5 miles away, so he just walked, admiring the forest and environment, for he knew it could be his last time in this neck of the woods. The trees were so colorful that he almost couldn’t gaze at their natural beauty. To complement the color, the bark was smoother than a silk blanket. All of these surroundings seemed out of this world to Harold. At the base of Mt. Bee, a river flowed. Harold drank the water and stared at his reflection, surprised at how much he had developed. No longer was he a cub, but a divine beast. The black fur which rested on Harold glistened in the light, casting a huge shadow that was twice as tall as him. As he took each step, he marveled at his enormous paws, but he had not been alert and punishment seized that moment. Suddenly, he stepped in a trap and fell down a small cave. Then a special kind of honey engulfed him, making his body completely submerged in the goo. After a few minutes, he realized that he couldn’t move because this was glue honey - a special type of honey used to ensnare trespassers.
* * *
With his sleep stirred, Harold awoke, having a new desire; to live and to escape. The wheels in his head started spinning extremely fast. A verdict arrived in a matter of minutes that he would have to devour the honey the honey; however, he didn’t know what consuming the honey would do to him. After a couple long hours, Harold escaped the grasps of the glue, but a new problem arose; he had to climb out of the cave. Even though he managed to climb out quite easily, he still struggled from the strength it required and his aching jaw. Exhaustion filled his body; however, he continued.

At last he was three quarters of the way up the mountain. Boom! Boom! Harold glanced up and his jaw drop - he was stupefied. Boulders were running down the mountain trying to eat him. Those weren’t there two seconds ago. A sigh slipped out of his mouth since he knew that he would have to continue the climb, dodging boulders or be squished alive. Whoosh! Whoosh! With two powerful leaps Harold maneuvered the first monster, then the second, third and so on until he reached the top of the mountain. Now, he could barely stand, let alone move, for this agonizing pain was insufferable. Fatigue was another fact too. Huff-puff! With giant breathes he consumed numerous amounts of air. Sweat droplets formed and fell from the tips of his hair - mainly above the forehead. Once he caught his breathe, he wiped the sweat off his head and discovered that he was face to face with a hundred feet tall tree.

At the time, he saw the Honey at the top. Now Harold has to climb this gigantic tree, obtain the hive with the honey and climb back down the tree and mountain.

Step by step, Harold slowly climbed; his steps gradually accelerating. After what seemed to be an hour, he was almost at the top. Four more branches were all that were left.

“Ouch!” Harold yelped looking behind him. An armada of striped bees formed behind him. Suddenly, the armada swarmed around him and attacked like mad men, trying to protect their sacred honey. Even with the pain Harold still progressed until he finally reached the top. With one powerful swipe of his claws, he severed the hive from the trees limb. Hastily, his decent began. Once he was about half way down the tree the bees gave up. Their efforts were futile and there was no stopping this determined beast. Thump! The mighty paws that Harold possessed landed on the ground and then, Harold still continued, for if he stopped, he would no longer be able to keep going with all these excruciating pains.

The journey down was easier than before. All he had to do coming down was to bare the pain and watch for loose rocks. Four excruciating, time-consuming hours passed and Harold had reclined all the way back to the base of Mt. Bee. When Harold took a two second break, he took 5 sips of water from the river, and then went onward to the council’s location.

As soon as he reached the council, his body gave in to the pain and he collapsed. None of Harold’s body was now operational. All he saw was the council who were gazing at Harold, impressed at his success, for he had completed the task.

An honorary ceremony took place. In this Harold received an award and a title. He would be known as the omniscient one for completing the most intricate task ever in the history of bear hood. At this moment, an image appeared in his head, an image of his parents saying I’m proud of you, son in unison. At long last, Harold’s life-long dream was achieved. All that he felt was pure joy and happiness.
The End

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