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Forgotten Homework

January 11, 2009
By Anonymous

My eyes swept left and right, fully adjusting to the light, my senses in a heightened state of exhilaration. Like an assassin waiting for his prey, staying hidden in the shadows, I sat in silence. Every movement passing before my eyes being analyzed with a cold scrutiny for what seemed like hours. Every noise echoed like a gunshot, reverberating off the walls.
The sirens screamed at the sky. I knew that I would soon be caught. The inevitability of being caught amused me. How had I not foreseen this happening? Why had I not prepared?
The officer slowly, almost cruelly came down the alley where I was hidden. The lights of his police car illuminating the gray brick wall behind him. He thoroughly checked all possible hiding places, his eyes sweeping back and forth.
Just five metres away, my capture could be delayed no longer. My vision became blurred, my mind racing with regrets and remorse. I gripped my revolver in my left hand, poised to do whatever I could to prevent the unpreventable.
I was fully committed now, my hands pale and cold. Droplets of sweat running down the back of my neck. I was now completely deaf and numb to the world, completely engrossed in my vivid thoughts. My eardrums pounded and I could feel the blood rushing through me. Everything came together in an overwhelming dizzying sensation.
All of the sudden I came to terms with my fate. Reality hit me like a wrecking ball. I was now in my classroom, coming out of a dream.
I stood up from my chair. I had not finished my homework, and it was my turn to speak. As I slowly opened my mouth, looking around the room at the accusing eyes and arrogant smirks of my classmates, the bell rang with a sound more beautiful than any symphony.
Relief flooded through my body. I felt an unparalleled relief as I stood up to leave the classroom; safe until the next time.

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Cool! The character reminded me of myself. I daydream like that during class all the time.