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My unearhtly experience

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Walking down my road I saw a bunch of hooded people fighting. I didn’t see how I could break up the fight so I just watched the outcome. When the fight had ended I moved slowly toward the person on the ground. They started moving. He slowly approached me; I was still unable to see his face.
I yelled “are you ok?”
He kept moving toward me without a sound. I began to think why he wasn’t injured after such a beating. I looked behind myself to see where I was going. A straight path back. As I turned around he was glaring in my face two feet away. I only saw his eyes.

I woke several hours later with an ache in my stomach. I then realized where I was, “how did I get back to my room?” I asked myself. As I opened my door I felt a timorous chill.
“This is not my house.”
“This is not earth. “
“Where am I?”
I sat on a bench to think. I began to watch the odd beings in this environment. They acted as if it was their utopia. This place made me feel jaunty. Everyone looked at me as if I was ostentatious, but I was looking at them the same way. They all wore hoods, their eyes were white and they looked as if they’ve never cut their nails. We were different. It looked like they all wanted to expunge me whenever they passed by. I was feeling nervous; they were watching me. I got up and began to walk and view the environment. The ground was purple and the trees did not have leaves; only large circular buds. Signs started appearing. They showed images of different faces, the people treated the images on the signs as if they were anathemas.

I was becoming quite fractious as I walked road by road, street by street seeing the same environment, the same people, the same plants. Where was I? I started shouting questions in a very flamboyant manner. The hooded people looked at me. I got their attention. They moved toward me and I became nervous. They moved closer and closer each second. I slowly moved back as I was still shouting questions. All their eyes began to glow a bright white color. I began to run. I looked back to see if I had lost them and ran right into one. I looked closely and noticed it was the same as before; he had a bruise on his left cheek. He then grabbed me and stared right into my eyes, I screamed in fear and blacked out.

Hours later I woke up. I was in my room again. I opened the door to see the rest of my house. I was thrilled. Normal grass, trees, people. I walked down the road and saw a group of people fighting. I ran and broke it up. Slowly looking at the boy that had been beaten up, I saw that he was just normal.
Happy to see this I helped him up and walked him home. Still wondering what it would be like If were in the other place with the hooded people. Was it a dream or was it real?

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