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The Long Lost Princess

April 12, 2015
By Osita44 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Osita44 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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The Long Lost Princess
Lily has been raised her whole life by Chuck the squirrel in a forest. But, Chuck treats her like a servant. Lily had to make the beds, cook, clean, and with all of that work she could never see the light of day. And every night while Lily was sleeping Chuck always injected a syrup to keep her small and as his servant. Nobody else knew this except for Chuck and he had a whole trail of secrets that no one could walk upon except for him of course.
Lily has always been different from everyone in her tree/home; she is the only human in the forest. So, since she was different Chuck used her as his own personal servant. It was always Lily do this, Lily wash this, LILY!!! Until she turned twenty one, and when she did she burst out by saying, “I will not be treated with such harshness anymore I am tired of being treated like a slave!” Then Lily tried to walk out of her “home” but Chuck held her back and kept Lily in a secret dungeon next to his room.
While Chuck was sleeping Lily saw a note written on a maple leaf in Chuck’s handwriting stating, “I need more syrup please she has to take it so she won’t be a full grown human, I know I have no money but please I have been a loyal customer for twenty one years now.” When Lily read the note she immediately looked everywhere she possibly could that’s when she found the keys. She searched for something to reach the keys and escape, and at that moment she came up with the great idea of using two long pipes put together and a small coat hanger glued to one of the long pipes to grab a hold of the keys.
Lily was finally able to sleep in peace for one night by a maple tree and see the night sky calmly. By the time morning came Lily was so big that she couldn’t fit in her old house door anymore. As she took giant steps away from the forest she noticed huge buildings but she did not know what they were. When she finally stopped and asked where she was the lady responded to her by saying, “This is the kingdom of Guativita dear, my, my you look very familiar, I feel like I recognize  you from somewhere.” As the lady was responding they were walking together and then stopped at a painting of a family; one mother, one father, and two daughters and Lily noticed that one of the daughters looked exactly like her but the painting was from a kingdom that used to be in trade with Guativita the name of it was, Northern Golds but nevertheless they fought against each other of debt from war and ended up separating as partners. Lily searched far and wide throughout Guativita but couldn’t find any trace of the people in the painting.
However, what Lily did not know was that the syrup as going to have a weird effect on her body since she had taken it every single night for twenty one year’s straight. So, she became a tiny person again and then a normal sized one and the pattern continued for about five hours until it finally stopped and Lily stayed at a normal human height. Still, Lily kept feeling guilt for Chuck since after all he did take care of her with a roof over her head and food so she returned to the forest in hope that Chuck would forgive her for escaping. When she arrived Chuck injected her with the new syrup he purchased and made Lily once again small. He then locked her up and made sure that Lily wouldn’t escape ever again. Lily remained Chuck’s prisoner and servant for the rest of her life and all wouldn’t have resulted in that if she hadn’t returned to the forest.

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on Oct. 7 2015 at 2:46 pm
You have a gift! Keep writing and developing your skills. I was able to transport my self to the forest with your story. Thanks for sharing it! :)