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The Dream

July 18, 2015
By LotusChild PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
LotusChild PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
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There was a farmer who had two beautiful daughters and a prospering farm. His farm prospered because of the many secrets that the farmer had learned over his many years and he believed that it prospered also because of his faith in god. When the farmer grew old and his daughters matured into beautiful women, a man approached the farm, he had been seeing the youngest sister for the last year and he sought the old man's blessing before he asked for her hand in marriage. The old man gave it happily, as he was glad to finally have someone he could look to as a son, someone he could pass on his farming secrets to and his love of god to.

The old man taught the young man how to keep his crops alive, how to make the land growing the biggest bounty, how to reap the most of his harvest, and when the old man passed, he was content in knowing that the young man could provide for his family in the same way the old man had for years. The old man died peacefully in his bed, on a chilly morning. The young man buried him under a large oak tree which grew near the farmhouse.

The young man lived for many years in this farmhouse, he grew crops and provided for his wife so that she would never want for anything. The oldest sister, however, grew lonelier and lonelier, as the death of her father left her devastated, she ran away from her home, the depression drove her away from god and into the hands of black magic. She learned of demon summoning, and the creation of chaos, she took this newfound knowledge and wreaked havoc amongst the townspeople, she unleashed demons, flaming lions, flying snakes, the skies grew dark and red while all that grew among the earth was scorched and died. People who fled found only more of the same in any of the other towns they came across, as this woman's loneliness had become her fuel for chaos amongst anyone who was happier than she, she wanted all to feel her pain, and all did.

When word had reached the young man about what his sister in law had done, he took a horse and raced off into town. Arriving in the town, he found this chaos, demons running amuck, those whom had survived the attack became disgusting sinners, whores, killers, thieves and the lot. The young man approached what used to be the mayor's home and entered, finding a throne of corpses, which his sister in law sat upon. The young man spoke, "Sister, this must stop now! Your sorrow is just that, your own. You cannot take it out on those around you. End this now, or you will have forced my hand!"

The sister looked to him and smiled, "Well, if you put it like that, I would be glad to stop, but you must give me something in exchange," she placed her finger upon her chin, apparently deep in thought and said, "would you walk across a town to end this? How about several? Would you walk across a country to stop the bloodshed?"

The young man seemed taken aback by the randomness of the words that ensued her, "Yes! Yes, anything to end this madness!"

"Well, I shall take you on your word," the sister stepped down from her throne and stood before the young man, "but tell me first, am I beautiful?"

The young man was dumbstruck, as this sister seemed to so casually take the ending of her evil reign and ask questions such as these, "Yes, you're beautiful,"

"Do you think I would be a good wife?" She circled him, examining him, playing with her black hair as she did so.

"Of course, you would make a great wife for any man lucky enough that you would have him," the young man said, watching her examine him.

"Well then, it's your lucky day. I will end my reign of chaos if only on the condition that you propose to me, right here, right now," the sister smiled coyly, standing in front of the young man.

The young man was stunned, he looked around, he looked to his hand which had his ring. He looked back, towards the farm, knowing that his wife was waiting for him to return. He looked to the sister with a kind of hatred he had never felt for anyone before in his life, and he nodded, taking the ring off his finger, slowly getting on one knee and presenting the ring to her.

"Oh! What's this?!" The sister feigned surprise, acting the part of the unsuspecting girl receiving the offer which came from a man on one knee. She began to hyperventilate when suddenly she stopped and said, "Say it! You have to ask me to marry you!"

The young man swallowed his pride, he kept in mind that this was all for the greater good, and he clenched his teeth before speaking, "Oh, vision of beauty, will you marry me?" At these words, his heart sank. How could god let this happen? How could god allow this woman to exist and destroy everything that he loved?

Back at the farm, the skies cleared, the pestilence went away, but the younger sister felt something was wrong, something awful and beyond words. Her heart sank and she looked towards the town. There was something that had happened, and she knew that in one way or another, the man she loved was dead.

For months the younger sister prayed she was wrong, she awaited the return of her love. She attempted to keep the farm running to no avail as it seemed that under her, nothing would grow. She spent days sitting outside, by her father's grave, and she prayed, and she prayed.

One day she had heard a knock at the door, she came to open it and as she did, her heart skipped a beat. It was him! The young man, the love of her life! He had returned and in one swift motion she had tackled him and hugged him and kissed him, but something was wrong. He was leaner, his eyes were sunken and dark, his skin was pale and his hair had lost its sheen. He was indeed the young man that she had married, be he was no longer himself. Upon noticing this, the younger sister felt a blow upon her head as she was struck by something blunt. She turned to see it was her sister, whom hadn't aged a day, and she held a staff in her hands.

"You stay OFF of my husband, you slut," the older sister said coldly, "I am here for my inheritance, seeing as I'm the oldest, it seems only fair that I should inherit the farm. You may take your leave now,"

"But, but, what? He's my husband! What have you done to him?! What's happening? This is my home!" The younger sister couldn't comprehend it, what could have happened, how was this her love? Was this the reward god gave her for her patience and her prayer? Was this her answer?

"I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough before. What I meant to say was; Leave, now," the older sister said remorselessly, pointing her staff at her younger sister. The younger sister scrambled to her feet and ran off into the woods, crying.

The young man attempted to go back to his farming, but it was to no avail. There was nothing he could do to make the crops grow, the secrets which his father in law had taught him had been long since removed from his thoughts. So he spent his time waiting. He sat in a chair and waited for his death. Time ticked slowly but still he waited.

It had been many years since his return to the farm, the young man no longer young, his wife was still quite evil however she had taken to the life of a housewife quite easily, still she took every opportunity to berate and belittle him any chance she got, The man's life still had no meaning. He awaited his death and nothing more for he had no reason to go on living. The only thought which would give him solace is that his love, the younger sister, had run away and hopefully had found someone that provided for her in the way he did before. That she had found someone to love her and take care of her and give her children. The thought of her with a family made him smile.

One morning, after being berated by his wife, the man left the farmhouse for a walk. It was a stormy morning, it had been raining, though the sun did shine through the clouds slightly, giving the appearance of a rainbow. The man smiled at the sight of this, as few things make him smile these days, he decided to follow it. He walked further and further into the woods, until he reached a well which he had never come across before. He looked in and a foul feeling overtook him. He saw what seemed to be a scrap of cloth caught in the rope which held a bucket. He pulled up the rope and to his horror he found a dress and several bones within, this dress was that of his former wife, the younger sister of his current wife. This discovery made his heart swell with regret, anger and sorrow. He got up and swiftly walked back to the farmhouse, picking up his scythe when he got there.

The man found his wife in the yard, sitting by her father's grave. The rain became heavier and the clouds came closer together and it became dark. "You!" The man yelled to his wife, "She's dead because of you!" The man yelled, swinging his scythe at her.

The wife looked to him in shock, for this had come seemingly out of nowhere, and she used her magic to pull the scythe away. "What the hell are you talking about, fool?"

The man fell to his knees feeling helpless, "My wife... My poor wife, YOUR sister... She died the night you chased her away. I found her remains in a well in the forest."

"Are you still on about that skank? What's dead is dead, man, let it go," the wife said, looking down on him with pity.

"No!" The man got up and began to attempt to strike at this woman, this creature, this foul beast which had ruined everything, the foul beast which had killed his beloved wife and brought nothing but pain upon him.

The wife shook her head in a kind of disappointment and used her magic to push the man against the oak tree, "You could have just let it go, it would have been a happily ever after... I want you to remember that while you burn in hell, I gave you a chance."

The man spit at her, "Living as your husband for any longer would be a far greater damnation than anything the devil could cook up."

The wife clenched her teeth, as she went to deliver the killing blow, the rain stopped and the clouds parted. The sunlight broke through the clouds and from that light came a figure which stood between the wife and the husband, a figure the man had not seen in many years. It was a girl with golden hair and sapphire eyes, it was the younger sister, and she looked into the eyes of the older sister.

Dumbstruck for a moment, the older sister had to gather her sense before speaking, "W-what is this? What are you?" she asked, reaching out to attempt to grab at this semi-transparent being which resembled her sister.

"You need not fear anymore sister, there is love here and there is mercy," the younger sister spoke, walking slowly towards the older sister, who continued to step back which each step the younger one took.

"I-I needn't either of those things, I've all the love I need and I've done nothing wrong to require mercy, take your leave spirit, I command you!" The older sister pointed her staff at the visage of her younger sister in an attempt to disperse it, yet her younger sister's figure continued to approach.

The man watched in awe as his former wife appeared in a time to rescue him, seemingly out of the skies as an angel would. He looked up to the skies with a tear running down his cheek, knowing that there was a life after this and that he would certainly see his beloved again.

"Sister, you need not fear me, for I forgive you," the younger sister spoke, putting her arms out for an embrace.

The older sister tripped, falling back onto the ground, "Leave me, phantom! I seek no redemption as I have done no wrong! Be gone of this world!" The younger sister grew closer still, and the older sister rose from the ground and attempted to strike her with her staff, but in mid swing the younger sister wrapped her arms around her, the searing of a burn could be heard along with the blood curdling screams of the older sister as she began to become dust.

The man rose from the ground, seeing his former wife finally having done what it had taken him years to attempt to do. Seeing her, it was proof of god's love, and so the man gathered the ashes from the ground, the image of his beloved saw this and asked, "What are you doing, my love?"

The man looked to her and smiled, "you want her to get into heaven, don't you?"

The author's comments:

This is a dream I had. Any thoughts?

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