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The villiage by the sea

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

There was a place not found on any map. No one knew about it except the people that lived in it. It was a small Village that did not have a name because if they named it then people would probably find out about it. It was the most extravagant village in the world. The sun always shined the flowers always bloomed and the grass was always green. It was a small village everyone knew everyone else. People didn’t fight about silly things they just enjoyed life. The villagers each practiced his or her own profession and they were all perfect at what they did. Nobody tried to learn anything else because if you learned someone else’s profession they would consider it an insult. There is a catch to this wonderful place for no one can leave once they enter if they should happen to find the village and enter it that is. No one had ever seen him but they all knew he was there if he was a he. He was there ruler the one who controlled everything in the village he chose the villagers profession he basically decided what they did and how they did it. The ruler did all this with magic unfathomable to the human mind. He could move things just by looking at them and he could severally punish you if you disobeyed him and you would never even see his face. Never the less the villagers were content with how they lived and did not question there ruler or even how he became there ruler they just knew he was there and he would hurt them if they didn’t do what they were told. Guests were strictly prohibited if any one was caught harboring a stranger without the rulers permission they would die a very slow and painful death.

At the end of the village was the most spectacular sea of all sea’s and by the shores there was a house in this house there was a villager whose profession was a fishermen. He was the best fishermen there was he caught more fish than any of the other fishermen his name was miles he had two girls Ella who was sixteen and Bridget who was seventeen and a wife named Marion. The girls who were a year apart were the best of friends they did everything together. Miles and his family were loved by everyone in the village they were good to everyone and did what they could to help when help was needed. One day Miles couldn’t sleep his wife Marion said what’s wrong miles why can’t you sleep. Miles said I have the urge to go fishing I think I will I have a feeling I will find something special. Miles tiptoed out of the house so he wouldn’t wake anyone and went out to the sea to fish as he was fishing he noticed something in the distance he didn’t know why but Miles thought that he should swim and see what it was. Miles swam for what seemed like hours and hours but it was only a few minutes. He finally reached the object of his curiosity and he realized it wasn’t an object at all it was human being and she was drowning miles rapped one arm around her and began swimming back to shore it was very hard to swim with the extra weight and the waves kept dragging him this way and that way but after a lot of suffering he reached the shore with the girl barely breathing he took her back to his house his wife nearly had a heart attack when she saw her but she had a good heart even if the rules said no guests so they took her and attended to her wounds and gave her some fresh cloths the girl didn’t seem much older than their daughters so it was easy to find cloths for her. The girl was unconscious Marion was very uneasy I don’t think this is a good idea she whispered to Miles we will die if the ruler finds out we have a guest we are not aloud to take in outsiders. She is but a girl said Miles we can’t let her die my conscience would never permit me to do such a thing. There must be a solution said Marion. The girl stayed unconscious for three days finally she awoke perplexed and mesmerized. She was indeed a beautiful girl she had locks of gorgeous long brown hair and the biggest black eyes you ever see in your life. She was rather skinny and a little pale but she was still beautiful under these sick conditions. When she awoke the first words out of her mouth were where am I? Miles recalled to her everything that happened and while he told his tale she watched with amazement. Finally when Miles finished his story she said thank you for saving my life but the truth is I didn’t want to live I threw myself in the sea in hope that it would swallow me. Why asked Miles why would you take your life away? I didn’t have the best living conditions my parents always told me I was a burden I had to work day and night and then I would get beat for not working enough so I decided to take my own life and rid my parents of there burden. Sadly I failed because I am still alive and you will probably return me to my parents the girl said. Miles and Marion looked at each other with grim faces. Marion said I am afraid its not that simple dear. You see this village you have so unfortunately stumbled upon has no way out. No one ever leaves we cant even leave. The ruler cast magic spells that forbid it. He wont even let us have guests we could die if he finds out you’re here. The girls didn’t seem to have a reaction to this. She looked stunned finally she said this place cant be worse than my old life but if my staying here will cause problems I should leave at once. Miles said wait I have an idea. He looked at Marion and said what if we say we had a daughter no one knew about her because ever since she was born she had a very bad illness and we had to keep her away from people she is know cured and wants to resume normal life. Marion thought for a very long time and said I don’t have a problem with that if the girl wont mind. The girls face seemed to light up she said of course I don’t mind I would love to have a real family for once.

So it was settled Leana which was the girls name became an official part of the family. All the towns people seemed to believe Miles’s little lie they all loved Leana just as they loved the other members of there family. She was a very bright and joyful girl as it turns out she was eighteen so she got along wonderfully with the girls. She fit in great in town everyone loved her. She greeted everyone with a smile and seemed to be very good at sewing. One day the family got a letter from the ruler it said that Leana’s new profession was sewing. So everyday she went to the sewing shop and learned to sew and she soon became the best tailor in town. She sewed beautiful gowns for all women and stunning suits for all the men. The ambassador to the ruler became suspicious of leana. How could she just turn up out of no where, he needed proof that she really was daughter to Miles and Marion and not a guest? So one day the ambassador asked Leana to come and have tea with him at the castle where the ruler lived supposedly. She went she and the ambassador chatted for a while and in the midst of their conversation she asked to use the bathroom he said second door in the left wing. She thanked him and went off wondering the castle she noticed a book shelf in the middle of the hall way she went and she started to remove one of the books when suddenly the hall way turned and she was faced to face with the ruler she was not a boy that was perfectly clear for the ruler was the most beautiful girl Leana has ever seen her beauty was nit normal in fact it was immortal. Everything about her was gorgeous she had the most perfect figure and the most beautiful hair it was blonde and all the way down to her waist. She was white as a person could get. Everything was perfect but then Leana looked at her eyes big and blue or were they green it was very hard to tell you could get lost in her eyes they were full of sadness and hatred. She was smiling at Leana however her smile didn’t reach her eyes her smile was somehow forced upon her face. Leana could tell that this women had been through a lot. Then she spoke her voice was very powerful almost fearful it was hard not to answer when she asked a question. She said very simply with the smile still on her face, who are you? It took Leana a while to answer finally she said my name is Leana I am the fishermen Miles’s daughter. The ruler spoke again she said I think we both know that you are no daughter of miles. Do not underestimate my powers I know your not his daughter but there is something very curious about you. That’s why I haven’t killed you yet but that doesn’t mean that I won’t. Allow me to introduce myself although I haven’t had to in about 90 years and that didn’t turn out to well anyways my name is Alia and I think you already know that I am the ruler here the one you have heard so much about all bad I am sure. You probably heard that I force people to work in the things I choose for them and that I don’t let anyone out and I don’t permit guests and here you are a guest your probably wondering why you’re still alive Ill tell you but first I want to hear how you got hear to make sure I am right. Leana hesitated and then told her the tale she had told to Miles and his family. When Leana was finished Alia smiled and said you are the one. Leana you will rule here you see my time has almost come to an end. I was sent to this little town by the heavens to save people from themselves they were all preoccupied with themselves and they all backstabbed one another. Everyone thought about themselves. I was sent here to create a utopia everyone does one thing and they are good at it no one fights and no one kills or steals and everyone lives happy but you see no one can rule forever because people get tired of them. Everyone has an end even me and thats where you come in you will get my powers and you will get my throne and you will give the people a new hope while restoring order. Leana was listening intently and her Eyes got wide at the thought of her taking over this little town but she somehow felt that it was her duty to take over and that she was born to do this. After a long moment of silence she finally spoke and said I will take over and restore the hope of the people. Alia smiled and said lets get you ready to take over The Villiage by the Sea.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece when I was sitting in creative writing class and I saw a picture of a beautiful Villige and I just started writing.

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