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January 30, 2009
By Anonymous

'Not a chance,' 'Come on!' 'You are not making me climb that thing.' She stated firmly. 'Its fun! Not to mention easy, trust me, the view is gorgeous. Its totally worth it!'

WildMoon paced at the bottom of the tree nervously as her two friends climbed up. Her best friend, LeopardThorn, was lying stretched out on the lower branches right above her while her friend, who had tried persuading her to climb much higher, was stretching from branch to branch to reach the very top of the tree which made a great lookout, sigh-seeing spot, and a good place to wait for un-suspecting birds to come.

'Believe me! If you fall, you'll land on your feet, all cats do! What kind of a warrior are you?' As much as they loved being warriors, (forest cats, wild animals, you name it,) WildMoon had an intense fear of heights. 'I know, but now that I think about it, I think MousePath might need more Chervil right about now,sooo..' She started walking around the tree to go back to camp, but RainStar was leaping down the branches and landing in front of her before she could leave. 'You know that you're as much a medicine cat as much as you are a warrior, what happens if you're attacked by a dog? Or human decides to take you home as a pet? Then where will you go?'

WildMoon cringed at these sickening thoughts, but she had a point. 'You kinda' have to listen to her, WildMoon, she's the leader. Her word is law,' The light golden colored tabby shot a glare up at her friend. 'You're one to talk, deputy!' she drawled the word. 'Hey, at least I got up in the tree,' The medicine cat reached up to scratch her tail, but the deputy swung it out of the way. 'Eat mouse dung!' LeopardThorn smirked as she climbed higher in the branches. 'Come up here and make me,'

'Don't think I won't!' the she-cat snapped. 'That's it, I'm teaching you to climb properly, whether you want to or not.' RainStar firmly stated. The pale russet colored feline leaped up into the tree, and within the minute, was at the top branch looking out over the springtime desert. 'Now just listen carefully to me, and follow my guidance. WildMoon took a breath and stepped op onto the thicker lower branches that were only seven inches off the ground. 'Now get up to the branch right above your head,'

This one was a god four feet above her head and was thinner. Climbing up the base of the worn-down Palo Verde wood, she managed to get onto the limb, but it wavered due to her shaking. 'Good, you're half-way there. Now climb up this branch in front of me here, and then you'll be here.' Now here comes the challenging part. The golden haired tabby gripped the much thinner branch with her paws and claws as she made her way towards RainStar. 'Now don't look down!' LeopardThorn called over. She looked. It was a dizzying six-foot drop. Swooning, she almost fell off, but a paw slapped her nose. 'Come on, mouse-brain! You're almost there!' WildMoon opened her eyes to see that she was almost at the tree's crown. 'Jump!!' both of her comp[anions shouted.

'AAAAHH!!' WildMoon yowled and leaped onto the same branch RainStar was on. 'Good for you kitty,' LeopardThorn smirked. 'See? It's not so bad,' WildMoon relaxed her grip and opened her eyes. Who knew the landscape could be so beautiful? Everything was covered with a plushy layer of grass, and the smell of the river and fresh soil touched her nose. The sun had recently risen and was gleaming goldenly through the clouds over the mountains. 'Whoa'.' WildMoon gasped. She took a deep breath, inhaling all the familiar smells of the area.

'Hey! Guys! Its time to go back to camp!' They looked down to see MousePath looking up at them through the branches. 'Ok,' RainStar rapidly leaped down from the crown past WildMoon, and joined the other she-cats on the ground. 'You know old cats, always wanting to know where the younger cats are,' the stout cat explained. The three of them started to walk away when LeopardThorn called over her shoulder. 'Hey! Come on Moony!' 'Uh'..guys? I have a problem,' They padded back to the tree to look up at her. 'What is it?' WildMoon sheepishly looked at them. 'How do I get down?'

The author's comments:
I wrote this story based on an experience that happened to me and my two friends. If you read the series, its the Point of view from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. The Warrior books belong to Erin Hunter, I own nothing.

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on Feb. 24 2009 at 4:16 am
Oh my gosh! you wrote it!! *fangirl scream* Oh my god, i'm so honored! *blushes* I love the POV and the way all of the characters acted! lol, Wildmoon's such a wuss. And i love the ending! It's purrfect! lol, XD