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Weather Controller

March 1, 2009
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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"Ally? Where are you" A voice whispered. "Over here" she said back. It was Saturday. Raining, everything looked sad, Just like Ally. "Ally, are you okay" the voice whispered. "He he broke up with me, I don't know what I did wrong" Ally whispered. 'It's not your fault, he wasn't right for you that's all, you'll find someone else' The voice calmly reassured her. 'Shelly, you don't know how much I loved him, and still love him' Ally replied tearfully.
2 months earlier
It was the sunniest day ever. Shelly knew Ally must be in a great, great mood. 'Hey All's what's up' Shelly asked her best friend. 'Brandon asked me out!!!' Ally screamed. 'I knew it was something great' Shelly said. 'How could you tell?' she asked sarcastically. 'It could be the fact your mood controls the weather' Shelly replied. 'Yep, yep that is true'you didn't tell anyone did you?' Ally asked scared. 'I'm not that mean Al' Shelly said. 'Okay good, thanks for keeping my secret Shell's' she said. Ally really does control weather based on her mood. It rains when she's sad, Sunny when she's happy, Lightning storm when she's mad, and snow when she's peaceful, If you were wondering we live in Florida, She is almost never peaceful, She is full of energy and super hyper twenty four seven. We have been friends since we were sevenish. She told me her secret last month.

Back to normal time
'All's, come on I know at least three people who want to date you' Shelly replied. 'Are any of them Brandon' she asked. 'No' Shelly replied. This was the worst Ally had ever been, the rain was the heaviest ever. Soon it turned into a hurricane. 'Ally calm down, you could kill someone' Shelly screamed at her. 'Could it be me' She cried out, 'NO it can't be, why, because I'm not real, I'm a stupid creature, I can't die, I can't physically get hurt, yet I can still feel heartbroken' Ally Screamed into the night, yet with the winds it sounded only as a whisper. 'Ally please stops, please.' Shelly said breathlessly. The rain fell down from the sky, the weight as heavy as an elephant on Shelly's shoulders. 'Why should I' Ally replied, 'For once could you think of someone other than yourself' Shelly screamed at her. The rain made it almost impossible to breathe; the wind was as fast as 10 cars In NASCAR going top speed. She was growing weaker and weaker, until she could hardly breathe, 'ally' she screamed. The next day Shelly awoke in the hospital. 'Where, where am I' she asked. 'The hospital' some nurse told her. 'What happened' Shelly asked. 'You were outside during a terrible hurricane' she told her. Shelly looked outside the window and saw that there was major flooding, 'When can I go home' she asked. 'Soon, you almost drowned out there' the nurse told her. Shelly was very confused. 'Was anyone killed during the storm?' Shelly asked. 'Only two people were found dead, they were Brandon Frould and Ally Jasolnoy' The nurse told her. 'Ally?' Shelly asked. Shelly learned one thing, life and death are never definite.


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