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Spell of Time and Love

March 26, 2009
By weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
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"Can't change it, so learn to love it!"

“ The villagers gathered around the town square hoping to catch a glimpse of the newest accused witch. It would be the third one found this year. The crowd looked on in horror at the sight of one of most loved people in the village, Lilica, her arms roped to a tree leaving her feet dangling over the unlit fire pit and a large sapphire hanging around her neck. The town's leader walked up to her and quickly took a glove to her face and asked for her final words. Her lips twitched up after hearing his words.

' You have finally found a real witch, good job, but I have left something here that will stay even when my body is rot. Two souls will remain after our deaths, mine and another. We are the same, but him you will never find because he is protected by spell filled with love and passion that is one of a kind.'

The leader spit in her face then started a fire beneath her feet. As the fire rose a bright light flashed and all that was left was the rope hanging on the tree.”

“ So class what do you think was the underline meaning of Lilica's little speech?” Mrs. Halwin announced loudly enough to wake about half the sleeping class. Local history must be the most boring class invented in this school. Looking over to Keven I guessed he was probably thinking the same thing as he stretched out yawning.

“ Yes, Mr. Larson. Thank you for offering back in time to answer the question.” Mrs. Halwin said making Keven huff and start to try to recall the question. It means she's coming back someday to find him, her love, the thought popped into my head like every other time I hear the story. “ I asked what was the underline meaning of Lilica's words.”
“ Well I think it means that she is gonna come back sometime and find her lover.” Keven said with a low chuckle
“ Basically, yes and will you please join me after class.”

With a groan he agreed then looked over to me and made a face. Which made me giggle, earning me a ticket to spend my afternoon with Mrs. Halwin. Fun.... not. I have enough to deal with than have her give me the story of my life again, I already have to listen to it here in class and at her lessons, why after school too? Yep you guessed it I'm Lilica, I prefer Lili now though, history is true, but there are a few things the books failed to mention. Like the fact that I said a spell that made me and my “lover” reincarnate and we will keep doing that until we know that we have found each other and also we both lose our memories each time and other witches teach me about myself ,but not him. I wish they would help him understand himself to cause it's not even right that I can go through life understanding things like my powers(which even with help were like hell to grow into) and so much more, then he gets nothing, nada.

The bell rung making me fall strait out of my seat. Over me I heard the soft laugh of Keven, it sounded like he wanted to laugh as hard as possible, but he's better than that.
“Ready to get up now?” he said holding his hand out to me(laughing)

“No way, I just want to sit here on the floor all day.” I replied rolling my eyes as he gabs my hand and hoisted me up. As my hand slid into his a fire ran through me, Keven and I have touched before but it never felt like this before. I turned to face him making our eyes meet, keeping hold of one another. I've never felt this way before, me and Keven have known each other forever(well not forever , but for this life at least) and this has never happened before. So what the heck is going on right now.
“Lili if you would please leave now I need to have a word with Mr. Larson.” Mrs. Halwin said suddenly appearing at our side.

“See ya later Kev.” I yelled as I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the room. The rest of the day went by in a flash all I could think about was Keven and how much I wanted to see him, but he wasn't in any of the classes that we share(which is like all of them) for the rest of the day. The fire from his touch still burning through my body. What's wrong with me Keven is a friend and he has never been anything more or has he. I wish I could control my thoughts it would make life so less complicated.


The last bell of the day rang and I started toward Mrs. Halwin's room, dodging a group of jocks and cheerleaders gathering in a circle. Over the shoulder of one of the shorter pomp-pom girls I saw that it was Katie punching John, her on again off again boyfriend, hard in the face. In my opinion he's scum and deserves it, even though I know that John would never actually hit back, but with a whisper under my breath I gave Katie a little more power in her punch. Still making my way down the hall a image flashed in my mind. It was of me and Keven in a old log cabinish room sitting in each others arms, we where dressed in clothing from like the late seventeen hundreds. What I saw was only a few second flash, but in those few seconds I could feel the love between us hovering in the air as his lips covered mine fitting perfectly making the feeling grow stronger by the millisecond.

By the time the flash was over I was to the classroom. Mrs. Halwin unlocked one of her desk drawer and pulled something out of it.
“I'm here so what do you want?”

“To help Lilica, now turn around.” I fallowed my given orders and turned “Lift your hair.” she barked in a lower tone. I recognized the feeling of the cold shape of the chain and pendent as soon as it touched my skin, it was my sapphire. I could remember so much now,not enough but so much, and now I can confirm a little theory of mine. Turning back to her I gave her a quick hug and love ya, then ran at top speed out of the room and outside to the huge tree at the edge of campus.

I looked up through the branches to see a familiar face smile in surprise at me. How could I be so stupid?
“Any room for one more up there.” I call up in a playful tone
“For you always” he says helping me up

He leans back up against the tree after helping me up on his thick branch, fallowing I lean back into his embrace fitting like a piece in a puzzle. With my body against his I felt the fire in me burn deeper and hotter. I tilt my face upward and meet his deep blue eyes. His eyes almost meet mine, but then lower to my neck, my pendent.

“Lilica...” tears started to form in the corners of his eyes being quickly dried, he's to much of a man to cry(in his mind). “You know, finally I've waited so long. We made this so complicated didn't we.” he said with humor in his voice.
“It was necessary then.” I said pulling myself closer to him
“I love you”

“I love you” I repeated slowly as he pulled his face to mine. Then it begin, a kiss, the most wonderful one in the history of forever and the beginning of ours.

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