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May 1, 2018
By CelineK GOLD, Fortlee, New Jersey
CelineK GOLD, Fortlee, New Jersey
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“There something hidden in all of us. Small gift waiting to be discovered.” ~Jacqueline Woodson

“Stay still. Don't talk; don't move.” The nurse with the silver-coin vest spat at me.

“Oh - oh ka ay.” I stuttered while the nurse in the silver vest reached over my body to clip a belt above my waist. 

“I said don't talk, this is serious. If you mess up what the scanner registers, they'll replace your stomach instead of your unhealthy lungs.” She says as she glances at my profile.

Profile: Zari Night

Name:Zari Night
Date:Sep. 12. 4865
Class: 8

Consuming dairy products
Touching latex
Going 10 feet close to an infected person

Intelligence: 98/100

Health concerns:
Infected lungs
Mild virus 7/10
Forced to get operation 
Reduced blood level

She was right. If I moved my body, the scanner would scan something wrong, like having broken foot, instead of infected lungs. Well how was I supposed to be healthy in a world where there was a virus take over!

I snapped back into the reality, and shivered from feeling of the temperature shrinking into what felt like the arctic. My eyes wandered around the spacious white-walled room. The walls were too perfect, too clean. Not even white, but transparent. The scanner's sleek buttons were hard to see from where I was. The ceiling was flat and hung high up in the room. My eyes then met with the nurse’s as she clipped another belt; now higher up my body on the other side of the scanner to keep me in place while I tried to stay still.

The reason I'm here in the first place is because of the A28 virus. This virus is not like Ebola, Marburg, or Dengue, which are very deadly and rare viruses. This virus demolishes every living thing one by one. Most times it would spread through the pollution in the air, and sometimes it would spread through animals. A28 was first discovered in the poorest class in the world, the 5’s. If your unhealthy, untreated, and in the most populated place in the world, of course you're going to get majorly sick. The Elites on the other hand are humans with “exceeding cognitive augmentation.” They are superhuman, not even human. They have many abilities normal humans don't, like a bionic eye that could see from 20 miles away. Earth, a home of many, is now a home of a ton. Earth is overpopulated. What can you expect? The number of people on Earth sometime was going to reach the rim.

The government was left to solve this problem, like they would do anything. Their jaw dropping, eye catching solution was to create an operation where they would make you smarter, stronger, and healthier.
The government says that after the operation you will go to Australia, the least infected country. This solution helps demolish the virus because you are immune to the virus, healed. Most ¾ of the population agreed to take surgery, but the elderly didn't.

The nurse now has left me alone in the dim lighted room. As I lay quietly in the transparent glowing room, I hear two doctors, now men, slither into the room. They seemed unaware of my presence in the room, but I notice them. They both went to a glossy countertop with metal stands that held up profile documents.

“We now have scanned Sloan Night, and we are ready to create his robot.” The giant towering man said to the other doctor as he plucked a profile out of the starch of papers.

“I’ll give him the sleeping pill and we'll disintegrate him in no time.” The second dwarf doctor replying in a rushed tone as he tried to look over the counter.

I almost let out a peep of astonishment. My. Brother. He's going to die?

The doctors conversation had now replayed in my head over a million times. My mind was in a washing machine filled with bubbly thoughts rushing in and out.


No. As the taller doctor reached over another side of the counter, there was a stack of chips. Not any technological computing chip, an intelligent chip, one that only elites can use. They only used those chips for robots. The gears in my head now turned, and turned fast as a train rushing to at hidden destination. My brother is going to die because they are creating a robot of him. The truth slipped out of the doctor's mouths as easy as that. One sentence explained everything. A lie. The operation is a lie! I needed to get out of the room right away. If they're going to kill him, they're going to kill everyone who gets the operation. Soon they were going to kill me, and all the 14 year olds that take the operation.

As the doctors grabbed the documents they came in this room for, they hobbled off into the hallway leaving the clear, smooth, glass door wide open. Horrible doctors, they didn't even look in the scanner. I thought doctors were in the highest class, and actually have some intelligence.

As I tried to unlatch the holding belt keeping me on the scanner, I realized that there was a security camera spying on what was happening below. I then decided that the white camera that blended into the corner needed to be the first thing I destroyed. I fiercely reached over one of the scanners belts, grabbed it, and pushed myself to the end of the scanner. The blazing buttons of the room’s machine had all of my information, what they detected in the scanner, and what the doctors needed to replace in my body. I was left mesmerized by the machine that was just placed there doing nothing. The camera.

I looked around the odd and huge screening room, and tried to find something to shut-off the super-smart camera. I snatched a random lustrous screwdriver from one of the huge countertops across from the profiles. With my spear throwing skills I practiced at home, I aimed the mighty screwdriver toward at the camera that was tracking my every move. As I threw the screw driver to the camera, it whistled across my clenched arm. “CRACK!” The camera’s lens now had a screwdriver right in the middle of them.

I slid across the room towards the wide open door. The doctors and security would come after me like bullets as soon as they found out that the camera in this room was damaged. I jogged out of the room, and looked around the hallway. “C’mon Zari think!” I whispered to myself while my heart was beating against my body.

Operation room 1.
Operation room 2.
Operation room 3.
Research lab.

As I passed these rooms with their doors shut, I prayed to myself to be an exit somewhere. The hallway got thinner and thinner as if it was closing on me as I took a tiny step forward searching for an exit.

I came to a sharp corner and peered toward the other side. There was one doctor, now a woman with golden-like hair strolling down the hallway towards the corner I was hiding behind. My stupid blue and green striped sneakers squeaked on the marbled floor in the hallway. Bad mistake.

Her head now turned toward the noise, and she jogged toward me. I then ran across the hallway toward the room I came from. Also, bad mistake. The nurse that was treating me was there with one of her eyebrows raised with a mischievous smile. All of a sudden I was trapped between them both. My mind slowed down as if time stopped. My nurse lunged at my arms, and the golden haired doctor ran at me to grab my legs.

My eyes opened wide, and I jumped up into the air and grabbed a metal pipe on the ceiling. I swung my legs aiming for the doctor's face while I gripped on to the pipe all in one nanosecond. I knocked out the doctor hard, and the nurse was as surprised as me. WOAH! I felt superhuman, and landed on to the ground. I then automatically jumped off the right white wall, and kicked the nurse’s legs. She instantly fell in agony and pain as I saw her body crumple into one ball. She then cried as loud as she can, “HELP, WE HAVE AN ESCAPE!” The blood from my face drained and I felt it. Act fast.

I swiveled to the other side of the hallway where I was going before the doctor was there. I rushed through the puzzled nurses calmly walking to their assigned rooms. As I was close to the end of the hallway, I spiraled in a circle to the side I just came from. The nurses that were strolling in the hallway, and were puzzled about my escape now were cemented into the gleaming marble floor. Their hands were pressed up in the micro-headphones in their ears, listening to a message sent to all of them. They all stepped forward, sequenced. My mouth hung open as I perceived what was happening now. I tripped backwards and sprinted toward three doors at the end of the hallway. They all had no sign to what it lead to.

My heart pounded against my rib cage as the nurses pulled out obsidian black tasers the size of tennis ball, and started creeping toward me with there eyes focused on me.

I had one second. I had three choices. I had one end.

I yanked the middle door open, and slammed it shut. I felt the breeze come to an end as the door was inches away from my face. I speedily turned around, and looked around the room. My eyesight was blurry from the air going into my eyes. As my sight started to clear up, I felt and heard the nurses trying to yank the door open. As I rubbed my eyes with my now dirty hands, my sight started to clear up. The nurses by the door had left me alone, but there was an operation table in the room I was in. All of a sudden nurses started to pour out of a black door from the other side of the room, and started preparing the tools for an operation. I glanced around the room, and noticed a large lifeless robot of me. It was the same height as me, had the same facial features as me, and had the same clothes as me. I looked lifeless hanging on the wall as a robot. I then noticed a male doctor with a surgeon’s mask, blue suit, and blue gloves. There was another odd mask in his hand, a gas mask. He then got my attention again by opening his mouth, and looking in my direction. He tread toward me as if the green emerald floor was poison. His facial features could not be seen with his mask on, but his forehead had a chip in it. I examined the nurses foreheads, and there was a chip in their foreheads too. The male doctor now stopped in front of me, blocking my view from the operation table, and the mysterious door on the other side of the room. My body could not move, it was frozen standing in front of him. I wanted to sprint across the room, and see what was beyond the mysterious black door.

He then said, “We've been waiting for you Zari Night. We’ll start your operation right now if you please!”

He then took the gas mask and gently put it over my face. My eyes had their last glimpse of life and fluttered close. My heart slowly shut down, and stopped beating.

And that's I wished that I fought back the mask, and avoided learning the truth. Now I'm stuck. In a robot. Of someone else.

The author's comments:

This is a Dystopian Short Story that I wrote in my free time! I let my crazy imagination run wild, and create/write one of my favorite writing pieces ever! Please enjoy this action-packed short story of mine! -Celine K 

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