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The Night The Sky Fell: A Musical

March 30, 2021
By avegrace PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
avegrace PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Psalm 82:3


ADELIA - 11 years old, well-mannered & mature but a bit stubborn; intelligent. 

ESTELLE - 6 years old, Adelia’s sister, always wants her way, short-tempered, loud. Can be obnoxious at times.

HAZEL - 29 years old, Adelia & Estelle’s mother, patient, kind, gentle, loving. 

IDA - 34 years old, Hazel’s sister, Adelia & Estelle’s aunt, kind & loving but can be very blunt at times.

[IDA stands by a casket, dressed in black or other dark colors.  The lights are off, except a blue light behind the casket., IDA is holding a rose. She kneels down to place it on top of the casket.] 



Sleep, sleep, sweet child sleep

laid down to rest now forever 

sleep, sleep, suffer no more

though my heart it shall sever

sleep, sleep, don’t open your eyes 

find your rest, be at peace now 

sleep, sleep, your time has come

I’ll learn to cope, someday, somehow

sleep, sleep, lay down your head

death has no sense, rhyme, or reason

sleep, sleep, though I can't comprehend 

death, why is it children you’re seizing?

sleep, sleep, I miss you, dear

you’re in my heart, you’re drawing near

as I lay you down, forever to sleep

your soul, within me, forever I’ll keep. 

[cut the lights. The funeral setup is removed, and a living area is set up. On the balcony, ADELIA stands with a candle (can be represented by a flashlight]


My aunt Ida had six children. Charlotte, Alexander, Bennett, Thomas, Ezra, and Laurel. That was, at least, before the virus came.The Samara virus. Our once busy little town was nearly devoid of life. No one was allowed outside, and for sure, no one was safe. Not Ida, not Charlotte, not Alexander, not Bennett, or Thomas, or Ezra, or Laurel. Not Mother. Not even me. 

[Lights return. ADELIA, HAZEL, and Estelle are in the living area. ADELIA is reading a book, her legs folded in front of her, her feet on the seat. Estelle is playing with a tattered doll. HAZEL enters the room]


[taps ADELIA’s knee]

Sit like a lady.

[ADELIA readjusts herself so that she’s sitting with her ankles crossed. 


Its not like anyone is going to see me with this stupid staying at home-


You know you cannot leave this house young lady! And it’s not about being seen, its being a lady.


Well, I will be a lady when Sammie is around, otherwise there is no point.


You're not supposed to be a lady to attract men!


Then why?

[cue knocking]

[Estelle jumps up to answer the door.]


Mommy, it’s Aunt Ida.


Ida? She shouldn’t be here!

[HAZEL takes ADELIA by the hand and they walk to the door. (offstage) IDA and HAZEL return. IDA is hysterical, crying.]


She’s gone


Gone? Who? Ida, please, sit down.


 [sits down with HAZEL]

Laurel. She’s gone. She’s gone.


Did the virus get her too?


Yes, and, Hazel, listen to me. It’ll get Adelia and Estelle. And you and me, too. You have to be careful. If you catch it don’t let anyone know. They’ll get rid of you before the virus can.


Ida, please! 

[she looks to Estelle]


Aunt Ida! Does this mean I’m going to die!?


[buries her face in her hands] 

I’m afraid we all are.


[as Estelle starts to cry.]

Hush now. Both of you. Not one person here is going to die. Doctor Hickory told me just to make sure to keep us all inside, and that's just what I plan on doing. Estelle, please go get washed up. Ida you shouldn't have come[Estelle runs off]


Hazel, you should not lie to your children.


I hope I’m not  lying. Have you eaten?


No, but don’t worry about making a meal, I’m not hungry. But I’ll need a place to stay.


Absolutely not. 


Awh, can I please? I have no where to stay!


My children! I’m not exposing my Children!


So this is it huh? You're turning me away when I need you most! I’m not even sick! You wouldn’t do that to me! I need you! Please don’t turn me away!


[sighing as she stands] Why don’t we get to bed? You’ll be leaving first thing in the morning!


Of course. I'm staying in Henry's old room?


Yes. I’ve just cleaned it.


Hazel, do you ever wish to speak about Henry?


No. I don’t ever. I won’t ever want to.


I sometimes wish to talk about George. You know he was the first to pass?


I believe Henry died a good couple of months before George.


No! I mean out of my household. 


Oh, yes I do know that. You lost your husband, then your children. 


Yes, and you will too if you’re not careful.


Ida! Stop it!


It’s only true. It took my husband and my children and it took your husband and will your children. You can’t protect Addie and Essie. Just as I couldn’t protect my babies. 


Ida, you will not speak of such things in this house. You will scare the girls. Now go get your thing in that room, and I don’t want to hear you again until you say goodnight!

[IDA walks to the bedroom]


The Samara virus is deadly. Once you show symptoms, you know there’s only a few days. And the coughing fit. I heard from the doctor that once a patient has a coughing fit, that means there's only minutes left, and you're out. So even if one of my girls get the virus, They are either bound to die by the hands of the law or the virus itself.



Can it be true? Could she be right? 

Is there the chance I’m not guaranteed past tonight?

Could I lose my children just as she did hers?

Is there any truth to what I just heard?

Am I ever truly certain that tomorrow comes?

How much more time am I given with my loved ones?

All these questions whirl in my head.

Tomorrow will I find my baby dead?

Is there anything I can do?

There’s so much I never knew.

There are so many things that I just cannot change

There are so many things that stand in my way

Could my world come crashing down?

Could this virus wipe out this town?

Will I ever figure it out? 

Or will my life be plagued with doubt?

Am I taking for granted what I've been given?

How many times have I stopped to be thankful for even living?

I’m never promised tomorrow, so why not start today? 

I’ll keep my girls out of danger, and nothing will stand in my way.

[She turns towards the doorway, where ADELIA and Estelle are entering]


Girls, listen to me. You have to stay inside. Do not leave the house. You two know the new laws. Anyone who gets the virus is exterminated. If you start feeling sick, you tell me. And wash your hands. [She turns to Estelle]  With soap.


Mommy, I know how to wash my hands.


Then start remembering to use soap.


Mother? Why are they getting rid of people with the virus?


They’re trying to keep them from infecting others. But, a lot of the time, they’re too late, and they’ve already come in contact with people. So you two stay inside.


But they won’t kill the little kids? [She glances over at Estelle.] Will they?


Yes, they will. They took Laurel. So you two stay inside, stay safe, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Go eat your suppers and head to bed, now.

[the girls walk off, holding hands to the table off the stage] 


Nothing will stand in my way. [she follows her kids to the table] 

[the lights turn off, for around a minute there is silence. Then, a scream is heard. A single light turns on to a bed, where there are pillows forming a body outline. The light flickers Twice then is off.] 

My final goal


[up on the balcony, looking down when the lights turn on.]  

when i was young,

I looked to my guy,

All felt new, 

But my time flipped away,

Away I say,

And nothing was the same,

Now I'm here without my final goal, 

Here as a lost soul.

I could go to the next level,

But someway and somehow I'm being held back.

No, no, No one can see me,

No, no, No one can hear me, 

Why, why, Why can't they feel me?

Please, just remember me.

[The lights shut off again and turn on to HAZEL, walking in the bedroom]


Ida, you must get up. The children have made a special breakfast, just for you. For before you leave[She shakes Ida.] Ida! Ida, please wake up. Ida! Ida! Ida! Please get up! Ida Please! 


[runs on stage]  Mommy! Mommy, you were yelling. [she goes and looks at the body, before freaking out.]  We have to get help, we still may have a chance! [the two run out, and Adelia comes in]

 Isn’t Supposed to be the same


I can look around and know everything,

Yeah, Everything and anything, 

But this, 

This is not real,


I cannot allow to be real,

I cannot allow myself to be right,

To what I Really feel inside, 


Unimaginable fear

Terrible, unimaginable, fear,

Isn’t suppose to be the same, 

As something you feel,

Every second, 

Every minute, 

Or any day,

[Estelle comes in, she takes a glance at the body before running into Adelia’s arms] 


I don’t know what to say. 

What to say,

Or how to feel,

So I guess that's what I say, 

Even though what I say,

Isn’t supposed to be the same.

The same as torture and pain, 

That sticks with me every day.

[HAZEL comes in, hugging her daughters close]


No one should have to wait,

Wait their turn,

For death to embrace them,

I'm sorry, 

So sorry,

And what you have,

Isn’t supposed to be the same, 

As what we all have to live with, 

No, not at all.



Why is this happening?


Are we being punished?


No, no, none of us are being punished, my girls we simply have sickness in our town.


Well, then why is it happening?

I Don’t Know


I don’t know,

I can’t tell, 

Sometimes people become unwell

and we can never truly tell just how or why

but still, we do our best to get by

if you heed my advice, girls, everything should be just fine

but, if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time

Don’t be scared, here you’re safe

But out there in the world, you have no hiding place

there’s no way to escape what’s already come

it’s unlike any monster that you can outrun

the only to protect yourself is to stay inside 

that’s the only way I can guarantee that you’ll survive 

don’t leave my sight, don’t leave this house

don’t tell anyone about who had, not even a mouse

if you stay right here, I can protect you

I don’t know how, but I can make do

I don’t why this is our world 

I don’t know how, but I’ll protect you, girls

I don’t if I can do this on my own

but listen here, just don’t leave home.


Mommy, what if one of us is already sick?


We’re not. Now don’t talk like that. Mother will keep us safe. Thats her job.


Absolutely right. We’ll be okay!


The Sky Won’t Fall


If the sky would fall 

That’s where it ends

If it all fades black

My heartstrings bend


But since the sky won’t fall

There is no end

So hold me now

My heart to lend


Promise me your trust

I will have it in my heart

I will have you till the end


Always to the end


The stars are our bond 


forever past the sky

For our lifetime


 past a lifetime


I will have you till the end


I promise to protect you


Cause I know you love me


I won’t let anything happen to you, girls. 

[The stage fades to black once more. There are loud coughing sounds. The lights turn on. ADELIA is sitting or laying on her bed, coughing and/or sneezing. HAZEL enters.]


Adelia? Are you okay?


I don’t feel good.

[HAZEL places her hand on her forehead. Her eyes widen.]


Mother? What’s wrong? \



The virus. Addie, the virus. Pack your things, we need to go.


Go? Go where?


We need to leave this town. You know what happens when someone gets the virus. Now pack your things. I’ll get your sister.

Is This Reality?


Is this reality?

Can it be?

Is this the world that I live in?

Is this all just a dream I’ll wake up from someday?

Or is it true, can it be that my last waking moments will be spent this way?

In this fear and this doubt and denial?

Will the rest of my days be this vile?

And, at that, of all people, why me?

Is this reality?

[ADELIA packs a bag with one or two outfits, a book, a coin purse, and 2-4 small possessions, such as jewelry, a doll, etc. HAZEL and Estelle enter together, both holding bags. ADELIA takes Estelle’s hand, and they walk off. Cut lights. ADELIA stands on the balcony, holding the candle/flashlight.]


In some ways, Aunt Ida was right. Mother couldn’t protect us from what she couldn’t control. But, Mother was determined to try. She knew that if we stayed in town, we’d surely die. Our only hope was to leave.

[Bedroom setting is cleared away, and replaced by an outdoor setting. Lights turn back on, and HAZEL, Estelle, and ADELIA are all standing at the far right of the balcony, they are walking across the balcony, and, eventually down the stairs.]


Come on Estelle, keep up, please. 


I’m trying!


I don't want to walk anymore!


Theres a place with medicine and they have a no kill rule


Rules are dumb.


Yes well so is a lot of things


Like wha?


Viruses, killers and snakes-


Snakes are cute


you are insane


 Girls be quiet. Someone will hear us.


[jokes] You should be nicer to us. There's two of us and one of you 


 Not the time sweet.



Away, away, we’re far away

from our home where we could not stay

Away, away, we can’t turn back

We have to keep going

HAZEL [looking over her shoulder at Estelle]:

Stay on track


Away, away, we travel far

Our path, at night, lit only by stars 

Away, away, to who knows where

all we know is it’s safer there

Away, away, who knows how long

we’ll be walking till we find where we belong 

Away, away, we’re far away

away from our home where we could not stay 

Away, away, we’re far away 

and we can’t turn back, no chance, no way


How much farther?


I don’t know. Just keep walking.


Mother, I’m scared.


Estelle, please be quiet.


I’m scared, Adelia. 


Me too. 


But you're never scared. Of anything!


That’s not true-


It is true. You only cried once in your life. When dad died!


I might not show myself to cry. But I still fear things.


How can you only cry once?


I’ve only cried in front of you once. 


I cried too when dad died. So did mother. 


Estelle! Please. Stay quiet or the people will hear you. 


I don’t care. lalalala-

[Estelle continues to make noise as ADELIA falls to the ground coughing]


Adelia! Get up. [she tries to help ADELIA to her feet, Estelle continues to make noise]


Mother, please! I’m scared!


Estelle, please be quiet. Adelia we have to go. 


[She gets up, with her mother's help] It hurts


I know baby. But we must continue to walk. We are close!


No! Estelle be quiet!

Hazel: Let’s go. Please. We can receive medical help. 




Let’s go.


[she screams at her sister] Shut up! Can’t you see things are bad enough!? [Estelle goes quiet; fighting tears]


Everyone hates me! [she runs off stage] 


Estelle! [She goes to follow, but ADELIA falls] Estelle get back here!


Go to her! Go find her. 


your sister won’t be too far off. She will come back. [She goes to help ADELIA up]


[she gets up] What is wrong with me? 


Nothing dear.


Am I going to die?


No. we are going to get you help.


Aunt Ida said so!


Aunt Ida didn’t get help. 


Why not?


Your aunt wanted to spend time with us.


She knew… didn’t she?

unexpected things:



There are so many things you wouldn’t understand 

But there are so many things you would. 


Like what?


Like the sky being blue

And why that happens.


I know why.


But you wouldn’t know 

How to spell Biography




My darling there is so much I wish you knew.

Like why your aunt would rather

Die than live

But I can understand, 

So I will pass it to you.

People do unexpected things


People do unexpected things.


Ida was a strong soul

She was not going to die 

Without saying goodbye.

People do unexpected things. 


People do unexpected things 


People do unexpected things. 


People do unexpected things

Very unexpected things.




Like what if my sister was no longer kind?

And what if you left my side?

People do unexpected things.

Very unexpected things.

If only I could understand! 


Estelle! Adelia stay here[runs off to retrieve her child]


I want to know more

I want to know how

I want to know what 

I want to know why

But I don’t.

I don’t know anything.

But I see everything 

And it’s right in front of me.

Everything laid out in front of me 

In a straight line in front of me.

If only I can understand why

People do unexpected things

Why do people do unexpected things?




Please save me from my confusion.

Before I make the conclusion; 

Life is all unexpected things 

Life and earth are all

Not the same

Cause when my sky falls 

I will fight it,

Unlike my aunt

I refuse to accept it.

Life is all unexpected things.

Unexpected things.

[she gasps and falls as the light turns off] 


[there is a single light on HAZEL as she holds her daughter close, HAZEL is asleep, Estelle is awake]


everything isn’t about me. It’s about Aunt Ida and Adelia.

[she gets up, going center stage as the lights turn on, And Adelia stands on the balcony.] 


I’m surprised they didn’t leave me and forget me. They should’ve. I would’ve been a lot happier. [she coughs] Why am I not equal?

Adelia: [ghost, on the balcony, whispering.]

Estelle ! You are equal to me. To mom! We are all equal! [she goes and hugs her sister] . 

[Estelle does not hear]


Estelle? Estelle!

Is it better to know?


She can't hear me,

My little sister, 

My own sister can't hear me. 

Either that or she's ignoring me. 

That's a possibility

I wouldn't think she would do that to me. 

Me, her sick sister, 

To never find her mister,

Cause she's bound to die. 

She knows she's going to die. 

I never asked for

Or wanted this

I know soon I shall perish

And here I ask of you

Is it better to be in the know 

Or to be in the dark

Is better to accept 

Or would I regret

The inevitable 

My fate

My horrid fate,

When the sky falls,

When my sky falls

When my very own mother and sisters

Sky falls

Because I'm not here with them. 

Is it better to know

Or not know when it's your time

I could feel it. 

It seemed like i could feel it

But it's nothing

I think i'm dying


I know im dying

When is it my turn

Do i want to know

What I never thought I'd know.

why don't i feel it anymore?

I don't feel my pain

My pain I've learned to hate.

The pain of where i want more,

Give it back.

Give it back.

Give me back my right

To be alive.

Death, why?

What have I done to you?

Why must i

Say goodbye. 

[ADELIA breaks down, screaming.]



[Hazel is trying not to cry as she lays a rose over a sheet.]






Why are we leaving sissy?


Because she's gone.


No, she's right there.


A part of her is, Yes your right.


Did she lose a foot? She has always been the clumsy one. 


She did not lose a foot. Honey, come here.

[Estelle climbs into her mother's lap]

The World Keeps Spinning 


People come, and people go

Sometimes they leave, and the world doesn’t know

You have to move on, you can’t sit and mourn

Because people must die, just as they were born

Some get to grow old, some go far too young

Either way, with us, they no longer walk among

The world keeps spinning without any of us here

The world keeps spinning, there’s no need to fear

The world just keeps spinning, it doesn’t need you or me

The world will keep spinning, eternally

Though Addie’s gone, and it leaves us in pain,

The world couldn’t care either way.

It’ll keep spinning, round and round,

It’ll keep spinning when our time runs out

It just keeps spinning, it’ll be okay 

The world will still spin long after all of our last dying days. 

[Estelle realizes that Adelia’s dead.]


Come now, we need to keep walking. 

[Estelle gets to her feet, followed by Hazel. They begin walking, Hazel coughing every once and awhile.]


[Estelle takes a final glance back to her sister, as Hazel freezes and lights turn off, aside from one on Estelle]


I think i get it, sadly but surely, I think i got it. The sky is starting to fall. The once perfectly blue sky has fallen. No, no it hasn’t fallen, but it's starting to. I wish i could stop it. More than anything. I can be a hero. 

[the light switches to Hazel, everyone still frozen.]


Now I know she doesn’t get it. She's young. Might be a fighter, but a young fighter. [she looks to the sky.] Are you even there anymore? Why can’t you hear? The sky is our last sure thing. Our very last, and it's falling, falling down in a spiral to the ground. I know it's supposed to be for the best, like everything else. But, This time i'm not so sure. If i can get her to safety, She’ll be okay, but hopefully she forgets me.

[lights normal]


Estelle, I don’t mean to be talkative, but we may have made it very close


What do you mean? 


Nothing. Sing us a song.







Nevermind, maybe silence will do


Estelle: Was it a bad song?


Hazel: Of course not.

Estelle: I can sing something else

Hazel: Go ahead. [sighs]

My rainbow


My rainbow up in the sky

It will never fall

A rainbow made of colors

A rainbow like no others.

Because it's the worlds to stand under

To bring us all together

To bring us all together

ITs my rainbow 

It's your rainbow 

Its the worlds rainbow


The whole galaxy's Rainbow!

And we can smile

Finally the world can smile!

Hazel: Where did you hear that?

Estelle: Just made it up. 

Hazel: Well it's great!

Estelle: What would Adelia think?

Hazel: She would love it

Estelle: I know

Hazel: Well, we need to keep walking. Come on now.

[Hazel and Estelle continue walking ]

[lights fade out, ‘grave’ is moved away. lights return] 

Hazel: Come, Estelle. We’re almost there. 

Estelle: Okay, I’m coming. 

[Hazel and Estelle approach a safe area/shelter. Estelle hesitates]

Hazel: Come on now. 

Estelle: I don’t want to. It looks scary.

Hazel: [coughs] Estelle come on

[Estelle doesn’t move]

Hazel: [coughing] Estelle get in here.

Estelle: No.

Hazel: [in the middle of a coughing fit, in between coughs] Estelle, I’m serious. You’re not safe out there.

[Estelle crosses her arms and shakes her head]

Hazel: [uncontrollably coughing, gasping for air, no longer able to speak] 


[Estelle tilts her head, confused]

[Hazel coughs, gasping for air, collapses. Coughing stops as she goes silent]

Estelle: [yelps] Mommy! Mommy, wake up! MOMMY! [sobs]

[Estelle sits down next to Hazel, shaking her.]

Estelle: [crying] Mommy! Wake up! Mommy! [lays her head down on Hazel]

Adelia: [on balcony] It’s okay! Estelle! You’re okay! [cries as she realizes Estelle can’t hear her]

[the lights shut off as Estelle screams, her screams quickly turn into coughing, and then nothing.

Adelia: [holding flashlight below her face] I told you. Mommy couldn’t protect us from what she can’t control. And trying to do so just caused more destruction She should have known. We weren’t untouchable. We were next. The sky has fallen [lights out]


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