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Cariston High Act 1: Scene 2

July 2, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; Faith is the courage to dance to it today."

Fe, Anais, Ray, and Vince headed to English class. Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were heading to Social Studies. The Juniors English was was taught by Raymond Brixtren. He was a really cool teacher, and Ray loved him, not just because he was a good teacher and all. But because they shared the same name. Ray liked anyone named Ray. You see Ray Montages III was named after his father, Ray montages II who had died just 3 years ago in a tour bus accident. Ray's father was apart of the original band, The Suns. Ray remembers his dad giving him his special guitar. These were the last words his father said to him, 'Don't worry, I'll perform with my other guitar. I love you son.: And after his father's tragic death, everyone thought The Suns would be over, but Ray said no. So he got together with the sons of the other band members, Vincent "Vince" Dremari III, Heath Gregory III, and Preston Peters III, who had all lost their dads' So they decided that they would be The Suns, and take their fathers' places.


So anyways, in English class Mr. Brixtren was discussing poetry.

Mr. Brixtren: (reading) so my foot prints are molded into the sand, and as I trace the tide, I can feel your footprint, and I know we'll meet halfway.

*He closes the book*

Mr. Brixtren: Can anyone tell me in their own opinion what they feel when hearing this poem? Anyone?

*Ray raised his hand.*

Mr. Brixtren: Oh, yes, Ray?

Ray: Well Mr. Brixtren, I think it has to do with love, and knowing that you'll see each other, and the deal with the feeling of each other's foot prints it's like having a strong connection. That's how I see it.

Mr. Brixtren: Good Job Ray!

*Ray smiled and sat back in his chair.*

Mr. Brixtren: So. Anyone want to add on to that?

*No one raised their hand*

Mr. Brixtren. Well then, if you would all take out your notes.

*He turned on the projector*

Mr. Brixtren: Today we'll be discussing two poems. "When Flowers Die." and "The Sun's Rays." And speaking of which... Ray you and The Suns were awesome last night!

Ray: No way you were there!?

*Mr. Brixtren smiled*

Mr. Brixtren: Oh yeah, I go out.

*The class began to laugh.*

Mr. Brixtren: What? I'm only 23!

*the class continued to laugh* *except for Fe, Anais, and Vince*

Ray: OK guys, give Mr. Brixtren a break!

*The class stopped laughing*

Mr. Brixtren: Thank you Ray.... OK, moving on. Let's start with "The Sun's Rays."

Mr. Brixtren talked as everyone wrote down in their notebooks, trying to paraphrase every word, to resist getting writers cramp. The Sun's Rays was an extremely radiant poem. It had some sort of motivational message to it. It said "Let the suns rays shine on you and you can be amazing!"

Fe looked at Ray, He was smiling as he was writing every word, which meant he liked it, Ray took out a guitar sticker, and put it near the top, which meant he was gonna write a song based on this poem. "Oh Poetry, it can give you good ideas for Rock songs." Ray once said.

Vince: (tapped on Fe's shoulder) Ray put a guitar sticker on his paper?

Fe: (looking up) Yep.

Vince: Sweet.

and just as the last slide for The Sun's Rays ended, and the last paraphrased word was written, the bell rang.


Mr. Brixtren: OK class. We'll begin with "When Flowers Die" tomorrow. No homework tonight!

*The class cheered*

Fe, Ray, Anais, and Vince waited by the Social Studies room for Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston. When they finally came out they began walking.

Ray: Hey guys. My house after school, I got an idea for a new song.

Heath: Oh really...

*Vince nudged him*

Vince: Guitar sticker, man.

Heath: Oh... OK.

Ray: So can everyone meet at my house.

All: Yep!

The gang headed to the one of the only class they had together... Music. "Oh what joy music brings to the world!" Ray exclaimed.

*They all nodded*

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