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Cariston High Act 1: Scene 3

July 2, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; Faith is the courage to dance to it today."

The music room was a big room with a keyboard, guitar, drums, and bass. It was the biggest room at Cariston next to the dance room. Music was taught by Soraya Caralini, she was a young teacher, about 21, she loved The Suns, so she would always let Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston play with the instruments.

Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston walked into the room, the whole class was there, but Ms. Caralini wasn't there?

Ray: Hey Sloane, where's Ms. Caralini? (He asked Sloane Farrow, who was standing by the drums.)

Sloane: She's coming. She just had to get something from the office.

Sloane Farrow was one of the sweetest girls at Cariston, she was always so pleasant to be around. She had a huge crush on Ben Travis. To bad Stacey Kristine had him wrapped around her finger... well lips if you look at their "relationship"

Fe: Hey Sloane

Sloane: Hey Fe.

Sloane: Hey Ray, you and The Suns were really great last night.

Ray: Thanks Sloane.

*They continued laughing and talking, until they heard someone scream Ray's name*

Voice(s): RAY!!!!!

*Three girls began hugging Ray*

Eleanora Quinsey, Perla Trinity, and Valentine Hartson, three freshmen girls who were practically Ray's fan club.

Ray: Hi girls. um.... I can't breathe.

*The girls released Ray's waist*

Eleanora: Sorry Ray.

Ray: (laughing) It's OK... Hey confession time. Now did you girls run up on to the stage last night, and try to take off my shirt?

*The girls gave each other shocked looks*

Perla: It was Eli's idea! (She pointed at Eleanora)

Eleanora: (shocked) Perla!!

Valentine: I had nothing to do with it...

Eleanora: (scowling) Oh please Val, you were the one who tried to take off his shirt!

Valentine: I'm sorry I can't help it! He's just sooo YUMMY!

*The girls hugged Ray again, they began unbuttoning his shirt*

Fe: (noticing) Uh girls, what are you're doing?

Eleanora: Oh Hi Fe.... *She released Ray's shirt*

*Ray's shirt was half way open, you could see his abs peeking through*

Fe: You're trying to take Ray's shirt off... I want in!!!

Fe hugged Ray, and she successfully opened his shirt.

*Eleanora, Perla, and Valentine went crazy.*

*Vince ran over to see what was going on*

Vince: Ray, dude, ya didn't tell me we're gonna do "Baby Tell Me"!!!

*Without hesitation Vince unbuttoned his shirt*

*Ray shrugged and grabbed the guitar*

*Vince followed behind and grabbed the bass*

Ray: Heath! Preston! C'mon guys! were doing "Baby Tell Me"

Heath: Yes! (He ran over to the drums)

*Preston ran to the keyboard*

*They began playing, and Ray and Vince began singing*

*And when they danced, all the girls in the room went crazy*

*Some of the guys were rolling there eyes*

*Well who would blame 'em, the girls that they had crushes on going crazy for a guy who already had a girlfriend, who by the way went into a frenzy when Ray went into the most sexiest falsetto voice.*

*Just as they finished and Ray and Vince began buttoning their shirts up, Ms. Caralini walked in.*

Ms. Caralini: Hi class! Sorry I'm late, I had to talk to Principal Sparkrens.

*She looked at Ray and the others*

Ms. Caralini: Were you guys playing something?

Ray: Yes. we were playing "Baby Tell Me."

Ms. Caralini: Ooh, good song, I saw your guy's concert last night, you were amazing!

Ray: Aw. Thanks Ms. C

*Ms. Caralini smiled*

Ms. Caralini: Well if you boys we'll take a seat, so I can get class started

*Ray, Vince, Heath, and Preston took a seat with the rest of the class*

Ms. Caralini: Alright class, today were gonna watch a video.

*The class cheered*

Anais: What movie are we watching Ms. C?

Ms. Caralini: Oh just a little documentary...

*The class groaned*

Ms. Caralini: It's a documentary on Rock Legends.

*The class got excited again*

The documentary was actually very good, it had the big name's such as Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones, then there was some bands who were only known in there own area. And this was a surprise... They showed The Suns, no not Ray Montages III, but his father... It showed all The Suns performances. And then for some shocking reason, it showed the crash that killed The Suns.

*Fe looked at Ray, who had his hand on his forehead, luckily he wasn't looking at the screen. A tear rolled down his cheek. He looked up, and on the screen it showed his father lying dead on the ground.

News Reporter: The beloved Cariston City band The Suns tour bus crashed on the Coyer Bridge, the band was just heading home from their benefit concert in Galancey. Paramedics have found one of the band members.... The News Reporter didn't say anything for awhile... There was a beep in his ear. It's just in, paramedics have found lead singer/guitarist Ray Montages II. He has been reported... Dead.

*Ray was crying harder, he furiously raised his hand.*

Ms. Caralini: Yes Ray?

Ray: Ms. C can I use the restroom?

Ms. Caralini: Sure.

*Ray briskly walked out of the room*

*Ms. Caralini looked at Fe, then she looked at Vince, Heath, and Preston, who were all crying.*

*She looked at the screen. She then had a shocked look on her face, without hesitation she turned off the TV.*

Ms. Caralini: Class I gotta talk with Principal Sparkrens, talk quietly amongst yourselves. She rushed out of the room.*

*Everyone began talking.*

*Salome Ericsson tapped Fe's shoulder*

Salome: Hey Fe. what's wrong with Ray?

Fe: Ray... Raymond doesn't really like anyone to talk about it.

Salome: About what?

Salome Ericsson. She was a very sweet girl, just like Sloane, which made sense since they were best friends. But she was very naive.

Fe: His father's death. (She gave Salome a Hello, where have you been? sorta look)

It was true Ray did not like talking about his fathers death. It was too painful to think about. and seeing it probably just made things worse.

The bell rang, Ms. Caralini came back just as the class was picking up their things.*

Ms. Caralini: Class dismissed

Fe, Vince, Anais, Heath, Parker, Preston, and Sutton walked down the hall. They stopped by the restrooms

Vince: I'm going to see if Ray's alright

All (except Vince): OK.

*Vince walked in*

Vince: Ray? Ray? Raymond?!!

Ray: in here (he choked from one of the shower rooms.)

Vince opened the curtains. Ray was hunched over, his face in his hands, the shower was running, and Ray was getting drenched*

Vince: Ray! (He turned the water off, then he sat next to his best friend.)

Vince: Ray, are you OK?

Ray: I don't feel good.

*Vince got up and grabbed a towel from one of the lockers. He then made Ray stand up and gave him the towel. Ray hesitantly wrapped it around his shoulders.

Vince: C'mon man. Let's get you out of here

*They stepped out of the restroom.*

Fe: (totally shocked) Raymond! What happened???

*Vince explained the whole thing.*

After that Ray was taken to the nurse. He gotta a cold pretty fast.

*Vince was with him. Ray got a pass to go home.*

Vince: Hey Ray, do you need a ride home?

Ray: Ugh, no man. I'm just gonna call my mom, see if she can pick me up.

Vince: (confused) didn't you drive today?

Ray: No. My cousin, Vanya had to borrow my car. I rode with Fe today.

Vince: OK. Suit yourself.

*He walked away so Ray could talk to his mom in private.*

Ray: (on the phone) hello, mom. Hi, um can you pick me up from school? I'm not feeling good. The nurse gave me a pass to go home..... OK, thanks mom. I'll see ya in a bit.

*Ray walked back over where the others were standing.*

*He opened his locker*

Fe: Ya leaving babe?

Ray: Yeah. My mom's coming to pick me up.

Fe: Oh. OK. You sure? school's almost over, we only have Art left.

Ray: Nah. I wanna go home.

Fe: OK.

Ray: What homework do we have?

Vince: Um, that worksheet in Social Studies, and... I think that's it.

*Anais grabbed her agenda out of her purse, she looked*

Anais: yep that's it.

*Ray grabbed his Social Studies book, and folder. Then he grabbed his book bag.*

*Ray walked to the front doors, the others followed him.*

*It was 2 minutes later when his mom pulled into the parking lot.*

Ray: bye guys. See ya later.

All: Bye Ray.

*They waved*

*The bell rang, and they headed to the last class of the day art.*

(In Ray's mom's car)

Reyna-Jean: Is everything alright Raymond?

*Ray shook his head.*

Ray: I'll tell you when we get home.

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