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Cariston High Act 2: Scene 2

July 3, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were all sitting in Ray's basement er, Band room.
*Ray had out his special notebook, and his special pen. He also had his English notes out.*
Vince: Alright! So what does The Great Ray Montages III have for us???
Ray: Vince? The GREAT Ray Montages III???
Vince: Dude! I worship you! Ray your HOT!
Ray: (He had a disturbed look on his face) Thanks Vince.... I think your Hot too....
Heath: OK... Moving On! So Ray what have you got for us?
*Ray handed Heath his English notes*
Ray: Read the first paragraph of the Poem.
Heath: (Reading) Ray's of Sun shine upon you. Struck by lightning, and soon the sun will die, but it's rays will redeem it... *He continued to read in silence. Then he put the paper down.* That is the most beautiful thing I ever read.
Ray: OK, So I was thinking we could do something with a lot of screaming guitar, and killer bass.
Vince: OK show us Ray!
*Ray grabbed his guitar and plugged it into its amp.*
*He began strumming, making the guitar scream. But something came over him.*
Ray: Oh Gosh!
*He had this sad look on his face*
Vince: Ray are you OK man?
*Ray set his guitar down*
Ray: I don't know. I just can't play right now. When I got home and I was in my room I started playing, but then something came over for me, and it was too painful to play.... I think the reason is for seeing my father's death.
*The others gasped*
Fe: Raymond? Babe.... You never talk about your father's death!
Vince: Yeah Ray! This is not like you!
*Ray flopped down on the couch*
Ray: I... I don't know what came over me... and to tell you guys the truth. That was the first time I saw my dad's death. When it did actually happen, I remember my mom telling me, "Raymond, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your father has died." And I think actually seeing it made things worse... And...
*He began to cry*
*Fe sat next to him. She put her arm around his shoulder, and try to calm him down*
Fe: Shhh... It's OK. Want me to sing to you?
*Ray sniffed and nodded his head*
Fe: (singing) I'll shelter to you... from your pain... Don't you cry don't shed a tear.... I am hear. And I will hold you, in my arms, and so, don't cry, I am here... (she finished)
*Ray grabbed her waist*
Ray: I love it when you sing to me
*He gave her a light kiss*
Ray: You know I feel much better now!
*Ray jumped up, and grabbed his guitar.
Vince: (looking at Fe) Wow Fe! Your singing fixed him!
*He then turned to Anais*
Vince: Hey Anais, maybe when I'm feeling sad, you can sing to me.
Anais: (laughing) psh... I can't sing... But if your ever feeling sad Vince, I can perform my lyrical routine for you.
*He smiled*
Vince: Oh. that's right! I forget my girlfriend's The Dancer!
*He kissed her on the lips, and then she she did a ballet turn, and ended with a Plie.*
Vince: Beautiful!
*Anais smiled*
*They continued listening to Ray. Then he finished.*
Ray: So what do you guys think?
Vince: That was killer Ray! Absolutely killer!
Ray: OK then. Vince grab your bass.
*Vince got up and grabbed his bass*
Ray: Alright Vince. I want some fire from that bass, make it hot man!
Vince: Oh you know I how I do!
Ray: OK you start us out.
*Vince began playing, and Ray followed behind him.*
Ray: (calling Heath and Preston) Heath get over to those drums and make them sizzle! and Preston you better make that keyboard jam!
*Heath and Preston jumped up and headed to their designated instrument.*
*Finally they all began playing.*
*And it didn't take Ray long to begin singing.*
Ray: (singing) Sun Shine... redeemed by the rays... sunlight... take me away. For years I have been dying every night. And I feel alive....
*In the chorus, Ray went into his sexy falsetto voice.*
Ray: (singing) Sun Rays redeem me... Save me from the devil, Oooooh, Sun Rays... your my only hope... You make me smile, and I know that you'll redeem ME!!! (it was the highest he had gone.)
*Then he went into a screaming guitar solo.*
*He then went back to the chorus. And finished with his guitar screaming.*
*Fe and the other girls cheered. Fe ran up to Ray and kissed him right on the lips*
Fe: Now that was some serious sexy falsetto voice!
Ray: (smiling) thanks babe!
*Ray turned to the guys*
Ray: So what do you guys think?
Vince: That was killer man... and that guitar solo! I did not see that coming!
*Ray smiled*
After that everyone left. Fe was the last to go.
Ray: (pulling Fe closer to him) Do you have to go?!
Fe: Well the night's still young... and my mom says that it'll be OK for us to go out tonight.
Ray: Oh! OK do you wanna see a movie? or we can take a walk in the park?
Fe: lets take a walk in the park.
*They smiled at each other. Then they headed out.*

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