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Cariston High Act 4: Scene 1

July 17, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Fe, Ray, Anais, Vince, Parker, Heath, Sutton, and Preston were all at Ray's house down in the Band Room practicing for
"The Summer blast All Boy Concert Talent Show" They were practicing all their hit songs. They had to choose 2 to perform
Ray: So guys what 2 songs are we going to perform?
Vince: OK. what songs did we perform last year?
Ray: We performed "Perfect Life" and "Baby Tell Me."
Vince: Ah. Yes "Baby Tell Me." Was our real key to success
Ray: Haha, yes it was... But we have to do something different.
Heath: We can do "Sun Rays" and another song.
Ray: Yeah! We could do "Sun Rays" but what other song are we gonna do?
Vince: Well we can do a song that we haven't done. Oh. I don't think we ever done "Sun Bandit."
Ray: Yeah! So we'll do "Sun Rays" and "Sun Bandit."
Vince; OK. well let's start practicing Suns!
*The boys began practicing. They practiced for an hour. Fe and the other girls had to leave.*
Fe: Ray I'm going to call you when I get home. Don't go to bed late. K babe.
Ray: K babe. (He set his guitar down.)
Ray: Fe wait! Let me drive ya home.
Fe: OK. But don't you want to practice.
Ray: Nah. The Talent Show isn't til July.... I wanna spend time with MY girl!
Fe: (eyes sparkling) OH Raymond.
*They got in Ray's car, and drove to Fe's house.*
*They said Hi to Fe's mom. Then they went down to the basement.*
Fe: So why'd you want to come over?
Ray: OK. So our anniversary is tomorrow. right?
Fe: Right! June 3. It was the first day we started dating.
Ray: and we've been dating for 3 years. right?
Fe: Yeah. You wanting to tell me something Raymond?
Ray: Well I love you so much, that... You'll have to wait til tomorrow.
Fe: OK. Now come over here.
*Ray moved over to the couch. He grabbed Fe and pulled her onto his lap. His lap was very happy to see her. It only take them 2 seconds to start making out. and it was a steamy one if you ask.*
*Ray left an hour later. Fe stayed in the basement until midnight, then she finally went to bed.*
*She dreamed what Ray was going to give her for her anniversary.*
Fe got up that morning. It was just going to be just her and Ray. They were going on a walk in a the park. Then they were gonna go to their favorite fancy restaurant.
*They had just finished their dinner and were back in the park
Fe: This is so much fun Ray.
Ray: Thanks babe!.... I love you.
Fe: (blushing) I love you too!... So what did you want to give me?
*Ray with out hesitation took out a small black velvet box. He opened it before Fe could say anything.*
inside was a silver ring with a diamond shaped like a heart. Ray took it out of its case.
Fe: Raymond.... is that a...?
Ray: Yes. Babe. This is a promise ring.... I know this might be sudden, but someday I want to marry you.
*Fe looked at the ring as Ray put it on her left ring finger. She then looked over at Ray's hand, he had on a ring just as similar. And Fe had to say that Ray looked extra sexy with that ring on his left ring finger.*
*Fe looked at the ring and sighed*
Fe: Raymond.... It's beautiful!
*Ray smiled.*
Ray: So do you accept the offer. That one day will get married. And that we'll be together forever, because I love you Felicitas Selena Rose. I would never leave you. I know we our great together. And I'm really ready for this type of commitment, and I hope you are too.
*Fe said nothing for a while. And without warning him, she began kissing him passionately. He began kissing her back. Ray knew that this was a definite YES!*
*They continued kissing passionately. But some boys from Dayton Academy started whistling at them. Ray gave them a cold look. The boys stopped laughing and walked away.*
*Ray rolled his eyes and turned to Fe.*
Ray: Come on babe let's go to the meadow.
Fe: OK.
*Without hesitation Ray picked up Fe. holding her close in his arms. Fe wrapped her arms around Ray's neck.*

*Ray carried her to a nearby meadow. It was their secret place. The sun glowed bright on millions of gorgeous flowers.*
*Ray set her down gently among some lilacs. He sat down next to her watching her lie beautifully amongst the flowers. He grabbed some of the lilacs, and started twisting them forming a crown perfect for his girlfriend's head.*
*He showed her it as she sat up and smiled delightfully. He set the crown on her head.*
Ray: Amongst all these flowers... You're the most beautiful Rose ever.
*Fe giggled hearing him use her last name.*
*Fe looked down at her shoes. And without hesitation she took them off, bearing her beautiful feet.*
*She lie down again. Ray smiled at the sight. He didn't hesitate to lie down right next to her.
*Ray brushed his hand gently across her face. He kissed her gently then began singing her lullaby, "Angel of my Rays."
Ray: (Singing) Sun rays glow on her face, Oh so, beautifully... I feel like I might be on Cloud 9. Ooh, stay with me Angel, I'll kiss you hold you, Love you.... Stay with me Angel... of my Rays. I can stop looking at your face, your the most beautiful thing I see.... Every site I see is you. I swear I'm looking at an Angel that come from the sun...
*Fe joined in.*
Fe: (Singing) And I'll be Your Angel, forever... Hold me tight, kiss me well, I need you next to me... because this Angel of Roses, needs some Sun Rays....
Ray: (singing) oh baby....
Together singing: And We'll always be together, now and forever, love in perfect harmony. Singing sweet Melodies of the Angel and her Rays. And I could never imagine being with someone else, but you....
*Fe stopped singing. But Ray continued.*
Ray: (singing) Stay with me Angle, I'll kiss you, hold you, Love you... Stay with me Angel.... of my Rays...
*He finished. He immediately grabbed Fe's face and pulled her in for a kiss.*
*They kissed passionately for an hour. Then Ray began chasing Fe through the meadow.*
*He lifted her up and spun her around.*
*Fe felt like she was flying.*
*They kissed passionately. They stayed there to watch the stars. and dance a little (no music but Ray sang) and they kissed some more. It wasn't a make out session, no the meadow was Sacred Fe and Ray Romantic Love Ground. The kissing had to remain passionate and romantic.*
Ray: I...
Fe: Love...
Together: You
Together:(singing) I Love You.
*They kissed again.*

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