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Untitled (Let's Just Call it Talon Part II)

December 12, 2012
By NiklausMikaelson1864 SILVER, Southwest Harbor, Maine
NiklausMikaelson1864 SILVER, Southwest Harbor, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"Please note that I am saying this as I twirl my metaphorical mustache." ~Talon McCallister

(She nods, then glances around and moves through the crowd)

Talon: Seriously?

(He follows her to the locker room door, and puts his hand out so she runs into it)

Talon: They thought it was cute.

Galina: It was embarresing

Talon: C’mon, don’t be such a pessimist. So now answer my question: Why don’t you talk?

(She sets her shoulders.)

Talon: Fine. We’ll just stand here until you give me an answer. And you don’t want to be a practice skipper, now do you?

(Kia and Logan walk up behind them)

Kia: Ahem...

Logan: Um...yeah. First, what are you doing here? Second, why are you interrogating our Galina, and third...

(glances at Kia)

Logan:...yeah, I don’t have a third. You?

Kia: Nope...wait, yeah I do.

(turns to Talon)

Kia: Can you move so we can get in the locker room, please?

Talon:(still looking at Galina) Not until you give me an answer.

Logan: To what?

Talon: Why she doesn’t talk.

(The two exchange glaces)

Kia: That’s none of you buisness, McCallister. Now move before I sue you for harrasment.

(She grabs Galina’s arm and pulls her to the locker room.) [Scene changes to track practice.]

Kia- God, that guy's such a tool.

Logan- I don't know....he's hot at least.

Kia- Logan, seriously?

Galina- Guys. Cut it out.

Together- What?

Galina- Just drop it. He's a weirdo little...child. I don't want to think about it.

(After practice, she walks to her car. Talon sees her from behind the stadium, where he was smoking, and runs and jumps in the passenger side.)

Talon: Shotgun!

(She jumps and flattens herself against the car door.)

Talon: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm the good guy. You're the one who doesn't talk to anyone.

(She looks at him like he’s insane.)

Talon: All I want is an answer. Are you absolutely positive you didn't get that from me singing, and my stalking you through the school? Why don’t you talk?

(She’s silent for a minute)

Galina: Why do you care? What makes you think you can just come up to me and start asking personal questions, like why I don’t talk. Maybe I don’t talk because I’m shy, or maybe there’s another reason, but is that any of your business? No! I’m not some special needs person, some retard who doesn’t understand what people are saying to me. I hear you loud and clear, but you can be sure of one thing, I am not just handing my life story over to some delinquent stalker.

Talon: Well, it's nice to know what you think of me.I thought you'd be different.

(He gets out of her car and walks away. She sits there in silence, her breath fast, then shakes her head and drives away)

[ scene change. Talon's house.]

(there's a message on the answering machine.)

Talon's Dad- Hey, just checking in. The House has bogged me down again...I'll try to make it home soon. Bye.

Talon- That's what you said last year, too. (Rolls his eyes and goes to his room.)

Talon(voiceover) Maybe he was the reason I did all that crap. The smoking and whatnot. He wasn't there to give me that disappointed look. Though even that would've been welcome.

(next day at school)

(kia, logan, and Galina are walking to class, something is making Galina upset, and she’s telling them.)

Kia: ...I’m telling you, Galina, if he ever makes you feel like that again, I will personally go up and tell him what’s up.

(Galina shakes her head.)

Galina: No, you don’t have to...

Logan: Kia’s right Galina. We’re your friends, and we’re not just going to watch while he makes you feel like this.

(They see Talon walk past, and they skirt around him)

Kia: What the heck is your problem, dude?

Talon (jumps back, startled. Looks at Galina.) Now you’re sending Barbie One and Barbie Two after me?

Logan- Oh, no he didn’t.

Galina- Come on. Leave him alone. (They glare at him and walk away.)

Talon (calling after them)- That’s right! Go torture someone else with your crappy perfume! (Sneezes)


(He walks behind Galina, who is heading to class. Kia and Logan branch off. He turns to greet a friend, then hears a loud noise. Galina is thrown against a locker by Darren, the captain of the football team.)

Darren- What’s wrong, Galina? Cat got your tongue? (Slams her into the locker again.)

(Galina doesn’t say anything)

(Talon takes Darren by the shoulder and jerks him back.)

Talon- What the hell is wrong with you? She hasn’t done a single thing to deserve this.

Darren- Stay out of this, McCallister.

Talon- To hell I will! (Sinks fist into Darren’s gut.)

(Galina runs away. Crowd gathers. Start to chant.)

(Talons grabs him and knocks his head into the locker)

Talon- How does that feel? I just feel bad you’re losing even more brain cells. (Teacher pulls them apart.)

Teacher- Both of you, office. Now. (Talon shoves him away and stalks to the office.)

*Scene* (Galina is in the bathroom, crying. Logan walks in, and rushes to her side.)

Logan- What happened?

Galina- Darren...and Talon...they. (She can’t finish, and starts sobbing.)

(Logan hugs her shoulders.)

Logan-I’m going to kill them. Did they hurt you?

Galina- Darren shoved me against a locker.

Logan-...and what about Talon?

Galina(whispers)-He punched Darren.

(Logan nods)

Logan-Are you hurt?

Galina-My head.

Logan-Okay, come on, lets go find the nurse. And then I need to go talk to the principal.

Galina- Logan, no!

Logan-There is no way I’m just going to let him keep doing this to you. He’s a bully!

Galine-But if you tell, he’ll hurt me even more.

Logan- Galina, I...

(Galina gives her a desperate look)

Logan- I... won’t tell. C’mon, we’re going to be late to class.

*Scene* Galina’s house, she’s in her room practicing, obviously still upset.

(Talon is walking in the neighborhood, and sees her in her window. He walks up to her door and rings the doorbell. She hears it, and puts her violin down. After a minute, she goes down and opens the door)

Talon:Hey, just wanted to make sure you were okay.

(She doesn’t say anything)

Talon: Look, about earlier, that doesn't happen often, does it? Because that’s pretty messed up.

(She looks at her feet.)

Talon:Wait, it happens all the time... doesn't it? (Talon shakes his head.) And all this time I haven't noticed.

Galina: People see what they want to.

Talon: Well, Galina if you talk to people, you won't have to be ignored anymore.(Takes a step forward) I won't let that happen to you ever again. It's not right.

Galina- Why are you talking to me all of a sudden?

Talon (thoughtfully)- I’d like to know that myself.

Galina- Well, you are practically stalking me.

Talon- I have social issues. Excuse me.

(Galina shakes her head)

Galina- Well, in answer to your question, I’m fine. Satisfied?

Talon- Yeesh. Yeah, whatever. Go write in your diary about what a horrible person I am.

(Talon walks away. As he passes by an alley, two guys that are drinking start talking to him)

Jerk-off 1- Hey, did you dump your girl?

Jerk-off 2- Did she not put out or something?

Talon (rolls his eyes)- You don’t want to go there tonight, trust me.

Jerk-off 1- Ooh, tough guy. (Shoves him into the wall.)

Talon- I mean it, man.

Jerk-off 2- I think you misread him. He’s just a little marshmallow.

Talon- No, but if you two don’t shut up, you’re going to be eating marshmallows out of your ears.

(J-O 2 shoves him again.) Jerk-off 1- Is that a threat, pretty boy?

Talon- No, it’s a promise. (He grabs him and slams his head into the wall. J-O 2 grabs his from behind, and Talon whips around and punches him.) I warned you. I told you to stop. And did you? No. Because you two are idiots. (Hits them again. By now, blood is running down their faces. Talon appears to be unharmed.)

Jerk-off 2- (Pleading)- Please, man. We were just messing with you.

Talon- And I told you not to. (Kicks him in the gut. A policeman runs up *he was on patrol*)

Policeman- Hey, kid that’s enough. (Grabs Talon by the arm) You’re coming with me.

*Scene* (Talon is at the police station. His probation officer, Dave, sits across from him.)

Dave- What was it this time? Gang fight?

Talon- I told you I don’t do any of that crap, David.

Dave- Call me Dave.

Talon- What do you want, David? Revoke my probation? Maybe that means Shannon or Dad will finally show up.

Dave- Ah. I see what’s going on. This is you acting out.

Talon- No, this is two drunks who decided to mess with me.

Dave- Talon, I can see right through you. I know you hate your Dad for leaving. Especially when it means that you have to stay with me.

Talon- Spare me the ‘daddy issues’ conversation. I get enough of it at school.

Dave- Darren?

Talon- And others.

(Dave raises his eyebrows in a silent question.)

Dave: Do you want to talk about it?

Talon: Like hell I do.

(Dave sighs)

Talon: Are we done?

The author's comments:
So, everyone has been nagging at me to post this next piece. So I did. Enjoy. Let me clarify that this is the first draft. I am working on a new plot line, and hope to share it shortly.

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