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Story of Revenge

March 21, 2015
By The_Typist_ SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
The_Typist_ SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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Before I say a word, a word about myself.
I’m known throughout the world as a master storyteller. I have been far and wide, telling stories both fictional and factual. What is my name?
You needn’t know that.


My story begins in a fictional land called the Isles. The Isles were divided by two clans, the Union Febs, and the Rilu Micks. Among these clans, lived two families, the Diarmadas and the Raynotts.
It’s not hard to guess who came from where, but I’ll tell you, since some of you are unfamiliar with the Isles and their inhabitants. The Diarmadas came from the Micks and the Raynotts from the Febs.
For as long as anyone could remember, the Diarmadas and the Raynotts had been neighbors and for just as long, a certain animosity was shown for one another.
The Diarmada family was a family of 4, with Felix as the oldest, then came Joseph, Peter and Bridie.
Every day, it was Felix’s job to work over at the Raynott farm. An agreement was made, that no harm would come to Felix or his family as long as he was working there. Instead, he was paid plentifully.
As odd as it sounds, this agreement held out for quite some time. Felix worked hard and honestly, the Diarmadas were safe and all was well.
The changes came slowly and it took Felix a while to realize they were there and, as all arguments seem to do, it started with money.


Felix: pounds angrily on the table, making Bridie jump
This is the third time I’ve been mispaid!


Bridie: How much do you get?

Felix: Fifty turo. And over the past three days, I’ve been mispaid 5T. I now have 35T in my possession. Those blasted Raynotts!

Bridie stares at Felix in confusion, when Peter and Joseph enter the room

Joseph: They got the crops. The only blinkin crops this year, and it’s gone.

Felix sits gaping at his brother when Peter sits down

Peter: I saw ‘em. The blond one, he come over with his knife and barrel and he start hacking away at it.

Felix groans and puts his head in his hands

Felix: No, no, no, Jesus Mary and Joseph no

All four of them sit in silence, letting the facts sink in

Peter: We could fight back?


Felix: No, that’ll only create a war


Peter: We’ve already got one

Felix: The courts

Joseph: Are you mad? The courts?


A week later,The Diarmada household is suffering. After the court order, Felix was fired and the Raynotts were evicted


At 9:30pm, a banging is heard from outside.

Blond Raynott: Felix! We know you’re in there!

Felix glances towards the door, but makes no move to get up

Raynott: You might lose your house, Diarmada

Felix flings open the door, anger boiling out of him

Felix: As I recall, you already lost yours

Raynott swings a punch at Felix, to which Felix easily moves away. 

Felix: Why are you punching me? Last I checked, I didn’t cheat my neighbor 15T

Raynott: Neighbor? Dear God. You had me evicted!

Felix: But thats no excuse for cheating someone. You cheated me and got your punishment. I, however, did nothing to deserve being cheated

The two stand eye to eye, staring the other one down until Raynott spins on his heel and marches off
Felix contemplates running after him when Joseph grabs him


Joseph: Let him go, he’ll get whats coming


Joseph had gone and found the new Raynott house, where he tied all the laundry together in one big ball. Next he had slung mud all over the house, on top of which he had put in big letters;

You Go Through Me Before My Family
-Joseph Diarmada

The author's comments:

It's based off real events, you just have to be smart to get the gist 

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