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The Boy and The Frog

June 22, 2015
By TheDolphin ELITE, Iloilo, Other
TheDolphin ELITE, Iloilo, Other
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Boy:    I haven't heard you croaking after the rain.
Frog:   We can't sing a song, we are in pain.
Boy:    What happened? Are all of you sick?
Frog:   Yes, certainly, poisons and wounds made us weak.
Boy:    But how? Who did this thing?
Frog:   Creatures who look like you- the human being!
Boy:    Whay have they done wrong?
Frog:   They let us breathe pesticides, sprayed in their crops.
          They badly injured us as we are captured in their traps.
          They catch us to be their pets, but treat ys like pests.
          They even dissect our bodies and use these for their tests.
Boy:    I'm sorry. I think they don't mean to hurt you.
Frog:   It's not an excuse. Our number is already few!
Boy:    I believe you are millions, yet I can rarely see you now.
Frog:   Because most of us were killed, and luckily, some got freed somehow.
Boy:    I suppose you are hiding in your houses?
Frog:   We have no homes anymore, they were devastated.
          The rivers, ponds, and ricefields are totally converted,
          Into bridges of steel and buildings touching the sky.
          So how can we live blissfully if men want us to die?
Boy:    I don't eant you to vanish. Humans need frogs.
          Who will be eating deadly insects and ravaging bugs?
Frog:   But men can't see our value, can't feel our worth.
          We shall keep a distance from them; give them a wide berth.
Boy:   Oh please, tell me what shall I do to restore frogs?
Frog:  Humans are selfish, they only think of their own.
         They are living unconscious; too deaf to hear our moan.
         They are unaware to see us frogs suffering
         So they need to wake up, they need an awakening.
Boy:   I will start an action now to kindle each soul,
         Feeding each dormant mind the importance of this goal.
Frog:  I'm glad to hear that from you. Thank you my friend.
         May you save the frogs before it is the end.

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