May 17, 2016
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                          Gossip Gala

                        (How one little rumor can spread fast)


Setting: High School 

Characters: Random students from school

***At Lunch***

Chrissie: Hey, Sal did you hear about what happened to Katherine the other day?

Sal: No, tell me

Chrissie: Ok, but you didn’t hear it from me. I heard that she got detention because she talked back to the teacher in English class and tried to correct her.

Sal: Oh wow, and you know how Mrs. Sanders doesn’t like to be corrected. And you know it has to be bad if Katherine did it.

***Later in Math class**


Sal: Hey Max did you hear about what happened to Katherine the other day?

Max: No what happened

Sal: She bad mouthed the teacher during the lesson and Mrs. Sander’s failed her on that test we had to take. So she got sent to detention and she has to take the class again.

Max: No way! She failed her on the test because of that?
Sal: Yeah but don’t tell anyone else, and you didn’t get this information from me.

**Later during Max’s phone call at home**

Max: Yeah dude, hey guess what?

Friend: What?

Max: I heard that Katherine slapped Mrs. Sanders in English class the other day and called her every foul word she could think of during the lesson. Mrs. Sander’s expelled her for a week I think.

Friend: Dude no way!


Max: That’s what I said when I heard about it!

***The next day at school***

John: Hey, where’s Katherine? She was supposed to help me present our science project.


Peter: I’m not sure…. Oh you know what? Maybe she’s not here since she was expelled the other day.


John: Huh? For what?


Peter: For throwing her textbook at the teacher and calling her names during class. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard someone say that she was moving away.


John: Wow! I didn’t hear about that man. Where is she moving?


Peter: I’m not sure exactly.


**Later in English**


Peter: Josefina did you hear about what happened to Katherine?


Josefina: No what?


Peter: I heard that she threw a brick at Mrs. Sanders then she got kicked out of the school. Now she’s secretly moving to Canada because she’s in hiding from the police.


Josefina: Oh no! That is terrible! I hope she is ok, she was one of my best friends.

***The next day at school****


Sierra: Katherine! You’re back! But shouldn’t you be hiding?


Katherine: Huh? What do you mean hiding?


Sierra (whispering): You know, from the FBI. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me…. And the entire school. (Mutters to herself) And the reporters, magazines, and the people who watch the news on television.


Katherine: Sierra what are you talking about? I was out sick yesterday.


Sierra (winking): Sure you were. It’s ok really Katherine, we won’t tell anyone outside of the school.


Katherine: Are you ok? I have no idea what you are talking about at all!


Sierra (rolls eyes): You knocked Mrs. Sanders unconscious with a brick and she recovered the next day. That’s when she called the cops on you and you flew out to China to go in hiding. Now the FBI is looking for you. Does that ring a bell?


Katherine: Sierra, I’m going to say this really slow ok? I. Was. Out. Sick. Yesterday! I don’t know what you mean by me throwing a brick at Mrs. Sanders and hiding from cops.


Sierra (eyes opening in alarm): Wait, so you mean you actually were out sick yesterday? Uh oh….

The author's comments:

This script is quite humurous, but it has a moral to it as well. One rumor can lead to another and when that happens... Trouble stirs

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