May 25, 2016
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(Moral- What actually makes you popular?)

Katherine: Cassidy, let’s just take a chance today and sit over there.

Cassidy: Over where?

Katherine (rolls eyes): At the popular table. (Uses her fingers as quotations)

Cassidy: Why should we? They don’t huddle up and decide to sit with us. They are all to themselves so let’s just sit at our usual table.

Katherine: You can sit at our regular table, but today I feel daring. I am going to sit at the popular table. (Starts walking)

Cassidy (sighs): Fine, I’m coming.

(At the Popular table)

(Katherine puts food tray on the table and takes a seat. Everyone at the table stares surprisingly at Katherine and Cassidy. Cassidy nervously takes a seat beside Katherine and awkwardly takes a sip of her water)

Katherine: Hi! How’s it going? I’m Katherine and this is my friend Cassidy. (Points toward Cassidy) We just wanted to say hi and get to know each other better. (Points toward a cheerleader: Karen) Hey aren’t you in my history class? Yeah! I remember when we both was sent to the principal’s office for laughing out in class.

Karen (looking confused): I actually do not know who you are. (Unapologetically) sorry. (Looks at friend and smirks)

Katherine (looking embarrassed) : Oh well, it’s ok. So, um…. What do you guys want to talk about now?

Karen (standing up and grabbing tray with her friends): Well, you and your friend Cassidy can talk, we were just leaving.

(Everybody except Cassidy and Katherine leaves the table and laughs loudly)

Cassidy: See, this is why I told you that we should have stayed at our own table.

Katherine: Yeah, but I still want to get to know them better. Hey I’m going to the mall later after school today, do you want to come with?

Cassidy: Nah, I have homework and chores to do. Maybe some other time.

Katherine: Ok

(The next day at school; lunch time)

Cassidy (Talking to herself while looking around) :Where is Katherine?

(Cafeteria door flies open and Katherine walks in. Everyone stares and gasps as she makes her way to the lunch line. She grabs a tray and places food on it. After she pays she makes her way to the Cassidy. She is wearing a tan blazer with on top of a cream colored t-shirt with rhinestones; along with a black skirt that reaches her knees. Her shoes are shiny cream colored heels and her curly hair is straightened out and hangs past her shoulders.)

Cassidy: What on earth are you wearing? You look like…. Like…. (Gasps)

Katherine: Like who? The popular peeps? Yeah I know.

Cassidy: I wouldn’t try to follow in their footsteps if I were you. They look older than what they actually are and act older as well. They get in trouble a lot and blame it on each other.

Katherine: You know what Cassidy? I don’t care anymore. They might not be as bad as you say, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Cassidy (mutter to herself): What about its report card then?

Karen (walks up to Katherine and smiles.): Hey, aren’t you in my history class? Remember when we got sent to the principal’s office that time we were laughing and making jokes during the whole lesson? That was the bomb!

Katherine: Yeah, I know right! We have to do that again!

Karen: Cool clothes and hair by the way.

Katherine: Thanks

Karen: Do you want to come sit with us?

Katherine: Yeah sure!

Cassidy: Hey what about me?

Katherine: Oh, yeah… um…. Well can’t you just sit at our usual table?

Cassidy (angrily): Yeah! I will do that, I hope you have fun with your new friends! (Storms off to her usual table)

(A week later at lunch)

(Cassidy walks over to her usual table)


Katherine (yelling):  Hey! Cassidy wait up!

(Cassidy speedily walks to the table ignoring Katherine’s calls. Katherine is now wearing her normal clothes and hair again)

Katherine (Finally catching up): Hey, look I just wanted to say sorry. And you were right. The popular peeps are terrible.

Cassidy: I’m glad you realized that, now if you excuse me I’m going to go to my usual table and eat by myself. Unlike you, I don’t need other people to make me happy or cool.

Katherine: I know that now, from experience. We went to Matthew’s party the other night. His parents were out of town so they decided to party like crazy! They had cigarettes and spiked drinks, loud music and a human piñata.

Cassidy: A human pi…

Katherine: Don’t ask, but anyway, I’m so sorry. You were completely right and I should have listened to you. That night the cops came and my parents came to pick me up from jail.

Cassidy: What?!

Katherine: Yeah, and I am grounded for two months. Could you please forgive me?

Cassidy (Pretending to think): Yeah! Sure, after a week like that, you will need as much company as you can get. Just remember next time, that what society calls popular is not always true. We can be popular in our own way.

The author's comments:

What society labels as "popular" isn't always what's right for everybody. See how Katherine deals with this problem as she tries to fit in with the popular peeps at her school.

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