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Don't Pretend for Them

January 1, 2017
By AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
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Setting/Timeline- Conservative Christian School. At the beginning of the film on the bulletin board at school there's a sign about the "Alice in Wonderland" themed prom this weekend. The camera shifts to focus on all of the lockers down the hall, and all of the students walking in the hall and in/out of classrooms. The camera focuses on one locker that has the words "Run faggot Run!" written on it. Timothy walks up to the locker wearing his cross country uniform, before looking at it he looks down the hall and looks at Elijah, who's standing at his locker. Tucked deep in his locker is a magazine with a naked man on it. Timothy looks at his locker, then a group of jocks walks up to him.


Group of jocks- Run, Run, Run as fast as you can queer! (clapping hands and slapping high fives)


Timothy- Get bent...(He turns and faces them, then turns around and puts his head down)

Group of Jocks- Awwww...(They say walking away)

(One of the jocks, Elijah, his eyes meet Timothy's. Elijah has a look of compassion for Timothy, but he slowly walks away behind the other guys.)


Setting- The camera overlooks the neighborhood. It's a typical white-collar neighborhood with houses on both sides and sidewalks. Timothy is walking down the sidewalk. He's looking at the ground while carrying his backpack, holding both straps. He has a look of extreme discontent on his face, his eyebrows creased nervously. Elijah is in front of him, they are going to come face to face with one another. Elijah is kicking a soccer ball, he kicks it far in front of him. Timothy stops it with his foot as it rolls toward him, and he bends down and picks the ball up in his hands. He lifts his heas and looks at Elijah, slightly smiling at him.

Elijah- They were just kidding with you earlier, don't take it seriously man.

Timothy- was sooo funny (said as he rolls his eyes)

(They both look at each other a moment and Elijah looks down obviously uncomfortable)

Timothy- You don't have to pretend for them

Elijah- What do you mean pretend? (Said in a agitated voice)

Timothy- Well your gay. I saw the magazine in your locker. You have to stay silent though, and I know you would never dare to try and break that silence

Elijah- I'm not going to let people make fun out of me, like you do

Timothy- Right... you just lie to them

Elijah- Your pretty bold one-on-one than in a crowd (chuckling/laughing)

Timothy- I suppose I am

Elijah- (Hesitating/Thinking) What if you didn't have to be bold alone?

Timothy- Then I wouldn't be as afraid to stand up for myself, I guess...

Elijah- We could do something bold together (Said in a nervous voice)

Timothy- What? (Suprised and Confused)

(Elijah swallows hard and looks at Timothy) 

Elijah- Will you go to the prom with me?

(There's a smile that lights up Timothy's face, and he smiles his beautifully white smile)

Timothy- I sure will....dude (Laughing as he says it)

(They both laugh again. Elijah holds out his hand, and grabs Timothy's backpack, throwing it over his shoulders.)

Elijah- I can walk you home?

Timothy- I would love that


Setting- Elijah's home Prom night. Elijah is about to walk out his front door. He has a box in his hands, with a boutonniere in the box. He opens the door, but his parents stop him.

Elijah's Dad- You know your suppose to have a corsage for your date, right?

Elijah's Mom- Yeah boutonierres are for guys dear

Elijah- Yeah, I purposefully didn't buy a corsage, he's going to love the boutonierre (He walks out the door. His parents look stunned)


Setting- Timothy's home Prom night. Timothy's dad is taking pictures of him in his living room

Timothy's dad- This girl must be nice since she's picking you up. Are you two just friends?

Timothy- No we're not just friends. And he's amazing

(Timothys dad's eyes get wide and he drops the camera. There's a car horn and Timothy walks out of the door.)

Timothy- Goodbye!


Setting- In the car. Elijah and Timothy both seem uneasy, but they glance at each other and smile.

Elijah- We did it man (said smiling and looking ahead)

(They both laugh)

(Elijah reaches his hand down and sets it on Timothy's leg. Timothy puts his hand on top of Elijah's.)


Setting- Elijah parks the car. There are a bunch of couples walking into the building holding hands, laughing, and joking around. Some are still outside taking pictures, and a few of the couples going in are Elijah's jock friends and their girlfriends.

Timothy- Are you nervous? (He turns to look at Elijah)

Elijah- Very, you? (Looking at Timothy)

Timothy- Maybe, but I'm not alone, so lets do this

(Elijah looks ahead and laughs)

(They both get out of the car. Elijah pins Timothy's boutonniere on his jacket. He grabs Timothy's hand, and they walk up to the building, climb the stairs, and go through the main doors. Standing in front of them are the two double doors where the prom is going on. They approach it. Elijah faces Timothy.)

Elijah- I think I'm ready to be Elijah

Timothy- (Sighs happily) Well I'm happy to be with the real Elijah

(Elijah gives Timothy a long look, pulls him in toward him and kisses him. Timothy's face brightens. Holding hands they open the doors to prom.)

The author's comments:

This is the first script I have ever finished completely. I call it a screenplay, because that's the vision I had when I thought of the idea. I hope one day it can be a short film on Youtube. Basically the purpose, behind the script, is defying the standards and norms.

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