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February 21, 2017
By AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
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Setting- 1-1:30am at a very large red brick house. The house has a nice big aqaurium with fish inside, and all the typical things you would expect to find in a rich person's home. A very handsome teenage boy wakes up gets out of his bed. He is dressed in very preppy clothes. He checks his phone, and he has a message from his friend that says "See you tonight at the party, it'll be awesome." He tip toes down the stairs, and he goes to sit on the couch to put on his shoes. A figure exposes himself from the chimney thats infront of the couch. It's an extremely large python snake. The boy is startled, but to suprised and amazed at what he sees to say anything.


Python- Well, hello there, are you off to some place? (slithering closer to him)


Boy- Wh-What are you?


Python- It's pretty obvious, dont you think? I'm something that will be of much help to you. Now come with me, remember to put on your shoes (He slithers all the way down the chimney. The boy realizes just how long he really is. The snake slithers through the hall, opens the front door, and grabs the car keys)


( The boy puts on his shoes and closes the front door behind him. They both get in his car and the snake tells him to drive to the hill that overlooks the city. The Python proceeds to tell him of all the amazing feelings he could have, but only if he left his parents forever and let him take care of him.)


Python- I would let you go to parties, take drugs, sleep around whenever and with whoever. I would never ask you questions about it. All you have to do is trust me, just trust me.


Boy- Why is trust so important to you?


Python- I'll explain.... You see trust is what I thrive on, and it is what makes everything right in my eyes.


( They arrive on top of the very high hill, and they can see the entire city. The boy makes sure to park a good distance away from the other side, where the cliff is. The lights of the city shine.)


Python- Tis beautiful right? The lovely lights of the city. The feeling of release and freedom, all found with me and in me.


Boy- You can give me those things? (said with slight sarcasm)


(Python turning to look at him, gets close to his face, and looks deep into his eyes)


Python- All of you have to do is say the three words. Look into my eyes and say them.


Boy- (A little hesitant) I-I trust you.


( The Python immediately constrics the boy who screams, until the snake gags him and ties his hands, and his feet with rope. He sets the boy face up in the trunk of the car. The boy is terrified, and he turns a sickly pale color. The python looks at him, and he chuckles. He removes the gag from his mouth.)


Python- Trust isn't always the best idea...


Boy- What do you want from me? (starting to cry)


Python- I have what I need. Not everything wokrds out in the end. You'll see that very soon (He goes and closes the trunk)


Boy- No! (screaming, but the screams are drowned out once the trunk is closed)


(The snake has the trunk closed. He slithers over to the driver's seat and sets the car in reverse, so it will eventually fall down the other side of the mountain, in what water there is. It's hundreds of feet to the bottom.)


Python- One more added to the depths (chuckling, he slithers away into the night)

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