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April 21, 2009
By wondering GOLD, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
wondering GOLD, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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A glossy, raven black Keoenigsegg CCXR slithered around the street corner. It’s tinted windows hid its passengers inside well. The beautiful car turned onto the narrow street without trouble and parked at the curb. The driver’s door opened swiftly. A tall man stepped out, he stood straight and rigid. His chocolate hair was spiky and his face held refined violet eyes. He wore a black coat with large lapels and side pockets, paired with expensive black jeans and cowboy boots, with curled toes. Everything he wore seemed to fit his body like it was made for him, and him only. He proceeded around to the passenger side of the dashing car and opened it without hesitation.

A long leg unfolded from the car’s interior. A woman stepped out from the car and straightened herself out. Her skin was terrifyingly pale and her seductive lips rose red. Her hair, black as night, hung perfectly straight from her head. Not one strand of the needle thin hair out of place. Her catlike emerald eyes swept the street and cafe across the way until they locked on someone. She too dressed in black form fitting clothes that accentuated her thinness. Together they walked towards the cafe without bothering to lock their car.

The gothic couple reached the cafe, and casually walked towards the entrance. Everyone already at the cafe appeared as though they belonged there, except for one. A young, beautiful, blond girl lounged at one of the outdoor tables. She was tan, so tan, that her skin was the color of bronze. She dressed in a pair of snow white shorts and a turquoise, lacy, sleeveless shirt. She would have seemed normal to anyone if it hadn’t been 40 degrees outside. The man and woman walked to her table and sat down in unison. She looked up, her stormy gray eyes scrutinized them, she looked at them for a long minute, then she smiled.

“Hello there.” She laughed the words with joy, “Katrina, Blake.” She nodded to each of them and smiled once more.

“Hello Nanowee, let’s get this over with” Katrina remarked, her voice smooth and mellifluous.

“Oh come now, Katrina, it has been such a long time since we have seen each other. This is a time to celebrate,” She explained her voice light and breathless.

“It is hardly a time for celebration!” spat Katrina “When our loved ones are perishing in a war that cannot be won by either side. Let’s get this over with,” she commanded.

Nanowee scowled, darkness flushed her once beautiful face and distorted it into an angry mask, “Fine!” she growled while she slouched further into her chair and folded her arms across her chest fierce with resentment.

“Oh, grow up Nanowee; this is not the time to act childish,” Katrina stormed. “The sooner you relinquish the object of our desire, the sooner we can disappear, and you can go back to whatever it is you were doing before, like we never associated at all. Okay?”

“If that’s the way you want it,” Nanowee muttered, the angry mask disolved into a young girls face, full of innocence and pain. She pouted and then peered up at Katrina.

Katrina sighed, her annoyance showed, try as she might to hide it, “You know, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Do I?” Nanowee asked playfully, her mouth shaped into a smile for a second and then dissappeared. She was dragging the subject on further.

“Yes, you do” she said through gritted teeth, while she made a pathetic attempt to hide her irritation.

Nanowee beamed. She unleashed a full grin, exposing a perfect set of white teeth.

“Nanowee, were you followed?” Blake interjected, his attention on another table.

“No, I stayed to the rooftops. No one saw me,” she replied.

“Are you sure” he asked, “because there are two men to your right watching us.”

“Maybe they’re after you two,” she accused. “Everything isn’t always my fault you know. And I don’t appreciate that you two think I’m the only one that ever makes mistakes.” she was ranting now. “At least I didn’t show up in an expensive, mysterious car that you would never see in this area of Paris.”

“Shh,” Katrina and Blake whispered at once. “I think it would be best if we left,” he suggested, so low that only they could hear. “We will meet you at noon on the corner of Rue de la Lune and Rue Notre Dame de Recouvrance.” Blake hissed, his mind still focused on the two men.

Before Nanowee had blinked, he was out of the chair, Katrina at his side and together they vanished around the corner. He wrapped his arm tightly around her waist, pulling her closer to him as they walked away from their car, leaving it there.

Nanowee waited; she digested the information and a wide smile adopted her face. She unfolded herself from the chair and danced over to the two men. “The plan worked perfectly,” she said delighted as she sat down. “We can seize them at noon. And then this war will be undoubtedly in the palm of my hand,” she laughed darkly.

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