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April 16, 2020
By Nicole-00 SILVER, Hicksville, Ohio
Nicole-00 SILVER, Hicksville, Ohio
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*BANG* You could here the clash from a mile away. Over and over you can hear crashes and screams. Not even ten feet away, hidden under the coat rack in the closet, there is a little girl. Her tiny hands covering her ears, tears streaming down her cheeks. With each bang she flinches, squeezing her eyes shut. Rocking back and forth she tells herself aloud.

“Everything’s going to be okay, everything’s going to be okay.” 

She hears a huge scream erupt.

Then, Silence. 

The silence feels like it goes on forever. It’s agonizing. With silence, she has no idea what’s going on. Is it safe to come out?

The little girl can feel her heart beat in her head. It’s rapid, pounding in her temples. She hears footsteps coming. They get closer and louder with every new step. With each thump she scoots into the corner more. She sees the knob turn and hears the creek of the door opening. Standing above her is a huge black shadow. It belongs to a man. He reaches down for the little girl. He grabs her and picks her up. 

The little girl is too frightened to say anything. 

“Where is mommy?” She thinks.

The man starts walking towards the kitchen with the little girl still in his grasp. As they pass, a pool of blood surrounds them. Her mother laying lifeless on the floor. The man reassures the girl. “Everything’s going to be okay.” 

He walks out of the door, little girl with him, into the night.

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