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Jimmy the Ghost

November 30, 2020
By catdu4 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
catdu4 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Once upon a time, a very taciturn, quiet ghost named Jimmy woke up in bed on October 30 and sighed a sigh of great disappointment. Tomorrow was Halloween and Jimmy was definitely not excited. Being a ghost, one would think he would be especially eager for the celebration of Halloween to begin, but he certainly was not. Jimmy loved people and loved being with people, but people didn't like Jimmy. They were always too scared to talk to him. So, he made an effort to not make it so overt that he was a ghost and leave his house on Halloween night. The next night, Jimmy watched trick-or-treaters receiving candy and noticed another boy was dressed up as an alligator. This costume was too fantastic not to get a closer look, so Jimmy slowly creeped out of his house and eagerly accosted the other boy to compliment him on his costume.  He prepared himself for the boy to run away screaming, but when Jimmy tapped on the boy’s shoulder he simply turned around. He did not run away, he didn’t scream, he simply stood there. And before Jimmy could get a word out, the boy’s face lit up with joy and summarily said “Wow, what a cool costume! That’s the most realistic ghost I’ve ever seen!”. Jimmy was full of joy that his new friend delivered such a nice encomium and did not run away or think he was scary. The two then trick-or-treated together the rest of the night and had a wonderful time. Jimmy knew that this Hallowwen would be one he would never forget. 

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