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A Mystery on the Locomotive

April 2, 2021
By Kris-Garo10 SILVER, Tirana, Other
Kris-Garo10 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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The light pealed through the glass window, brightening the hotel room from the darkness of the night. The sun’s stinging rays warmed the misty temperature of the room. Phil woke up and untucked himself from the bed sheets. He went through his morning routine: brushed his teeth, got dressed, and combed through his silky brown hair. Phil walked out of his room carrying his luggage and headed towards the elevator.   

The elevator was crammed with people and no one talked. The elevator doors opened eventually, breaking the suspenseful silence, and Phil walked out. He trotted across the hall, observing the beautiful abstract paintings hung across the wall. He soon entered the breakfast area, which was in fact the terrace. He filled his plate from the buffet and sat down to enjoy the beautiful view of the Acropolis. Right underneath the valley was the train that would depart from Athens to Istanbul. Phil took out his ticket and nodded happily as his eyes fixed on the express train rumbling as it let out steam. At 8:30 a.m. he would depart for a fair in the famous city of Istanbul where many of the world's best inventions would be displayed. Some of these inventions could come to be revolutionary to the world. Phil glanced at his shimmering Jaeger-Lecoultre watch. It read 8:25 a.m. Phil’s head rushed with thoughts and sweat started dripping from his large forehead. Time had flown but Phil knew he could make it. He glided past the hallway and stormed down the stairs. Finally, reaching floor 1, Phil sprinted toward the exit. There was a long steep path that railed on the mountain. Phil followed the path, that eventually took him to black, steel train that rumbled horribly and let out a cloud of gray smoke. He checked his watch, which now read 8:30 a.m. 

Wearing a tall black hat, and white gloves the rail conductor, collected Phil’s ticket, and followed him through to his room. As soon as the Phil stepped into the locomotive, it started moving, and a load noise rumbles from the train's engine. Phil glared at the interior of the locomotive as the loud rumble fades away. The purple fabricated curtains hid each window, and next to each window stood two leather chairs and a birch table. Everything on the train was so simple yet looked so fashionable and luxurious. Phil followed the conductor who took him past a large dining area, where a couple of the passengers had taken a seat and were sipping their cups of tea. Some of the world’s brightest minds are traveling on this train to the fair, so Phil did not want to miss the chance to meet some of them. He could identify some of them. As he was strolling by, he saw Nicola Tesla sitting on one of the leather chairs having a conversation with Thomas Eddison on the other side of him. Phil couldn't believe it, but he was too nervous to say anything at the time. He could smell the strong sent of Old Spice cologne that Eddison was wearing. It didn’t appeal to Phil whatsoever, and reminded him of the smell of garlic. As Phil trotted forward, he witnessed Marie Curie reading a book to his left, and George Ferris staring at the outside of the window to his right. This was incredible, and Phil could not describe the adrenaline he was feeling. Finally, the conductor and Phil reached his room. The conductor leaves the luggage and disappears into the darkness of the hallway. The cabinet is small, with nothing more than a single small bed cramped inside a 6x6 room, and a small oval shaped window. Phil settles his belongings and goes out of his room. He and Tesla glanced at each other.  

Nikola Tesla hesitates then says, “Young man, I know you. You’re the new inventor that’s been talked about so recently.”  

Phil replies. “Oh, yes sir. I am very fond of your work as well. You are like an idol of mine, and to see you in front...” 

Tesla cuts him out and proceeds to asking, “What's that new thing you're working on. The camera or something like that. Anyway, why don't you come inside and see my newest invention. You'll be surprised. I spent 4 years on this project, and it will be revolutionary to the world.” Phil followed Tesla inside. His room was not too much bigger than his but had a rather fancier design. “This is called a remote central. It will make fortunes. I spent many years working on it with my team.” bragged Tesla.  

Phil replies, “Wow that really is stunn...”  

Phil couldn’t see anything. It was almost as if he studently became blind. Darkness filled the room, as the train loud rummaging on railway was the only sound heard. For 30 seconds there was no light whatsoever. Suddenly, the lights rented the room and train turned bright again.  

Phil broke off the silence and said, “That was peculiar.” But the remote control that once laid on the table was nowhere to be seen.  

A loud yell came from Tesla, which stunned the whole train. “My REMOTE!” Tesla panicked. He was breathing heavily and grabbed Phil by the neck and pounded him against the wall. “You did this... Didn’t you. You will pay.”   

“Sir, Sir. Calm down. It is not I who have committed such crime. I will bring your invention soon. But don’t shout too much, or your will alert others. They will kick me from the train.” said Phil. 

Tesla replied, “I will give you until tomorrow, otherwise there will be consequences.” Phil ran outside to the corridor. He had to find out who stole the device. But how? Phil didn’t know what to do. He ran circles around himself, but finally managed to calm his self-down. A heavy scent filled the room outside of Tessla room. Phil twitched and took another sniff. Garlic? Phil thought. Who on earth would eat garlic this late? Then he remembered.  

“Oh no.” muttered Phil. He ran up the velvet carpet that wrapped on to the floor of the locomotive into Edisson’s room and opened the arched door. There was no one to be seen in the small, room. Phil sighed of anger and headed out of the small cabinet. He continued to follow and trace the smell of garlic. His loud footsteps thumped throughout the train, and the sent eventually led him to ladder that opened to the top of the locomotive. Phil climbed the ladder and advanced to the roof. The sky was black and white spots filled the purple sky, while rugged wind blew and swiveled his hair. He squinted his eyes to see a man in a grey quit in the distance. It was Eddison at standing at the very front of the train. He couldn't believe it. The small remote was on his right hand. He sprinted forward and jumped from one wagon to the other, trying to balance himself of the edges. As he made his way to the front of the locomotive, he inspected Eddison and tiptoed to try and snatch the potentially multimillionaire invention. But Eddison turned his back in an instance and grinned to Phil, who was panting heavily.  

“So, I have found you. Give me the remote thief.” yelled Phil loudly. Eddison turned around a grinned. He was facing Phil one on one. He swung a punch and knocked Phil on the rough metal ground. Eddison grabbed Phil and was about to throw him off the train.  

Eddison frustratingly said “I will not let you ruin my plan. I will take full credit over the remote. Nobody can stop me.” Eddison was relentless and through another punch toward Phils head. However, Phil blocked the punch and countered with an upper cut right in Eddison's jaw. He got on top of Eddison who violently countered. Phil, with blood dripping all over his mouth, snatched the remote from his jacket and threw him of the train, leaving him on a pile of cold snow. The train had faded away in the distance at a rapid pace. The day was saved, the remote was retrieved, but most importantly, the fate of the world was saved. 

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