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Nightmare Picture Perfect

May 24, 2009
By Chelsi Duplantis BRONZE, Houma, Louisiana
Chelsi Duplantis BRONZE, Houma, Louisiana
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She's running down a hallway
One that never ends
There are doors on each side of her
But each one is locked
She keeps running, twisting knobs
Yet she has no luck
She runs farther
Then stops at a hole
Its in the middle of the floor
Lit by a neon red light
She sees a ladder running down
She descends it and looks around
Four simple dark walls surround her
Pictures hang from a line of string
Tubs of odd liquids lie on tables
"Some sort of photo lab?"
Staring sees that the photos
Are not normal
They are of dead people
She gets a queasy feeling in her stomach
Turning toward a blank sheet
Her knees weak underneath her
She catches sight of a mirror
And the reflection of a painfully handsome young man
He grabs her by the neck
Her back is slammed against his chest
She gasps for breath
He lifts an expensive camera
Laughter erupts into her ear
"Smile beautiful" he whispers delicately
A flash appears...

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