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Revengeful Murder part one

November 19, 2009
By guitarist27 GOLD, Christiana, Pennsylvania
guitarist27 GOLD, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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If we don't open our eyes now and see all of his lies, our eyes will never open again.

Hear me out as I string you a tale of what happened to me many years ago. You would so much as call me insane. A lunatic. Ha! What I have done is nothing but pure genius! Anyone who dare call me crazy doesn’t know the true meaning of, “Serving justice.”

It was a man, known by the name of Connor, whom was absolutely captivating. He has done nothing to harm me, but what he has done tore me apart from the inside. He attempted to steal my wife from me, he hasn’t seen the true nature of my hatred. For when he had tried to steal my wife, I raised my voice to him! I did indeed try to be kind to the poor soul, but when I was forced to live with the man in a dorm, that was what aggravated my nerves, oh so very much.

The days in the dorm weren’t as bad as I had guessed. We ignored each other most of the time, and that was fine by me. Other time’s we would constantly battle with each other. I wasn’t any way suspicious then the way I was the week that I murdered him. He deserved to die for the pain he caused me.

Within the week I became extremely kind to him, which he took as a “peace offering.” Good choice, my friend. Eventually, he considered me his friend, which I was pretending to do. He teased me so much, I wanted to slaughter him right then and there. But, I laughed with him. For if I didn’t, he would suspect something.

Friday, November 13th, 1923 is the day that it happened. I told him I would take my leave to go and meet one of my friends, and I would be gone for a couple hours. He seemed fine with that, and so was I. It felt good to get away from that smelly rat, and my friend and I were going to my favorite cafe known as, “Square One.” He had taken me to that place once before, and I absolutely fell in love with their coffee.

It was when I came back that made me enraged. I walked within the doors of our dorm, and I didn’t see Connor anywhere, actually. “Connor?” I called. “Are you here?” Nobody answered. Although I did hear something upstairs. Coming from his room? How strange. He never has company over. I walked upstairs to check on him, to make sure he was ok. When I peaked through the door, who else other than my wife was in his bed with him. How could she have done this?! I walked silently down the steps to the kitchen, and grabbed a regular cooking knife. Classic, isn’t it? After that, I walked back upstairs and broke open the door in such a fury that they both screamed upon my entrance. Although, the knife was concealed. “Oh.. It’s just you.” Connor said. I walked towards the bed slowly and quietly, as if I were a ghost. “I hope you don’t mind, but I just invited your wife over fo-“ Slash! Right to the bugs throat! Right in the jugular! My wife screamed. How could I have forgotten about her? Oh well. She cheated on me. Right to her throat, to. Oh Lord what a rush! My wife was dead, but Connor was luckily still alive. He wished he was dead.

I walked to him, laughing each step. Apparently the cut to his throat wasn’t deep enough to kill him. Just shock him enough to paralyze him. Perfect. I knelt down on my knee. The rush was still alive in me! Then, I took my knife and slowly slid it across his chest, cutting it open slightly. Then, his stomach, then his face. Oh the fun that was! He always told me he looked better than me. Well not anymore. His cheek, his forehead, every part of his face, cut. And he was alive through it all. The agony of his screams pleased me, and gave me more of a rush! I stabbed him. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly! Laughing and stabbing! How much fun! Eventually, his screams stopped.

Looking at his body and the blood on my hands, I smiled. I needed to kill more. More people. Like that officer in town that yelled at me for accidently splashing him with water. He would be next! I left the house in a bloody mess. I didn’t feel like changing. I walked into town and saw the officer. I walked up behind him and stabbed him, too! Right in the back! The laughing and the fun I was having! Then, what I didn’t notice, were the other 5 officers that were watching. They pulled out their guns and told me to hold still, which I was foolish and chose to run at them with my trusty knife! But they gunned me down when I was half way to them..

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