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The mysterious girl

December 13, 2009
By LoVeWrItInG BRONZE, San Francisco, California
LoVeWrItInG BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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The girl stands across the street, staring at me through her misty opal eyes, piercing through mine like a tiger, ready to pounce. I quietly move down the opposite street, acting as if I have no care in her lurking whereabouts. She slowly starts crossing the street, walking in my direction. I change my course and walk along the adjoining street, but she is now not less than ten feet away from me. The mysterious girl now walks beside me, matching my footsteps, and stares at me with her cloudy gaze. I try to convince myself to look into her eyes, but I can't bring myself to do it. Her eyes somehow see into my thoughts, into the depths of my brain, sparking my curiosity to a point of longing. I now long to stare into her captivating eyes, but a feeling of dread rolls over me every time I attempt to turn my head. My desire is so strong, that I forget my fears, and I turn my gaze to hers. Immediately, I am thrown into a stupor, as I feel as if my fears have let me forever, leaving me with a sense of soaring, flying above my lurking worries below me. I look down on myself, entranced with an object far too small to spot. The object has as faint glowing outline which stands out among the grey, dreary landscape and buildings surrounding her. She has a slightly beautiful appearance, almost angel like from my perspective.....A radiant face of pure gold, glowing with beauty....... And now I am floating back to the black town below, and my head is clouding with depression as I return. I look around, expecting to see the misty eyed girl, but she is gone.

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on May. 31 2011 at 2:16 pm
BookFreak14 BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
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WOW.... really cool... hey could you check out my story? It is called The Mysterious Girl as well:)