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Midnight Souls

February 23, 2010
By NerdGirlVictoria SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
NerdGirlVictoria SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
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Chapter 1
Valisa Stone sat on her balcony looking out over the grassy Field and blue sky. The sky shone on the lake making it shimmer like thousands of diamonds. She took a deep breath and sighed. The wind ruffled her brown hair. So dark it looked black with reddish tent to it. Her eyes went from the pad and sketch pencil in her hand to the scenery she was drawing. her eyes green like spring grass and covered in a thick layer of dark eyeliner. Her skin was pale like the moon that shone in the blackest of night. A content feeling settled over her soul. She picked up her paints and begin to color my drawing. I looked around and saw no midnight souls. That's what I called them. The dead people that I saw. I only saw ones with a thick black ring around there bodies. I have been seance my mother and father died when I was twelve. I always saw ones trying to scare me. They knew I could see them and knew I was scared. I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle. At first when I started having my visions of them I hoped I could see my parents again. They never came. I watched the sun setting making the lake shimmer. I was so engrossed in my work I din't notice that the air became chilly and the sun was gone with the moon rising. The light shone threw my bed room onto my balcony. I stopped closing my book and came in shutting my book behind me. I walked across the plush cream colored carpet. Laying my sketch pad on my antique table. I opened the door of my bedroom to see my uncle coming up the stairs smiling. Valisa dinners ready we made your favorite. Okay let me wash up and I'll be there in a sec. He nodded and headed back down the stairs. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. My uncle was the best lawyer in Colorado and my aunt was his business partner. I looked in the mirror and say black cross my visions. No I thought to my self. Yes yes Valisa I'm back. A sadistic voice whispered from the back of my mind. I looked at my reflection. A sullen look a pleading look. I splashed cold water on my face and the voice dissipated. I wiped my face and forced a smile on my face as I left. Down the stairs my Aunt, Uncle, and older cosine Jackson sitting at the table. She sat and they began eating. "So are you two ready for school? We can go back to school shopping in town at the mall tomorrow if you kids want." My Susan said. I looked down at the Mac and cheese on my plate and said "Sounds fun." I watched as my Jackson and my uncle took the conversation over about football tryouts. I din't mind one bit. Eating quickly then excusing my self back to my room for an early crash. I had stayed up well into the night yesterday. I Grabbed my Pajamas and headed to the shower. I let the burning scolding hot water drench my body and layed my head against the shower wall. After and hour soaking I cleaned up and dried off. Pulling my hair back I slipped on my Pj's and left to go to my bed room. I went to my room and crashed on my bed looking up at the celling. It was twelve A.M before my vision started going blurry and my head was spinning. That's when I saw him. A little boy in the coroner of my room. His eyes looked as if they were crystal balls. Staring at me he slowly walked across the room to my bed. I closed my eyes tight and prayed for the image to go away. I felt a hand on my neck. I breathed. Two hands. Squeezing as I let out a raspy scream. Barley loud enough to be heard from a foot away. The bones stuck out from his fingers and I gagged at the sight. I made one more pitiful attempt to scream. It came out at a ear pursing scream. The mouth opened to show rotting teeth inches from my neck. I whispered Lord let it be quick. When light flooded my room and the horrifying image was gone and my uncle entered the room and grabbed me. "Valisa Honey calm down." I looked up to the worried faces of my family. "I'm fine just..A ..dream." I said. My voice tired and ragged. "Are you sure maybe we should call your Doctor and ask him if you had another panic attack." My Aunt said. "No no I'm fine really. I just need some rest." They looked unconvinced but quietly left the room. Two hours I fell in to a nightmare filled sleep.
I woke the next morning to the nauseating smell of pancakes and bacon. I got up and Stretched. I pulled my Pj's off and put on a baby tee, riped jeans and, a black pull over hoidie. The hodie covered my body not hugging my skinny figure like the T-shirt. Most boys stared at my chest and stomach. I longed fore a guy who din't. I walked down the stairs and came in to the kitchen opting for cereal instead of pancakes. My aunt turned her platinum hair falling over her shoulders.Her blue eyes boring into mine and smile lighting up her face. I ate quickly and almost made it when my aunt asked. "Can you wake Jackson so we can go to the mall in an hour." I looked up and said. Sure auntie I'll be back in a sec.
At the end of the hall I saw A woman Her hair was missing on one side as was her face. I froze and watched her unable to move as she stepped towards me. I opened my mouth but no sound escaped my raw scratched lungs. Jacson's door opened and she was gone and my mouth snapped shut. "You need to be ready in an hour." Was all I could manage wail he stared at me funny.
The ride to the mall was short and once inside we split our separate ways. I started at my favourite store Hot topic. I walked and shopped with no problem. That's when it happened. The walls started closing in around me and they were everywhere! Midnight souls! coming towards me reaching out to grabe me. only this time in the crowded mall in order to keep from panicking ...I ran. Out the mall and to a near by park.
I ran till my feet were heavy and my heart felt like my ribs busted. I collapsed against a near by oak tree and breathed heavily. I looked up..I was surrounded. Thousand's of them. I screamed a blood curdling scream and collapses. I looked up threw my bangs that covered my eyes. With lids half closed I saw a boy. He had a white ring around him and he was holding up one hand to warn them off. His hair was jet black and he was strong well built. That's all I could see from the back. Then darkness....

Her pink lips parted and her hair was tangled around her. Her legs curled under her and arms crossed over her chest. She looked positively lovely even with scars cossing her wrist. I layed her head in my lap and said. "It's over now your safe."

I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful face ever. A angular jaw set in anger. A chiseled face and deep green eyes. I watched him watch me as he whispered soothingly in my ear. I couldn't't hear him but he was so beautiful...I didn't care.

The author's comments:
The book im writing sorry for miss spellings my auto corroect is on

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AidanR. said...
on Jul. 20 2010 at 3:43 pm
AidanR., Buffalo, New York
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There are a lot of grammar errors, and the lack of quotations and paragraph breaks make this difficult to read.  I also think there's a little too much description in parts; it's difficult to wade through, and interrupts your story's flow.

AjitN BRONZE said...
on Apr. 25 2010 at 7:54 pm
AjitN BRONZE, Pune, Other
4 articles 0 photos 20 comments

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