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March 16, 2010
By DannBerr,. GOLD, Guilford, Indiana
DannBerr,. GOLD, Guilford, Indiana
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He stood over my bedside gazing down upon me. I knew not who he was or where he came from. Only that I couldn’t move from the fright that electrocuted my very muscle’s. I’ve never seen this man before. Never seen him in town. Not even just driving by next to our car. But he was still here. In my room. Standing overtop of my bed looking down on me.
I never really thought too much about what kind of creeps there are out in the world. How there would be stories on the news how a molester sneaked into a girls room and took her away from her family, never to be seen again only on the day her body was found in the woods.
But, looking at the strange man though, I never thought more about what he was going to do to me. But the thing that was itching away at my skin was how in the hell he got in my room. More important how he got in the house that’s guarded by two territorial dogs, house alarms, and my father.
Still here he stands before me, while I’m lying in my bed next to my friend Brittney who’s sound asleep. I’m on my own, to fend off this crazed psychopath who just stands there and looks at me.
I’m frozen waiting for him to make his move and grab me out from under the covers, but he doesn’t even sway on his feet. That’s when I take the time to size him up. His attire consists of lose jeans, boots, a tight-fitting black shirt. To my eyes it looks like a Carhart brown jacket that he’s wearing and a red baseball cap. I never get a good look at his face, it’s silhouetted. The crescent moon gives off just enough light for me to see his left eye though. It’s pure black.
My eyes bore into his coal ones. I was transfixed, not by how scary he was, but by how his eye was, beautiful. I was still scared out of my wits, so I did what anybody would do. I nudged Brittney trying to get her to wake up.
To my dismay, she wouldn’t. I kind of figured she wouldn’t, just hoped she would. The whole time tapping Brittney I didn’t look away from his eye. I was too afraid if I did, he’d do something while my back was turned. It didn’t matter if I thought the color of his eyes were beautiful, he was still a guy I didn’t know who snuck into my room.
I gave in to his stare and turned away. I grabbed Brittney’s shoulders and gave a shove. Once again she still stay asleep, I remember thinking Dang you’re a dead sleeper, Bee. But I pushed that out of my head, I was to vulnerable with my back to him.
I spun around to see him once again, but he was gone. I scanned the room thinking I was wrong. Not believing my eyes I jumped over Brittney. Got out of bed on her side and turned on the lights. Sure enough, he was gone.
I don’t know how long I stood there waiting for him to reappear again. He never did. I thought the darkness was playing tricks on me, but I don’t know if he was real or not.
I laid in bed, eyes open, covers pulled up to my face, and silent. I stayed like that for awhile seeing if he would come back. I succumbed to sleep after awhile laying there waiting for him.
I talked to my Mama after Brittney had left that morning and told about last night, but not in greater detail. She brushed it aside and said that it was an in figment of my imagination or the dark was playing tricks on me.
I gave the idea that maybe it was Eric my older step brother who died in 2000 and she said no. I still have no idea who my mysterious guy was, maybe I don’t want to know. Being ignorant is better than being smart, in a way because you don’t know what scary things are out there.
I don’t remember much from the night I woke with a jolt and stifled a cry to find a man watching me, but I know after he left my side one word came into my mind without me telling it to.

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