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The Lightning

March 25, 2010
By Bunny_lol BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Tennessee
Bunny_lol BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Tennessee
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One day as I was sitting in my desk chair, playing and inconvenient game I heard the lightning and thunder strike simultaneously . I jumped out of the chair to find my self lying on the ground in the dark, without any noise, except my short gasps of air. It wasn’t that I was scared of storms for everyone knew I could sleep through hurricanes, it was that there was… No rain. No clouds. And nothing but a peaceful, bird singing, spring afternoon . I figure that my two sisters and parents have all gone to the cellar but as I walk out of my room to find them all four of them have all been killed. There was no blood spatters or stains but as if they were all petrified. I immediately grabbed their wrists and felt no pulse . Over and over I checked each and every spot or place on all of them. Nothing. I then assumed it might be something airborne . Nope . I thought maybe it was something they ate . Nope… I would have eaten it too and I still seemed to have all systems in check. No sooner then I come back to my room to think I realized The LIGHTNING…….. I came out of my room horrified . I trashed through the hall dodging bodies and then took of into the night . As I went through town looking for any signs of life I received no answer. I quickly considered that it was some sort of joke or even a dream until….. I looked up into the sky to find all the world ending theories occurring. Comets falling from the sky. Paranormal activity. Volcanoes erupting and much more as the sky parted and the sun shone. I felt as if heaven was coming to me. That’s when I heard the Thunder ………

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WiseGirl said...
on Apr. 4 2010 at 2:53 pm
WiseGirl, Adams, Tennessee
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Nice Job. I liked this.