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The Silent Hero

August 9, 2010
By dkA.M SILVER, Vail, Arizona
dkA.M SILVER, Vail, Arizona
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I am the protector of the night. I am the protector of your soul. I make sure you aren't harmed by the scum of this world. Unless your wrong doings deserve it.
I was mimicking his exact footsteps on the rooftop, while he was down below, surrounded by the tall walls of the alleyway. The dark, velvet, Chicago sky covered him in complete darkness, making his black baseball hat, black shirt, and Etnie shoes, invisible to the human eye. The only thing I used to trace him was the glittering reflective qualities of his gold Rolex watch.
His walk was calm, and to no one that was aware, he would seem perfectly innocent. I knew better. The council had sent me to kill this man practically raised by Satan.
I am the assassin, the hero to all of your stories. The silent hero. There are seven others just like me, born and raised as a lethal weapon. We get rid of the ones that cannot be found, the ones that are to intimidating to be wanted.
It was striking midnight, and the deadline for this man's death was approaching. I was attempting to herd him somewhere that the mess would be less visible. The alley way on 4th street was perfect, and so I made him head that way.
I was still in my blending apparel, wearing a purple shirt and blue jean overalls. I didn't have time to change after I left the book store, where I spotted the fool two days ago. He was there sitting in a chair by book shelves full of romance novels, which was ironic, based on the fact that he had already murdered approximately 60 young women, and was suspected for 20 more.
When he spotted me following him in the book store, he had aroused suspicion and left as soon as it was applicable. Not one of my best moves. I should have stalked him from a distance, but my rushing manner, sometimes overpowers my training.
The time was approaching, getting closer and closer with every single step. He figured out where he was going now. Mind control only lasts for the smallest amount of time. His mind was beginning to overthrow my manipulation.
I knew it was only a moment away before he would try to escape. The time had come. I Started with a sprint, running myself right off the roof top into mid-air. As I glided to the ground I jolted out my double edged knife. When my feet touched the cement, I was right in front of his trail, making him come to a sudden stop. My brown long hair swept across my face, going back into it's normal position.
"Little girl, you know that you shouldn't be out this late, someone could be wondering where you are." His bristly voice broke the long road of silence. His thick eyebrows were low, mixing with his curly brown hair. He seemed welcoming, with a warm vibrant smile, but I knew better.
He was waiting for a reply, that he wasn't going to get. I had him off guard, just the way I wanted him. My knife was behind my back making my approach seem more innocent. I walked to him slowly, and he yanked his hands out of his pockets, as if trying to protect himself, which wasn't likely.
In one fluid movement, I pulled my knife from hiding, and swung it towards his neck, at his carotid artery to be exact. One quick sever would bleed him out, making his death that much more painful. He deserved it as far as I was concerned.
He had no time to react. He was a goner. I swung myself behind him and pushed him into the trash bags that leaned on the cold wall. He was too shocked to do anything but gurgle his own blood. The sound was absolutely revolting, even with this being my whole life, I had an uneasy stomach. I needed to get out of this place fast.
I took out from my large overall pocket, a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, pouring it all over his body, while taking out a match from one of my smaller pockets. I lit it on the match box my first try, and I threw it on the body, instantly hearing gurgling screeches.
It was done. I could head back home now. A sigh of relief came out of my dry mouth.
My knife was dripping with dark red. I checked my back pocket for a cloth, and all I found was a napkin from Mcdonalds. I swiftly swiped the knife clean, and threw the used napkin in the fire I had created. The smell of burning flesh made me begin to gag, so I ran the other direction, sprinting out of the dark alley way. As I approached the end of it, I was brought upon an empty street lit up by bright street lamps. I began to walk, a calm and steady stride, in the direction of home. I am the protector of the night. I am the protector of your soul.

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on Nov. 4 2010 at 9:18 pm
kittypryde BRONZE, Alberta, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Do what ya gotta, work, pay the rent, grade papers, dont forget to live, breath slow and write. ( i think i just made that quote up....oh well, it's a quote right?)

This was AWSOME! i love everything having to do with superheros. it actually kind of reminded me of the comic, X-23, for a while but then i thought, nah, this is way original and awsome. :D i loved it, keep writing!

on Aug. 17 2010 at 4:29 pm
MissFaber SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing Less.

A batman-like assassin? This was definetely a dark story, good job with the intensity. I really enjoyed reading it.

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