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November 13, 2010
By tabi24 SILVER, Leesburg, Florida
tabi24 SILVER, Leesburg, Florida
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He's my only weakness, yet my greatest sense of security.

It's been three weeks since I seen her face; three weeks since I got a good night's sleep. The police still haven't found a clue to her whereabouts. I'm really worried about her. I keep having these dreams where she's locked in a dark room yelling out for help. But I can't help her. Right before I reach her, I wake up. My therapist thinks I'm crazy. He says I have serious depression and have had it for a while. He prescribed me some meds. Great... That's just what this world needs- another looney...

I've been trying to distract myself with work. But this morning my boss called to tell me to take some time off and get my head right. I don't see that happening.. So now I'm stuck around this filthy house. It really needs a woman's touch. The dishes haven't been done since the night before she disappeared. And there's a putrid smell coming from the basement. Probably just another possum.

The night she left I remember so clearly. I got home from work early. She was packing her bags. I could tell she had been crying. She told me that she was leaving me. The note she had previously written only restated that. That night I nearly drank myself to death. The next morning I was woken by the police knocking on my door telling me they had found her car in the river but no body had been found.

It's been four weeks since she disappeared. I think.. My days are starting to run together. Her memories keep playing in my head. I would do anything just to see her angelic face again.

I'm tired of living in filth so I decided to wash the dishes. The smell is only getting worse so I told Nathan, the teenager next door that I'd pay him to come take care of it. After washing the dishes I made myself a drink. There was a knock on the door. It must be Nathan. I let him in and showed him where the basement was then I went to get another drink and watch tv.

A minute later, I heard him scream and he ran out the door. I ran down there to see what was wrong then it all came together. --

She was going to leave me. I wouldn't let that happen. I put her in the basement and told her to be quiet. But she wouldn't. I couldn't find ducktape to tape her mouth shut. I had to kill her or the neighbors would've heard and called the police. I did it because I loved her. If I couldn't have her, no one could.

I lie down beside her body until I heard sirens. I ran up the stairs to the room and grabbed my gun out of the top of the closet and took the safety off.

" We will be together again soon," I whispered.

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