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Sheer Ice

November 14, 2010
By TeardropsInApril GOLD, Hillsborough, California
TeardropsInApril GOLD, Hillsborough, California
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I don’t know how I got myself into this situation. It had been such a normal day and the spooky Halloween night shouldn’t have been any different. I made the worst mistake ever. “ Meet at the usual place, 12:00 sharp.” I nervously crunched across the moonlit snow, clutching my books closer and pulling my mittens on. I thought of the wonderful Halloween parties at school that day and everything that had happened. I had told my mom that I was going to a friend’s to study. My breath hung suspended in the frosty air, as the darkness closed in around me. I stumbled over the thick blanket of snow and finally reached the Tree of Justice, our usual meeting spot. I stomped my boots to keep cold’s fingers from seizing me. Five years ago, a fourteen year old girl was found buried in the snow by this tree. In her frozen hands, was a note that said ‘Name this the Tree of Justice, for justice was served.’ No one knew what the girl meant, but from that day on everyone called this tree the Tree of Justice. I had silently wondered what the note meant. I snapped back to reality when someone called my name. “ Boo! Rachelle! We’re here! I also brought a friend.” Karen called. Lauren and Katie, her popular sidekicks, were with a short girl with long brown hair. “Hey I’m Terry! Happy Halloween!” The girl said with surprising ease. “Um, hi. I-I’m Rachelle W-Walsh.” I said unsteadily.

Karen motioned for us to follow her, and when I started to follow she said, “No, not you Rachelle.” I wandered back to the tree and sat on the tightly packed snow. Soon drifts of snow began to fall, and my eyelashes were heavy with snowflakes. Just as I shook them off, the girls came back with evil grins on their faces. “Rachelle, I think that you should prove your loyalty to us by doing a small thing. Walk across the lake.” Karen quietly said, sneaking a sly glance to her friends. They all laughed except for Katie. “Karen! The lake is only half frozen!” Katie said with sudden alarm. I didn’t want them to think me as a weakling, so I agreed “Alright. I-I’ll walk across the lake.” The girls giggled again and I stepped hesitantly onto the ice. I heard the ice groan and give in a little. I slowly stepped forward and tried to edge along the side. I barely made it halfway and all of a sudden a huge CRACK split the quietness of the world around me. I screamed and heard the frightened yells of the girls by the tree, as the bitingly cold water engulfed my flesh.

I try to scream, but I am surrounded by the penetrating water. The world is spinning around me. I snap my eyes open and I faintly see a dim light, the opening of the ice. I try to reach up to it, but my body is paralyzed. I struggle to breathe, and the chilling water fills my lungs. It’s as if a knife of steely ice strikes me in the heart. Water nymphs surround me, gently pulling me down to a place unseen. I kick them off, and the scales on their hands remain on me, leaving a jeweled print on my ankle. The soothing sounds of music fill my ears and I drift off to sleep, a never-ending sleep.

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