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You're Hired

December 13, 2010
By madm0e BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
madm0e BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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People say I have no heart, that is not true, I have the heart of a small child. It's in a jar on my desk. -Stephen King

He was looking up, stunned by what he had just experienced. “Why…why are you doing this?” Came through a mouth that was slowly filling up with blood. His lungs were tightening up, it was becoming painful to breathe. There was no response, only more laughter. “SHOW YOURSELF DAMN YOU!” A cough, escaped him as the object sunk deeper inside him, blood spilling onto the floor. It stepped out, looking down at him with those violently green eyes. “S-S-Seldor?” was coughed out by his latest victim. The creature twisted his clawed hand, savoring the pain that it was dealing. "Oh so you know about me…all the more reason to kill you." Seldor rasped. The victim once again asked “Why was I chosen?” The claw went deeper, he could feel it closing around the vertebrae in his spine. Black flowers exploded across his vision, causing him to double over shrieking in pain. "You know damn well. I know of your manipulation. I also know about the people you tried to save." Echoed in to the victim’s head, seeming to mock him. He screamed, wishing for something to get rid of the developing head ache. Without warning, he was picked up and tossed into a wall. Sending blood spewing from his mouth, and onto his shirt. “I was warned about you…” He said laughing despite the pain. “My past coming to haunt me…literally.” He went into a hysterical fit of laughter, shivering as he did so. He was loosing a lot of blood. Seldor bent down and started to lick it up, like how a dog would with some spilled drink. The victim couldn’t take the sight and vomited, chunks of his previous meal landing on him. "Well, you were on my list…I know you got the subliminal messages." That seemed to trigger something within the victim, he started to violently convulse, arms thrashing uselessly and spit mixed with blood flying out of his mouth. “…What…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?” Seldor stepped forward, letting the light through a window expose his features. His victim let loose a blood curdling scream at the sight of him, trying to crawl away from him, exposing a foot. It was gone within seconds, leaving him with a bloody stump. A groan escaped from him, he knew that death was coming, knocking on his door, waiting to escort him. "Look into my eyes" Commanded Seldor. “I refuse-”

His words were choked off as he was suspended within the air by Seldor’s tail. He was being held up by his neck, “Just like”, he said with a gasp of air. “The others.”
He finally submitted and looked into Seldor’s eyes. Trying his best to ignore his mouth, which was still red from the foot that he ingested. His foot. Within seconds he lost all feeling within his body, it was replaced with a numbing sensation that felt like morphine. Then his body was ravaged with alternating sensations of burning heat and blistering cold. He screamed out at what has to happen next. His brain was being probed of information, which consisted of pain that was like no other. He could feel his eyes bulging out of his sockets. His vision went blurry and the headache that he experienced went from subtle to head splitting within seconds. It was as if his brain was literally being torn apart from the inside out. He tried to scream, but couldn’t. "You tried to help her…you tried to save her…but now look at where YOU are! ALL of this could have been AVOIDED if would have JUST STAYED OUT OF IT." The words boomed in his head violently increasing in volume, causing his body to lurch violently. He didn’t know how much more he could take. His ears were starting to bleed. He knew Seldor was getting violent, not the best situation to be in. Especially if you were on his death list. "Be glad I spared your life, think of your missing limb as…payment for your betrayal." And with that he was released. Falling to the ground, the pain was gone, everything was gone.

The fist-sized hole that was within his chest, gone. His foot was back on him too. “What…what… I don’t even…” "Nothing really happened, it was all in your head" growled Seldor. "That was your PUNISHMENT for betraying me" pausing to glare at the man on the floor, making direct eye contact. Relishing the fact that his victim was now the color of cottage cheese. “Do anything like that AGAIN and it will be WORSE, MUCH WORSE.” The man sat there, breathing heavily, trying his best not to shiver and failing. He never thought, in all of his years of serving him, that he would never hear Seldor actually talk. It was the first and last time. At some point he must have been dragged into Seldor’s world. Where anything was possible. Seldor’s voice was consistent low pitched growls that reminded him of something between a dinosaur and a dragon. “I have no desire.” This he spoke with truth, nobody would want to re-live that hell. Not now, not ever. He was taken on as Seldor’s apprentice. Finding the people that needed to die. He survived the orientation…it was his career.

He watched his new "boss" walk towards the dark corner of the room, seeming to phase through the wall as if it were thin air. "YOU'RE HIRED" were the last spoken words. They seemed to hang in the air, making the room horribly cold. The words kept repeating in his head, constantly and rapidly changing pitch, sounding utterly demonic.

He started to scream before he passed out. For the second time.

The author's comments:
It's my idea of a follow up to The Eyes Within The Alley
if anyone is interested.

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madm0e BRONZE said...
on Dec. 24 2010 at 12:20 pm
madm0e BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
4 articles 0 photos 28 comments

Favorite Quote:
People say I have no heart, that is not true, I have the heart of a small child. It's in a jar on my desk. -Stephen King

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