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March 25, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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“Hello? Is this Charley Benson??”

“ Yes, and who is this?” Charley asked as she leaned back against her bed.

“I’m Gina Metrald, and I called you to ask you if you know any one with the name of CP or Caprena Retalle?” the woman asked

“No, none of the names ring a bell. And may I ask if you have any kind of license to call me and interrogate me?” Charley replied. Charley frowned as she tried to figure out why the names were bothering her. “But by the way they sound, I’d probably guess it was a nickname a criminal took for her or himself.”

“You’re partly right., and I am a F.B.I agent from the technology division. It seems that what we’re discussing is a victim of a serial killer,” Gina said. “The harasser who calls himself “The viper” contacts women online and gets to know them. After a few months of getting to know his victim, he sets up a meeting with the victim. In this case they’re always women. During the Meeting he kills her. And usually he always dumps the victim in any nearby body of water. We think that his present victim is somehow related to you. I have called to ask you to come down to the morgue to look at the body.”

Charley agrees to come to the morgue. The next day she goes to the morgue and what she sees there she will never forget ’till she dies. She saw her best friend’s face in pieces. The next day Charley contacts her parents, something she hasn’t done since she got out of college, and tells them about Cathy Paterson, her best friend. And the sweet girl from next door. And to ask them if they had any contact information about Cathy’s parents. They said that they had kept in touch with them when they had decided to move after Cathy went to college. In the next week Charley found a way to contact everyone that she had forgotten from her old life it took a lot of guts for her to do that. After Charley’s funeral she wanted to catch Cathy’s murderer. But first she had to make sure that she wouldn’t become a victim like Cathy. She needed insurance.

For a whole year Charley sat outside the F.B.I office hoping to talk to the director. After a year Charley had given up hope when she bumped into Gina and asked her to listen to her plan.

She would attract the attention of the viper by making him think that she would be his next prey. Then she would lure him and when they met, the F.B.I would have a chance of capturing at him. Gina agreed that this was a dangerous plan, but she agreed that in the past year they haven’t been able to catch the murderer with casual procedures. She said that she would talk about Charley’s plan to her superiors and with luck she would call Charley in a few months.

In a few months Charley got a call from Gina that the mission was a go since all of their other procedures had failed and that the superiors are demanding results because her captains are desperate. That night Charley made a few rounds around the regular chat rooms but when it got really late there were only the creeps still online. About 5am Charley entered this chat room after reading what they had been talking about Charley knew this was the place where Cathy had gotten caught.


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