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The Secret Told

May 17, 2011
By LilGirlBadd17 PLATINUM, Saluda, South Carolina
LilGirlBadd17 PLATINUM, Saluda, South Carolina
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“Excuse me sir, do you have any spear changer you could lend me? I haven't eating in days.” The homeless man asked.
“If you would have a job or made something of yourself you wouldn't be in this situation, now would you?” Sincere responded.
“ I really didn't mean to bother you sir. I'll be going.”
“No, wait; I'm not finished with you Mr. don't walk away from me.”
“Are you going to lend me the change? I'm really hungry.” The homeless guy repeated himself again not knowing what to expect or who sincere was.
“No, but we are going to have some fun with you.” Sincere replied instantly.

Sincere walked to his drunk friends and told them a homeless guy wanted to party with them. They all walked over to him drunk and acting a fool except Ashley. She didn't find nothing that they did that whole night was funny. Ashley thought who get drunk on a beach? Summer Jam party was over already and they were the only losers still there. Ashley couldn't leave because she had no way to get home, she lived way on the other side of town and Sincere had to take her. All she kept thinking was “Please lord, get me home safely.”

“What's your name Mr?” Sincere asked.
“Junior sir, and yours?” The homeless man replied.
“What a wonderful name.”
“So do you want to party with us?”
“No, I'm okay. I'm just looking for something to eat, I'm very hungry.”
“Do you want any of my sandwiches?” asked Ashley.
“Yes ma'am, I would appreciate it.” He sounded very anxious and happy to hear the offer.
“No, Ashley he doesn't deserve anything, let him starve.” Sincere said with a slight grin on his face, as if he had something up his sleeve or he was gone try to do something uncalled for.
“Come on guys, this isn't right. I think we should at least give him a sandwich. You don't have to but I will. Ashley said angry and walked away.
“It's getting late anyway. We about to head back to the country.” Sincere screamed as Ashley kept walking to make the sandwich. She turned back around and yelled “You so stubborn Sincere, Alcoholic.”

Sincere and his friends decided to play a little game with Junior. He was homeless they thought, nobody would even notice his absence. Junior begged and pleaded with them for peace. He didn't want any drama because he knew he had no where to turn. He pleaded sorry over and over for asking them a question. But what could he do? He was homeless and hungry. How could somebody with a heart act as if they don't have one. One of the boys knocked Junior down to the sand. Sincere kicked him until he couldn't move anymore. Junior cried, but he plea was ignored. Sincere friends picked up the handle that go to the pot they was using and began hitting junior over the head. Junior tried to crawl away but he couldn't move, he wouldn't dare. His legs was to weak to move. His head began spinning as if he was going around in a circle, then he fainted and didn't wake back up. He began shaking, foam started coming from his mouth and he was spitting up blood. Sincere and his friends stood there and laughed. They kept kicking him, and hitting him. Ashley walked over with the sandwiches for Junior to uncover the brutal beating Sincere and his annoying friends created. They was over drunk. They went pass the limit.

“OH, MY GOD.” Ashley screamed, and starting running.
The boys turned around and stopped. They started laughing. Ashley didn't find anything funny about what they were doing. She was scared.
Ashley yelled at them and said “I'm calling the police.”
Then she turned back around and started running again. This time she tried her hardest to run, but the sand was holding her back. The fear in her eyes could explain the torture she felt. They chased after her, but she was already to far. Sincere hopped in his truck and rode across the sand until he caught up with her. When he got close, he stop the truck, threw it in drive, and hopped on. He ran and knocked Ashley down. He climbed on top, and spoke untrue words “If you tell, I will kill you.”
“Is that a threat because I don't take threats to kindly.” She spoke after, and gave him a look to let him know she wasn't scared of him. She knew deep down inside she was scared of he might do.
“It's a promise not a threat.” Sincere said as he tried to put both of hands together so she wouldn't swing, but he was up for a rude awakening. Ashley put up a fight, she wasn't going out so easily. She kicked Sincere in the private area. He knelt down and she pushed him, then she began running. Sincere got up, chased after her and knocked her down again.

“Who you telling Ashley?” Sincere asked.
“The police. How could you beat that poor guy to death? He was homeless. Ashley screamed with rage and hatred in her eyes. Out of all the disappointments that happened in her life, this was the one thing she knew she had to do the right thing for instead of walking away and letting them go free. She left like it was all her fault because she offered Junior a sandwich. She knew it was in her heart to offer, so why feel bad afterward?
“All he did was ask for food or money, or whatever. That don't even matter, why would you do something like that?
“How could I? Maybe, because I'm obnoxious. He's homeless, he don't have a family away. Who's going to miss him? Nobody ! No one will even notice he's gone. So shut up and stop being a little brat. Quit acting stuck up and help us move the bod. Sincere claimed.
“I'm not helping with anything. Don't want to have any part in this cycle y'all call acting a fool when y'all drunk. Oh, bets to believe I'm telling, and that's final. I have a heart, and I have a conscience that's telling me this isn't right. If you was thinking you would to. You acting like y'all didn't just sit there and beat the crap out of a homeless guy because he asked for food. All of this for no apparent reason.” Ashley spoke. She was through with the games,
“So ! You acting real stuck up, He isn't anybody. You could stay here and complain about what we did but I'm going to help move the body.” He replied. He hopped in his truck and drove back to where the scene happened at.

Ashley sat there on the top of the sand crying. She knew what it felt like to be homeless with no money, food, friends, or anyone to talk to. At a time she pictured herself begging for money and food. She kept thinking how could I hand out with such creeps? But, Ashley had a past for making bad choices. After she got on her feet from being homeless, she just didn't feel like herself anymore. There was no sympathy left in her for her heart to bear the pain that was given. Junior was in his own little world, and now his world is messed up. Did he make a mistake by picking Sincere? No, Sincere was just being the rich little kid who everyone looked up to because his family had money. Every time he got into some type of trouble, here come his dad to his rescue. He never get charged with anything but someone got to put a stop to it. His father had connections like that. Sincere didn't sound worried not one bit. Ashley got off the sand and walked to the back alley to see what was going on, what was taking Sincere and them so long? When Ashley peeked around they corner, she seen something that no one should ever have to experience going through.

The next day was the Summer Jam at Wycoff Beach. Everyone was invited including Sincere. Turns out he knows way more people then we think, he had those type of connections. Ashley had turned to the news to check the weather to see if she was going in shorts or jeans to Summer Jam. Only to discover that the homeless guy was found brutally bear, and how he was in the hospital in critical conditions. Ashley heart began beating faster than a speeding racing car. She didn't know what to do. So many things were running through her mind. The detectives made it clear that anybody or anyone with conspiracy to beat and torture Junior Salvez will be prosecuted. The detectives spoke that who ever did have the heart to commit the crime would be punished, and he didn't care who it was. He said if they come forward now, a deal would be on the table. Immediately Ashley called Sincere on his cell phone.

“Hello, Sincere?”
“Ash, bash whats up?”
“whats up? You are your boys almost killed that guy last night. Have you seen the news this morning. Its all over, it even made first page in the newspaper. They really coming after whoever did it hard and I advise you to be careful.”
“Are you going to snitch?”
“I don't know what I want to do, but I know I have a conscience, and it's killing me to.”
“I'm giving out an award for $11,000 for someone to come forward so the blame won't be on me.”
“What? How could you?”
“Listen you little tramp, snitch and I'll make your life a living hell. You must of bumped your head and forgot who you was talking to because if I go down because you couldn't keep that little whole of yours closed I'll ruin you.”
“Oh really? Well we'll just have to wait and see.” Ashley said and hung up on Sincere.
“Ashley?” Sincere repeated over and over. He threw the phone with anger and walked away, thinking of a plan to keep Ashley quiet.

What was Ashley going to do? Sincere family had all the power and money. She turned to channel 7 and seen Sincere giving a speech about the homeless guy accident. “Oh, you trifling thing.” Ashley screamed and threw the remote at the TV. She couldn't take It anymore. He beat that guy to death and then gets all the fame? Ashley pulled out her phone to make sure she still had the video of what they did to Junior. Sincere and them didn't know they was being recorded, but Ashley got them. She got dress to make her way to the police station. She didn't care who felt a certain why about her telling what Sincere and those boys did. She pulled up to the 83rd precent and hopped out her car, not parking it right. A couple of officers chased after her to tell her and move the car but she kept running until she seen the detectives that was on TV. The officers grabbed her and tried to pull her away but she yelled for the detectives. He turned around and looked.

“I have something to show you, and I think you might find this very interesting.” Ashley said.
He ordered the officers away and Ashley pulled out her phone. She showed the detective the video of the homeless guy being tortured. He asked her who were the three boys, and the only thing she could do was point to the TV, because there stood Sincere giving his speech, and his two friends on both his sides. They looked like they was ready to take a bullet.
“You're telling me the son of our future president did it?”
“Yes sir, I wouldn't lie. The only reason I'm telling is because I have a conscience. He told me if I told he would make my life a living hell. Last night we were all hanging out at the beach when this guy comes over to us and asked us for food or can we spear change because he was hungry. Sincere and them didn't agree that we should, but I made the sandwiches anyway. Sincere was drunk. He got mad because the homeless guy asked for food. Him and his sidekicks behind him tortured that guy. When I came back with the sandwiches everyone was gone. Then I heard screaming, so I ran to the back alley where the beach ends. Sincere and them did things no one should ever see. Ashley kept telling the detectives her story even though she was out of breath.
“Thank you young lady, wait here please.” Detective said.

“Officers come with me.” Detective said.

“Mr. Lang were are we headed to?” One of the officers asked sounding concerned.

“We're going to arrest Mr. Williams son.”

“I hope you know what we are getting ourselves into.”

The detective and the officers payed the Williams a little visit. While Sincere was making a speech, Detective Lang walked up to him and put handcuffs on him. He apologized for the inconvenience and read Sincere his rights.

“What are you doing? My father will not be happy about this.” Claimed Sincere.

“Sincere Williams you are under arrest for the assault of Junior Valez. You have the right to remain silent, if you give up that right, anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to have an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you.

The detective put Sincere in the back of the police car and drove away. New reporters ran up and down the street trying to get a hold of Mr. Williams. They pulled up to the present. Mr. Lang brought Sincere to the back and placed him in a cell.

The author's comments:
The truth hurts especially when you're rich and powerful, and money can solve anything for you. not murder though !

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