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i sleep with scares

December 6, 2011
By xdelaneyx BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
xdelaneyx BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
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quoth-ed the raven

I watched the sun come and go behind the clouds this was my first time in a car after what happened to my mom . It was a cold night I was only 2 but I remember ever bit . The road had frozen from the rain I was looking at mom who was talking with dad on the phone . I could tell it was not good moms eyes lit up when dad was talking . I could hear his voice so he must have been yelling she hung up with out saying a word to him her eyes sparkled in the moon light the look she had on made me think of a stare they where beautiful a light blue with her blond hair any man would be lucky to have her. A single tear fell from her eye . One after another they came they fell from her chin into her lap I saw her take a sudden turn then we where flying through the air I felt like a bird with wings that where flapping in the wind. Our landing was just as good as our life off the blood fell from her for head and into her lap not only was there a puddle of tear but a puddle of blood.

I watched Ben play with his toys as dad worked on his paper the sound of the pen hitting the paper made me think of the pitter patter of the rain. Dad lit a smoke and started writing again the ash fell from his smoke on to the floor. The redness in dads eye was like the sparkles I moms before she died only not as beautiful. Dad opened the draw in his desk pulled out something I could not make out and walked in to the bathroom when walking he through his smoke on the floor and walked forward. I walked over to the desk and read the note

If any one finds this please know that I loved my son and I only killed my self for his and my health leave flowers on my wife’s grave is all I ask please for give me and my family and tell my mother I love her.

When I looked up all I saw was smoke and all I heard was a gun shot. “I forgive you dad” but no one was there ben had already been taken out of the house. It had been a year later Ben was 6 and my work was done I found my mom and laid beside her knowing the new scares on my arm would help me to dream of them as I sleep in thee ground with mom and dad.

The author's comments:
my grandma just died so it made me write this

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