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The Fear

April 10, 2012
By angelface445 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
angelface445 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
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"Never Give Up On Something That You Can't Go A Day Without Thinking About" and "Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end"

The locker was dark and deathly quiet. Outside, the soft plinks of water and blood dripping down from the roof into the bucket could be heard. The blood of my first victim merged with the drops of rain and fell down with a seemingly loud splash. My eyes filled with tears and my breathing shifted towards hyperventilation. I held the blood-encrusted ax with trembling hands and my clothes stuck to my sweaty body. The smell of death filled my brain and stuck to my clothes. An explosion of thunder outside made me jump in terror. The intense mortal terror leapt out of my soul’s core and became a living thing that stood beside me in the already cramped locker. My head spun sickeningly as the terror grabbed hold of my neck and choked me. I leaned back against the locker wall and squeezed my eyes tightly shut as the terror had its fun with me. I began to hear the footsteps as they came down the long hallway. I could practically hear his heartbeat as he came closer and closer, almost as if he knew that I was waiting for him. Our heartbeats fused together into one hideous and furious sound of agony. The intense mortal terror was suffocating me, pulling me under. I could feel his fists slamming into my weak and fragile body. I could hear his voice in my ear, calling me horrible things, threatening to do horrible things to me. I could hear the sound of my own screaming echoing in the back of my head. The terror that filled the locker was suddenly replaced with a wild fury that possessed my body, my soul, and my heart.
“Karen,” his voice called from outside the locker door. His voice was light and amused. “Come on out sweetheart.”
My blood froze in my veins and I gasped. The tiny cramped locker was suddenly spinning and my face was boiling.
“I hate to break it to you sweetie, but there’s nowhere for you to run.” I suddenly heard his fist pounding on the locker and I began wheezing. “You can either come out now Karen,” he said slamming his fist on the locker door again. “Or things could get a lot worse for you.”
I stood there trembling weakly inside the locker staring at the bloody ax in my hands. The locker door suddenly flew open and I swung with the hatchet, keeping my eyes tightly shut. He laughed hard and I opened my eyes. He was standing just out of the ax’s reach holding a gun pointed directly at my face.
“Drop it,” he said staring at me in amusement. My fingers loosened slowly and I reluctantly dropped the bloody weapon. His hand reached out and he yanked me out of the locker and threw me against the wall. “Nice try sweetheart,” he murmured pointing the gun at my chest.
“Don’t,” I growled through my teeth. “Don’t call me sweetheart!” He chuckled quietly.
“Whatever you say sweetheart,” he said and my teeth locked together. “I believe you have something for me. “
“What would that be?” I whispered vehemently. He glared at me with fire in his eyes and the barrel of the gun was suddenly touching my forehead. “I don’t have your money.” My voice broke in terror though I hoped he would not notice. He continued to glare at me in violent fury.
“Sounds like we have a problem here,” he murmured pulling the gun away from me. My body shook with fear as I waited for the torture to start.
“I can’t do this anymore,” I whispered weakly. “I won’t do it.”
“You what?” he barked sharply. I jumped slightly and cringed away from him. His hand suddenly slapped me hard across my face and I cried out. “What did you say b****!” he yelled.
Trapped. It never ends.
“Please!” I begged in a desperate voice. “Don’t make me do this!” My shield now lay in shreds around me as I buried my face into my hands and sobbed hysterically.
“Shut up,” he ordered in a hard voice. He shoved the gun into my side and grabbed me by my arm, pulling me against his hard body. “Come with me.” My heart broke in my chest as I stumbled alongside him while he dragged me away.
He suddenly stopped and looked up at the roof grinning. “Oh yeah. Thanks for taking care of Bruce for me. Now I don’t have to do it.”

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for my English class

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