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Mentally Hills

September 16, 2012
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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Mentally Hills

Rules and regulations are strict here, in the place I’m now forced to live. There are no windows and sunlight does not even peak through a doorway near or far. We do not know the difference between dusk nor day. We sleep when they tell us it’s time to sleep; however, when our sleep ration has expired we must work to earn another. Usually two days off from the last. A few days without sleep will make anyone insane, don’t let it convince you. No matter how long we work: no matter how many finger nails are split during the duration of our labor, our rations are never promised. So I prefer to tune myself out, that’s at least my suggestion for you as well… our new member of society, for the time being.

Since you’ve found this, tucked underneath my former mattress pad, you must be the girl they’ve chosen to replace me. I admit, I admire your curiosity in finding this. Now that I’m gone they’ve begun to worry, worry about the stabilization of men to women in the community. They’ve scratched their noses to the fact that I’ve actually expelled myself from the premises, and that the reason isn’t due to manual execution. I must have befuddled them, yes, I’ve beaten the system. And now … I’m going to teach you how. There are coat hooks to your left, look over and you will see them, behind them there is a key… a master key. You will need this to execute the plan. But you must do so when no one is looking. Pursing an escape from here takes patience and I must warn you not to make any friends, you can only save yourself.

You must be sad that you’re parents have actually sent you here. What is it? They think you’re crazy? Nuts? A child from hell? A bit’ off the wall? Save yourself the grief, stop believing they’ll come back for you. Don’t convince yourself they still care. It will be your downfall, it will take you away from the person you used to be and turn you into one of the insane. Save yourself the tragedy.

I’m going to provide you with a list of rules as this note goes along, if you do not follow them… you will never get out. You will never again see the light of day, and in less than six months (as the program is designed) you will be declared (made) clinically insane. Crazy, huh? How ironic. A mental asylum designed to admit patients and drive them to insanity. Don’t let yourself go crazy, don’t question the fact that you’re not. It will only encourage the crooked officials in psychiatric training, by the way that is the only other way out. To become one of them, to become the person who would’ve otherwise made you insane; to become the enemy, your own worst enemy. But it’s never guaranteed, I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes they tell a girl she’s going into training and really, she’s going into surgery. Frontal-lobotomy first-class, watch out. You need to realize something, rule number one: never be led to believe you are special, important, or chosen with good intentions. It is a lie; this entire place is a lie. You are not special to anyone here. And if you were, you sure as hell wouldn’t be here.

So listen up, don’t pay attention to anything else but me. You don’t want to be here do you? Working forty-eight hour days, going two-months without a bath or shower, and only sleeping three times a week. Oh and don’t forget about the lessons designed to rob you of your intellect, personality, dignity, and your overall sanity. The system is crooked, step one: your parents want rid with you… step two: they send you here. A place called The Hills, a place that is allegedly half mental asylum and half boarding school. But it’s not, no one here was ever originally mental, and it’s not the type of school that gives you knowledge. But, I’m sure your parents had no idea, in all seriousness they didn’t. The Hills looks like a normal place where the sick go to get better, and the problem-children go to learn. Rule number two: do not look at the “learning-screens” look away at all costs, and never listen to the hypnopaedic lessons they will drive you crazy… but don’t let the catch you, or they will not hesitate to tase you.

The second thing you’ll need is a map of the institution, you will find my copy beneath the floor boards on the farthest direction south under your bed… keep both the key and the map with you at all times. I’ve highlighted the escape route; rule number three: do not cross beyond my highlighted boarders. If they catch you, you’re dead, which is better than living a single-day here. You’re so lucky I’ve made this easy for you. The guards caught me stealing mine, I was subject to three-months straight of electric shock treatments to alter my kleptomaniac-desires. Those directors disgust me, they know what they’re doing, they know the horrors this place represents but they do it anyway. Rule number four; be a rule-abiding student, never let them suspect your intentions.

In order to keep yourself safe, you’ll need a knife… unfortunately I do not have one for you. Rule number five: do no attempt an escape without this item. You need to sneak into the back room of the kitchen, admit to breaking a knife. But actually, I want you to steal a broken knife from the garbage bin behind the counter. And slip the real knife into your pant leg. This task is a dangerous one, as will be escaping, but both are essential to your survival.

Next you’ll need a lighter. How to get one is obvious infraction since you’re such a curious girl. The main director of The Hills keeps one on his person at all times, he frequently drops them or leaves them places. Do not hesitate to pick it up as soon as you witness the occurrence. Otherwise an advisor nearby will quickly swipe the fire-prone object. Maybe you can guess I want you to do with this lighter? I want you to start a dormitory fire. Not in your boarding room, however, in someone else’s. All you need to do is flick the lighter by the bedside and the inflammable sheets will quickly catch fire. The administration will never suspect that you’ve ignited this blaze and manual security exits will open all doors and gates in the building. This is when you make a run for it.

Hold onto yourself, you have all the weapons you need… now fight.

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have you ever wondered what goes on beyond the walls of a mental asylum? well, you're about to find out. not everything is always as it seems.

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