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Deceitful Truths

September 27, 2012
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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"If everyone were perfect, Individuality would be extinct." -Rachel Chace (me)

Power can capture the minds of many, while favor can only capture the minds of those in favor. But innocence will be neglected, innocence is subject to honesty. In a world where the truth does not exist. In fact the truth is only even thought of in the subject of denial.

I've never written a memoir, of which I am composing of now. However in the place I stand, I have not much else to do. My name is Frederick Wilson II, it was my father's name. A name he once filled with much identification to honor. But now, he is dead... his action's forgotten by the yes and ears of society. His name is put to rest, just as well as he is. It just as well may be as though he did not even exist.

My father is dead, his name is dead with him. Because I cannot bear to live with it, I am unworthy of such a cynical name. Not that a cynical name is worthy. But I have give it that title with my ungenerous actions.

Are you confused? Good, just as I like to keep my victims. In constant question and restraint. Well, I'll tell you something you can wonder, but never ask me why. Not because I will not tell you, but certainly because the answer is not something you ever wish to hear. In the eyes of a liar, you must believe that everything you hear is a lie, correct?

But ill tell you something that will make your eyes peel backward and you earns turn forward.. if you ask me a question, ill tell you everything and nothing but the truth. But do you believe me? How can you, im a liar. I know the perfect art of deceit.

But remember, Liar, so do you. So what is there to believe in world where there is no such thing as honesty? The innocent are proven guilty, and the guilty are set free? On a basis of fact vs. fiction. Have you heard me, me though, im telling you there is no such thing.

You have lied yes? So have I, everyone has. So I do not believe you, nor do I trust you, as long as you do not believe me. But i'm telling you, I swear on it, this is the truth, there is no such thing as the truth or a lie. Not in a world where everyone is a liar, and the truth is merged... hidden beneath the realms of society's facade. Sullenly, glassed underneath the eyes of a lie... is one thing, the truth. But no one knows it, no one can even find it, yes?

As of now I'm pronounced clinically insane. When I tried to tell them my theory of lies they would not listen. They claimed to serve no respect for a man who killed his own father. But I'm telling you I did not kill him. But that doesn’t matter does it? Regardless of what I say, or what I do, I cannot prove myself. I cannot prove the truth.

However the government can prove a lie? I do not understand, nothing is proven because neither the truth or a lie exist. Right? I killed my father, didn't I? Does it mean I took his neck into my grasp and snapped it quickly... painlessly? Does it mean I sliced through his skin and stabbed him to his death? Does it mean I fed him a marvelous poison? Just because governmental officials claim I have taken his life away, does that mean I did?

I'm telling you I did not. It doesn’t matter, though, I am a dead man walking. In honesty, I did not kill my father. Do you believe me? You’re foolish if you do. Because I told you, lies and truth do not exist, you cannot believe me. Nor can you even believe yourself. – I'll be cold by morning. Or will I?

The author's comments:
Deceit, what a wonderful power yielded by such a hiatus-mind.

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