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The Old Cathedral

October 7, 2012
By mcrluv17 BRONZE, Melksham, Other
mcrluv17 BRONZE, Melksham, Other
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Author: Dolly Parton

Last night I dreamt I went to the old cathedral again. As I stood on the cobblestone path, I wondered as to why yet again, my dreams had brought me to this dark and gloomy place. This place, which was supposed to be inviting, but only succeeded in turning even the most religious people away. This was probably due to the heavy duty chain that was wrapped around the gates, and sealed with a thick padlock. So thick that it was probably the type that was used at the zoo to keep the lions in.

I wanted to get in though; I guess I’m a very curious person. I wanted to get in, I NEEDED to get in. I reached out and grabbed hold of the gate, as I did so, a strange sensation took over me and I began to glow. Almost immediately I was sucked through to the other side. As I got my bearings and regained my balance, I noted that on this side of the gate there was no cobblestone path, just thick, wiry grass that seemed to wrap itself around my feet, rooting them to the ground.

I took this as an opportunity to get a good look at what used to be an orchard. I say used to as there in its place, stood a forest of tall ugly monsters. The limbs hung off of the trunks at awkward angles, covered in spikes and other unnatural growths. Ivy had become one with many of the trees, starting at the roots and then slowly climbing up the trunk, spreading its infectious disease.

As I free my feet, I get the feeling that I am being watched and even though now my feet are free, I cannot make them move. I am rooted to this spot with fear.

To my left are some statues. Statues that may have once been beautiful sculptures, but now all that is left is savaged and disintegrating figures whose faces resemble tortured souls. I feel they are communicating with me. Are they telling me to stay, or are they willing me to leave? What insight do they have of this dark and mysterious place, what evil have they seen, what torture have they witnessed?

I physically force myself forward, my legs feel like lead, my head feels light, and my heart is banging, banging through my ribs. I think I’m going to faint. I battle against this sensation, it cannot happen, I cannot allow my body to lie on the floor. Would I wake up, would I be found, or would I be savaged by the enormous rat like creatures that are scurrying in the under growth. I cannot see them, yet I know they are there. I hear their movement and feel there red eyes upon me.

I manage a few cautious steps. I am at the entrance of the graveyard. How can that be? This was not here a minute ago. Is it an illusion or is it real? “Caw, caw!” I jump at the sudden intrusion. Where did that come from? As I look up, I spot three raven’s circling a cracked and crumbling head stone. It’s as if their guarding it, like demonic gargoyles. They start to pull off small parts of the stone with their beaks, as if trying to remove the memory of the dead.

I look round the graveyard, noticing how these headstones had deteriorated over time; I am forced to think of the deteriorating bodies that lie beneath. STOP! STOP! I shake my head, forcing the thoughts away.

After the awful images exit my mind, I follow the chipped and broken path through the graveyard towards a small lake. The moonlight gives it an eerie glow. Shadows twirl and swirl all over the lake, it’s as if their putting on a show. Their dance is elegant and graceful. I’m entranced, yet scared. My better judgement tells me to turn away.

When I turn round, the scene in front of me is not what was there before. Instead of the graveyard, there now stands before me, a massive open oak door. I can see it is the entrance to the cathedral. I am confused, even though the door is open, I cannot see in. The void is filled with a freezing fog that appears to swirl before my eyes. Suddenly there is a break in the curtain of fog. There appears to be a shape. At first I cannot make it out, I squint my eyes to try and decipher what it is. It’s a hand. My eyes must be deceiving me, but no, it’s a hand.

It beckons me forward, and without thinking, I follow it. I follow it all the way down the long long aisle. I can see the alter ahead of me, there seems to be a congregation in the front pews. Relief floods through my entire being. I quicken my pace, ignoring the swirling hand and run towards the people I see. They must be able to help me, help me out of this awful place. I call out to them, “excuse me”, “hello?” No answer, why can’t they hear me? I reach out and place my hand on the shoulder of the person at the end of the pew. To my horror, almost immediately the person disintegrates into dust, then the next and the next….never have I witness anything so awful, I stagger backwards in disbelief, desperate to get away, sweat dripping from my brow and my body trembling, and that’s when I feel it. Warmth, human warmth wrapped around me, grabbing tight hold of me, pulling me away.

I start to glow…….

The author's comments:
My version of, 'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley'. I had to write this for English, hope you enjoy. :) All feedback is welcomed, thanks! XD

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